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  1. DirtDaddy

    ?Good aftermarket shifter?

    MOOSE ... there's one on mine ... been there for over three years ... it's unbreakable...
  2. DirtDaddy

    Why do people hate Reed?

    Uhh yeah ... like that's enough of a reason to HATE.Yes yes yes ... a very hateful, spiteful and JEALOUS America.
  3. DirtDaddy

    Skid Plate Options???

    Got pics?
  4. DirtDaddy

    Skid Plate Options???

    Being careful only slows you down. A good quality skidplate = confidence and the ability to go for it and not worry about what you are running over. You can always go back to the stock plastic or smaller skidplate. Because where you ride, I'm sure those case hungry rocks will oblige you.
  5. DirtDaddy

    Skid Plate Options???

    I would think that with the type of riding you do, you would want all the protection you could get. I can't count on all my fingers and toes how many rocks and logs have smacked my skidplate. I'd much rather protect the engine than worry about how heavy the skidplate is. Afterall, it's not racing, it's trail riding. Just an opinion from a fellow CRF230 rider who rides the same type of trail system.
  6. DirtDaddy

    Skid Plate Options???

    If you think your Utah skidplate is overkill, I'll gladly trade you my Summer's Racing skidplate for your Utah! Tell you what.. drill a few holes in the plate. You'll get your air. Where in Cali do you ride? The desert? I ride up north and it gets plenty hot here too. I've had my Utah plate on over 3 years and have had no overheating problems, and I ride lots of slow moving single track too. As for it being heavy.. it ain't that heavy.. it's only aluminum, is very solid, and with the pig you're riding it won't make much of a difference in the weight factor. Good luck finding something better.
  7. > Originally Posted by DirtDaddy > it's just a piece of metal, rubber and plastic Blasphemy not! I take care of my bikes like my life is on the line. But I surely would not care what the new buyer does with the bike I just sold. It's his bike now, so who gives a shit. I got my money. One of my friends sold a KX80 to someone who was going to put the engine in a go kart. He didn't know at the time, but when he found out he went to the guys house and tried to get the bike back. The guy says, "sure dude, here's your bike." lol... he gave him the frame and what was left. haha... my buddy went home pissed and empty handed. Wut ------------ ever.
  8. Even though the guy trashed it, it's just a piece of metal, rubber and plastic. What would you have done with it if you didn't sell it? Let it sit longer and take up space? This love your inanimate object thing is just too much. People love their man made objects more than they do other humans! So weird.
  9. DirtDaddy

    Big Island Ride from Hell w/Pics

    Yeah... and what a great story it was! And with awesome photos! Thanks to thedude05 for bringing the thread back!
  10. DirtDaddy

    Src Skid Plate

    I took an old rubber pad that I got off an old bike stand. I cut the rubber to size, then used double-sided tape to adhere them to the skidplate. Mounted it up, and the vibrating noise went away. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tang!
  11. DirtDaddy

    Src Skid Plate

    You did nothing wrong. As long as it protects the bike and the rocks hit the skidplate, you done did good!
  12. DirtDaddy

    Src Skid Plate

    Nope. You're not wrong. Once you hitch it up to the frame it will not move and does not vibrate. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the frame mount on the Utah skidplate. It is solid as the rock that hits it. Mine has been on for over three years, and I've never had a problem with it. Both skidplates are good. I prefer the Utah because I think it protecs more of the motor. DD
  13. DirtDaddy

    Src Skid Plate

    That is your choice. I prefer the utah skidplate. And yes, it makes some bonkin' sound when rocks hit it! A hollow donk sound...
  14. DirtDaddy

    Src Skid Plate

    Summers Racing ... http://www.srcinc.net/ ... My son has the SRC skidplate on his 230.I use a skidplate from http://www.utahsportcycle.com/utahscFC.htm on my 230. IMO, I think the utahcyclesports skidplate is better for general trail riding. It has more protection overall. The SRC plate is mainly meant for racing. YMMV...