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  1. VdirtV

    Enduro lighting ideas?

    ECEA enduros do not require your bike being street legal. You need to have your bike registered, plated, insured, and have a working head light and tail light. In the state of NY, you can register and plate your dirt bike as an ATV, which allows you to ride all ECEA enduros. Hope this helps.
  2. I am with you on that one. Let someone else go first
  3. VdirtV

    2012 KX 250F - What will make it trail ready?

    There is a reason for that. Get a KTM Six Days and it is ready to race out of box.
  4. VdirtV

    helmet cams?

    Go Pro all the way! Video quality is outstanding and you can mount GoPro anywhere - helmet, chest, bike, etc... Durable, waterproof casing. I think what matters is the result - your video. Not what it looks like mounted.
  5. To be honest, I do not know the trails or the area. I was just tagging along my buddies. We also rode about 10 miles or bars to bars trail at about 5mph. The fall is from that section.
  6. Went out riding with a couple friends in southern NJ. Awesome trails in that part of state!!! http://youtu.be/tMFE03u8yyk?hd=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMFE03u8yyk&feature=youtu.be&hd=1
  7. KTM Hutt is the worst! They take your payment and weeks later tell you about a backorder that does not come in for months. My buddy had a similar issue with them. From my experience, they have terrible service and never have parts in stock!
  8. VdirtV

    Pine Barrens

    PM me after this weekend if you go woods riding in central NJ. Will join you guys.
  9. VdirtV

    Break-In for KTM XCF-W ?

    Great, thank you! How long for with no more than 3/4 throttle?
  10. I will be firing up for the first time my 2011 250 XCF-W Six Days model. How would you suggest to break it in properly? Thank you.
  11. VdirtV

    Got a new toy!

    For some reason I cannot locate CDI in diagrams. Any idea what it is called and what would be the part number? Also, what jetting should I get?
  12. VdirtV

    Tire Change Station?

    I thought I saw a tire manual changer station that breaks the bead and removes the tire off the rim. Was that a dream???
  13. Can anyone recommend a manual tire changing station? Perhaps one where you can remove tires without the use of tire irons? I am sick of bleeding knuckles...
  14. VdirtV

    Trail Riding in Central Jersey?

    Anyone riding trails in December?
  15. VdirtV

    Got a new toy!

    I was trying to find SXF CDI and jetting item numbers. Anyone have an idea where to buy those? I got the 2011 because the dealer gave me a good value for trade in and also lowered the price for a brand new 2011 to $6,500. Not only that, they swapped over my Rekluse, bars, and stabilizer. Highly recommend Ithaca Recreational Sports, NY.