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  1. It is on a wr250f. Got it on without too much trouble. Looks good. Has a nitro mousse in it. Dedicated trail bike.
  2. Anyone put one of these on a 1.85 rim? Tire is 4.00x18
  3. That's funny. Look for a small xr. Those things seem to run forever with little maintenance.
  4. I hope your girls bike is back together so we can compare it with the kids bike I built.
  5. You riding this weekend? lol.
  6. Try the mile markers out west of lake pleasant.
  7. Is that the spot they call Dave's diving board? Haha, would hate to be Dave.
  8. I've never seen your garage so clean. Where's your truck? Don't tell me she is making you park it outside so she can ride that exercise bike. lol. We need to ride soon my friend.
  9. Hey Mike is that picture the camper shell trail that I missed when I broke my wrist? Great pictures everyone.
  10. Tj on Saturday night with a pocket full of cash? Sounds like a party.
  11. Too bad you didn't catch up to them later.
  12. Half a bag of jerky and he guarded our room all weekend.
  13. Cool shot.
  14. Bolt it to the top of the rear fender and never think about it again.
  15. Where and when? Looks like the bikes are loaded for a big trip.