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  1. wheelieking71

    crf450r 2009 oil leakage from left front fork

    yea, we all better stop jumping immediately! and then all of us dirt-bikers need to bombard Honda with emails telling them that there is NO-WAY and air-spring will work in a fork huh?! what were they thinking?!
  2. wheelieking71

    crf450r 2009 oil leakage from left front fork

    i dont post much on these forums. but with 30yrs of practical dirt-biking experience, and 32yrs of wrenching experience, and a degree in mechanical engineering, i feel the need to debunk the myth that tying your bike down to tight will ruin your seals. its B.S.! pressure inside your fork has absolutely NOTHING to do with the seal leaking. zip, zero, zilch! if you look at the seal from the backside you will notice it is hollow. this allows pressure to act upon the backside of the sealing surface and apply more sealing force to the seal lip, causing a BETTER seal. exactly the opposite of what everybody thinks is happening. there are only 2 reasons that a fork seal will leak! 1. there is a flaw in the seal lip (cut from a nick in the fork tube, old and cracked, etc.) 2. there is debris holding the seal lip away from the fork tube thats it. if your fork seal is leaking pressure has absolutely nothing to do with it.
  3. wheelieking71

    looking for some "easy" single-track in AZ

    cool, thanks for the tip. looks like fun! just a little far for me to drive though. im up in gilbert. if i am going to drive that far, i think i would head north for the pines and look for single-track. found some pretty cool videos of a place called "wildcat" that has a bunch of exactly what i am looking for. rolling, twisty, single-track thats semi-technical, without tons of rocks. im looking to ride where the largest thing that could be coming at me the other direction is another bike. the reason i am partially handicapped is a head-on with a truck on my dirt-bike. i do still like to go fast! LOL. i also found maps, and figured out where its at. and realized that its up by bartlett, and i used to ride there alot before "the accident". there is also a guy that lives behind me that rides, and i finally decided to stop and B.S. on my way through the hood today. he says he knows allot of the "good" sycamore stuff, and he would show me around up there. i will have to head down south and check out those rides also as they look fun.
  4. like allot of guys lately, i am looking to get back into riding after a long hiatus. i made a brief attempt last year and went to 4-peaks a few times. but that effort was short lived when work got crazy and i found myself sitting at this desk for 70-80hrs a week. that has finally subsided, and its time to try again! i am 41yrs old, 300lbs, and seriously out of shape. not to mention partially handicapped. im not interested in moto. dont like the track at all. love trails. my problem is the only place i know to go is 4-peaks. or box canyon. both fun, but way to crowded and dangerous. im looking to get out and find some easy single-track to get me back in the groove. i have been riding since i was 6yrs old, so im not a noob, or a spode. just very-very rusty. if anybody is planning a ride where there is some nice (read: not knarly mountain-goat type stuff) single-track, and wouldn't mind me tagging along, that would be awasome! i keep hearing about wildcat? but have no clue where that is. and i have been told there is some really awsome single-track near upper-sycamore that is not rocky at all. but i went looking last year and found nothing but a group of retarded quad-riders, and a bunch of guys on their way to said single-track (im guessing) that i just was not able to hang with to get there. they were very fast. im not slow, probably a solid "C" rider right now. was a pretty fast "B" before the accident. but i AM waaay out of shape. unless we consider round as a shape. then i am almost perfect! LOL
  5. wheelieking71

    Remember your first ride on a dirt bike?

    my dad brought home a Rupp minibike chassis when i was about 10yrs old. it had no engine. i secretly proceeded to steal the engine off my grandpa's reel type lawn-mower (6hp tecumseh) and install it. well much to my 10yr old surprise, the damn thing ran backwards, and the bike went backwards. i then proceeded to figure out with no help, how to turn the engine around, and build a jack-shaft because the centrifugal clutch was now on the wrong side. so i needed to get the chain to the other side. so i used bicycle, and lawnmower parts, and actually got it working! my dad came home from work one day, and i had a path worn all the way around the yard. he called me over, and said "who put that together for you?" i told him i did it, and he told me "dont worry, im not mad, who helped you?" he couldnt believe it LOL. i proceeded to explain everything and he started believeing me. then after he let me have my moment of glory, and told me he was proud that i could build that, he asked me "why didnt you just flip the rear wheel around when you flipped the engine?" that was my first real DUH! moment LOL. i rode that thing for 2 years! i probly went through 6 engines. who knows how much chain. and my dad had to replace the silly brake pad, that was just a steel plate that rubbed the rear tire, two times. then i discovered jumping, and started breaking stuff daily. dad decided at that time i was ready for a real bike. and that bike was a 1979 RM100!! our yard, neighborhood, any nearby woods, were never the same after that! mom got me a subscription to dirt-bike, and i have been riding since. it went down like this: Rupp 1979 RM100 1984 CR125 1980 RM250 (this was one of my all time favorite bikes!) 1987 KX250 1988 KX500 1991 RM250 1990 CR250 1990 CR250 1990 CR250 (yes i wore out 3 of these LOL, this was the bike that i really figured out how to go fast on. thanks to the classes at pymatuning holeshot raceway in PA, put on by Trevor Vines) 1995 CR500 1996 CR500 1998 CR500 2003 CRF450 2004 CRF450 2009 CRF450 (current steed. 41yrs old now, and still tearing up the dezert. no more track though. bum leg, cant jump.)
  6. wheelieking71

    difference between 450x and 450r

    new rider + MX track + 450 = broken femur!!! nobody should start out on a 450! 250 four-stroke is a good way to learn. but, as stated, be ready to allocate some serious time to maintenance.
  7. wheelieking71

    problems with Acerbis 2.7gal tank on 09'

    yep! supposed to be an O-ring between the filler neck, and tank. the friendly rep i spoke with on the phone has sent me one for free! great customer support, even though i bought the tank second hand. AWSOME! ohh, if anybody besides me was wondering about the cap. Acerbis does sell a NON-dry-break cap that fits these threads. if you go on their website and look, its called the "large-cap".
  8. wheelieking71

    problems with Acerbis 2.7gal tank on 09'

    yea, i plan on calling them to find out what the proper sealing method is. and, to see if they have a "normal" cap that will fit this tank. im sure i wont be able to get ahold of anybody untill teusday though.
  9. wheelieking71

    problems with Acerbis 2.7gal tank on 09'

    i will resort to that if i cant find an O-ring.
  10. wheelieking71

    problems with Acerbis 2.7gal tank on 09'

    so, i pulled the tank loose, and slowly rolled it back so i could figure out just where the fuel was coming from. as soon as the fuel reached the juncture of the "bolt-in" part, it came pouring out around the screws. so, it was not the cap that was leaking! (still dont like this dumb cap) so i pulled all the screws, and the part: no sealer, no gasket, no O-ring. no nothing! so, now i know exactly what happened. the schmuck i bought it from took it apart and didnt reinstall the O-ring. its obvious that it was designed to use an O-ring. either that, or the person before him did, which is just as bad because it would have leaked on him too. and there was never mention of a leak. so, thanks for that, guy-who-sold-it-to-me! oh-well, i got it cheap enough to go buy an O-ring. still gonna be on the hunt for a "normal" cap that will fit these threads.
  11. wheelieking71

    Upgrades for a big guy

    naw, it has plenty of power. maybe a little too much right off the bottom. the throttle response is kinda insane. it could use a little more pull up top, but it gets the job done. the suspension is terrible stock though for my type of riding. keep in mind i am not riding wide open desert, but rather tight technical single track. i rarely get out of 3rd gear. i have owned both an 02' and an 04'. they were great bikes, but this 09' will turn circles around them. i really like the way this bike handles.
  12. wheelieking71

    problems with Acerbis 2.7gal tank on 09'

    yea, i am very happy with the fit of the tank. it did not push the front of the seat up very much, if any at all. that was important. and it is only minimally wider, and where it is wider does not affect anything. great tank. crappy cap. i will figure something out.
  13. wheelieking71

    problems with Acerbis 2.7gal tank on 09'

    sure, this is the top of the tank with the cap off: if you look you can see fuel stains on the seat, and where it ran down the sides of the tank. and because i was curious, i took the cap apart: after seeing this abortion of a design, im not sure where the leak is??? there are no less than 3 potential leak points in this retarded cap. it may work in a pefectly controlled environment with zero dust, but in the real dirt bike world, i cant believe this design would even be considered! let alone patent-pending. patent-pending for what? being 10% stupider than any gas cap ever designed? and yes, i know what a dry-break is. and why. and if this is supposed to act like one, its a huge fail as the center piece doesnt even fit iside the cage it would have to be pused into in order for it to function as a dry break. so i guess my real question is: does anybody know of a normal gas cap that will fit this tank?
  14. i bought an Acerbis 2.7gal tank for my 09' 450. i got it for a great price, second hand. the tank would appear to be in great condition. anti-seize on all the threads. no crash damage. and clean. BUT, upon riding for the first time with it installed, yesterday, i discovered it leaks. it seem to be leaking at the juncture where the filler neck is bolted to the top of the tank. i was kinda worried about the fuel pump juncture, but it seems fine and dry as a bone. but the leak at the top is pretty bad. its hard to tell while riding, but im pretty sure its the juncture, and not the cap. soo, has anybody had this part (filler neck) removed from thier Acerbis tank for the newer bikes? im wondering if its a gasket? or and O-ring? or some kind of speacial sealer? i want to tear into it, but like to know what to expect before i pull it off. there is no info on the Acerbis website. and obviously the phone is out right now. i wanna ride, but need to fix this first. also, does anybody know of a different cap that will fit the Acerbis threads? i really dont like this cap that came with the tank. it seems to be of very poor design.
  15. wheelieking71

    Upgrades for a big guy

    Thanks for this thread OP! I am 6'1" 330lbs myself. Just bought and 09' 450 to get back into riding myself. Took it out today, and learned that the suspension is horrid in the desert. I felt like I was in a pinball machine. I was deflecting off every rock. Was great for preloading to clear ugly stuff, but it generally beat the snot out of me. Now im trying to figure the best route to make this pig rideable in the desert.