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  1. No, purely because of no title.
  2. I am fairly certain those numbers are a bit exaggerated. 56 is more then all but the most recent 450 with FI.
  3. tmeyer37

    Rear shock removal help

    If the nut is just spinning and not moving and the bolt is not also moving you will need to cut that nut off and buy a new bolt/nut. It is not a normal bolt, it should a have a flat head piece with a notch to catch the notch on the linkage to keep it from spinning. Make sure the threads on the shock body are clean and lubricated otherwise you will damage the shock body and/or spring retaining nuts.
  4. tmeyer37

    Rm 125 conversion kits

    Last night on PulpMX they confirmed that Suzuki is working on a 125 kit to install into 250f frames for whatever that is worth. It was towards the end of the podcast.
  5. Was thinking the same thing. Better that the makeup2mud crap
  6. tmeyer37

    Any Issues with 2019 YZ450FX ?

    This is not new or unusual. It is a race bike and those are the recommended intervals. Look at any modern mx race bike maintenance schedule and it will be similar.
  7. tmeyer37

    04 yz450f Timing chain jumping!!!!!

    Its not all about hours. That bike is 8 years old with that low of hours which means the chain has spent a lot of time sitting not moving. Low hours doesn't mean the bike is still new. I replace my timing chain once a year on my 06 just to be safe. It isn't too hard to do and the timing chain is only like 16 bucks on rocky mountain
  8. tmeyer37

    Manual cam chain tensioner

    Its the recommended posts thing they put it. It is causing a lot of old dead threads to be resurrected.
  9. tmeyer37

    Manual cam chain tensioner

    10 years later
  10. tmeyer37

    Rm 125 conversion kits

    320 hours down and still in spec..... it is a Yamaha though not a zuke so there is that....
  11. tmeyer37

    Rm 125 conversion kits

    I see the point and get it. Just making an observation that its funny how we are never happy with what is available. Makes for cool ideas and projects though.
  12. tmeyer37

    Rm 125 conversion kits

    This whole idea of 2t in a 4t frame is funny to me. Back in the early 00's before four strokes took over the cool thing was to stuff a 4t motor in a 2t chassis for the better suspension and handling. Now that 4t dominate the market it is reversed. Grass is always greener syndrome I guess. I am not against either bike but I find it funny that we as enthusiasts are never happy.
  13. tmeyer37

    Rm 125 conversion kits

    I just rebuilt my top end on my yz450..... not even close to thousands of dollars, it was about 300.... thousands of dollars is only when you fail to maintain your bike and run it into the ground.
  14. Try rotating these counter shaft sprocket while trying to shift. If that doesn't work its time to tear the bike down and inspect the transmission