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  1. ehall

    Avoid Crown King Aug 25th

    Jeep club is having their annual trip. 100 jeeps or more.
  2. ehall

    Labor Day rides?

    Probably be Dec. before I can go back down. 2 month outage coming up at work.
  3. ehall

    Rainbow trail update

    Yes. At the top of Eagle peak trail near the Intersection of horse creek trail. Few miles above Rico.
  4. ehall

    Rainbow trail update

    Have a great time
  5. ehall

    No Wimps trail closed?

    Great ride report. Just read all 7 pages.
  6. Post this in Rocky Mountain section or just read all the Taylor Park posts. Lots of riding.
  7. ehall

    Taylor Park Reservoir advice

    Out of pto? Sad story. Still got 2 weeks left. 1 week at my cabin in Happy Jack and 1 week in Baja. I use it all.
  8. ehall

    No Wimps trail closed?

    Thanks for the link. Not sure how I missed that. Great pictures. I have to go back and read it all now.
  9. ehall

    No Wimps trail closed?

    Did you ever get any more info? Did you guys get to run the trail?
  10. ehall

    Rainbow trail update

    If the Rainbow trail falls thru plan B could be the rico/Dolores area. Great singletrack.
  11. Lol. Even the fastest guys stop at the top and bs.
  12. ehall

    Best SW CO Trails for Girl Riders?

    Lots of single track near spring creek reservoir that she could ride.
  13. ehall

    3 days at Taylor Park

    Just got back and if i remember correctly the easiest trails were Lilly pond Rosebud Flag creek Bear creek Italian connector- downhill Dr park had alot of easy fun parts Sure there was more. Lots of bikes on the trails. Good to see.
  14. ehall

    1 day in Moab in Aug. what to ride?

    Thanks for the advice. In the way up we camped at west dolores and rode eagle peak to horse creek down to Rico for a breakfast burrito. We were going to ride stoner mesa on the way back but we we having truck problems and skipped it.
  15. ehall

    Rico Dolores update?

    This sucks. Just rode Horse creek into Rico last friday.