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  1. arizona

    At the stop sign where vulture mine and Aguila Rd meet.
  2. arizona

    How about 9am? At that intersection. I will be in a white dodge with the KTM in the back.
  3. Mine did too. 20 years ago. Lol. Sucks getting old. Now I can only choose 1-4.
  4. I was able to burn in 6 more miles of this today. Dirt was perfect. Now I have a 30 mile loop and 50 mile loop. Each starts about 2 miles from home. When you coming to ride?
  5. arizona

    Burned in 6 miles of this today while the ground was wet.
  6. Lol. A friend is looking at one for his 300. 99% of my riding is from 0-2000' .
  7. Lots of signs in moab. Hard to get lost. At least on the Jeep trails. Looking forward to riding some singletrack there some day.
  8. arizona

    Lots of 2 track and we can avoid the sand if you want. I ride pretty conservatively so you will be fine.
  9. arizona

    Head south down Vulture mine rd. Lots of great riding. Park at the intersection of vulture mine and aguila rd if you want to avoid pavement. I am off work this weekend. Hit me up if you want a guided tour. Lived here all my life.
  10. Thanks for the ideas. Time to order some jets and watch the weather. Elevation is 800' here and they say Taylor park starts at 10k and goes up from there. Probably be a ot of work to get them to run.
  11. Funny you guys are recommending grease. I was always told to use lots of baby powder. Wonder which works better for tube preservation. My tube have a ot of rubber worn off when it is time for a new tire
  12. Go see how muddy the burn trail is. Sliding down those steep hills will be fun.
  13. How much elevation are you able to adjust for without changing the pilot jet?
  14. Of course the first thing you do is turn it up all the way! Flux capacitor control knob. Lol. Bike runs great so no tinkering yet.
  15. Very nice, thanks for taking the time to do that. Looks like a ton of trails to ride. Any of them 1 way only or unmakeable in a certain direction?