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  1. Bawlz

    Was 2005 a good year for crf250r?

    I've noticed a pattern with crf MX bikes: the last year of production before they make a drastic change ( new chassis, motor, etc.) Honda makes a great bike. The 05 in a sense was one of these year models because the next year they did the dual exhausts. I've had a 05 and '13 250 and both were excellent bikes. I made a mistake of buying an '09 crf450 which was first year with efi and that was a problem bike all around and a money pit to get running decent. Can't go wrong with model years that Honda has time to address and fix problem issues.
  2. I have a '13 and I love my setup. Cylinderworks 270 kit, hotcams stage 2 cam, mototassinari air4orce using the short stack, loudmouth intake and of course ecm remapped for the modifications. I also would drop down a few teeth in rear sprocket since you'll have plenty of bottom end to burn, either a 48 or 47 depending on tracks or riding preference.
  3. Bawlz

    Race fuel

    I've ran Renegade MX4 and VP U4.4 fuel in my 2013 without any issues. Both make great throttle response and feels like the bike pulls more throughout the entire range of power. I didn't remap even though I'm sure I would get more out of it if I did but you may have to change jetting since your bike is carbureted.
  4. Bawlz

    09 crf450r - Fuel Tank Question

    One end is mounted to the frame and the other end is supposed to be hooked underneath the tank on the bracket that is held on by two bolts holding the fuel pump to the tank. Its a holder that keeps the tank attached to the frame. A lot of people tie a knot in the gas cap breather hose and lay the tank over the side of the bike for ease of matainence when removing changing spark plugs, removing valve cover to check valves, etc. With this you don't have to remove the fuel line and the connector for the fuel pump, but I usually just like to remove the fuel tank from the bike completely so it's not in the way. I assume it's there also if in a situation where all the bolts holding the tank to the frame were to fall out so your tank doesn't fly off, but the probabilty of this happening is slim to none
  5. Bawlz

    Need help slowing down ttr 50

    Follow the cable on the throttle down to where it connects to the carb. There might be a locknut that can be adjusted to limit the throttle opening more. Also drop the idle down as low as you can without the bike stalling.
  6. Bawlz

    2010 CRF250R Who has one and how do you like it?

    I would go newer if you can, like the 12 or 13. Reason being honda worked out some of the issues with the handling of the bike. Not that you can't fix the 10s but you would have to go with stiffer fork springs and a longer linkage or merge knuckle to get rid of the "stinkbug" feel. I have a 13 and love it. I have a 09 450 also and even though they are different displacements, you can tell honda really improved on the new design after a few years.
  7. Bawlz

    450r and 250r interchangeable tanks

    I don't see why not. All the part numbers for the tank and fuel pump seem to match up between the 14 250 and 13 450. Partsfish.com is a great resource to find out if you can use interchangeable parts from different models. http://www.partsfish.com/oemparts/a/hon/52013b90f87002346c9a39a0/fuel-tank/ http://www.partsfish.com/oemparts/a/hon/5053fd96f870021c54bea97e/fuel-tank
  8. Bawlz

    VP Fuel dealers in VA, NC?

    Yes, but I'm actually driving to Elizabeth City for a race today and wanted to see if there was a place in the area I could stop in for convenience.
  9. Bawlz

    VP Fuel dealers in VA, NC?

    Looking for VP dealers preferably in Charlottesville, Richmond, Va Beach in Virginia or Elizabeth City in North Carolina. Any help is appreciated.
  10. A guy that sometimes rides at our local track was teaching a guy how to brake tap and then proceeds to say, "but I usually use front brake because it drops the front end better." I expect to see a massive endo or whiplash upon landing from this guy in the very near future.
  11. Bawlz

    295cc big bore/stroker - anyone rode one?

    I'm not a huge fan of the stroker cranks. I put one in my 450 after a season on a new top end with a 13.5:1 piston. Before the stroker I loved the way my 450 felt on the track. The bike now just doesn't seem to run as good as it used to even with tokyomods remapping for the changes. My guess is too much bottom end and not enough top. It looks like the same problem would occur with this kit, especially if you are going to bore and stroke. I am in the process of installing the 270 kit on my 250f as well, but went with the oe crank instead. Also I am putting a stage 2 hotcams in to give me a better distribution of power.
  12. valves? crank? The kit already comes with a new piston and rings so I won't need to buy another
  13. Hey everyone I have an 2013 crf 250r with just over 30 hours on it. In the near future I plan on dropping in the cylinder works 270cc kit along with a hotcams stage 2 cam I bought late summer. What else I should replace in my motor while I'm in there so I can guarantee I get plenty of life on the brand new parts? Thanks in advance.
  14. Bawlz

    Knifing definition

    It means the front wheel oversteers in corners, tucks, and slides out from underneath you. The 09-10 style crfs are a nightmare for that
  15. Bawlz

    250r/450r fuel injected ecm interchange

    I was curious about this too. I want to send my 250s ecm off for remapping but would still like to ride it over the 450. seems like it would work if the values were right...