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  1. That's a great pic with RC. I've seen him a couple times but never talked to him. Here's my cool pics with Tony Schumacher. Still remember it well. In fact, I was up in Denver two weekends ago to ride and go to the drags. Got Tony's autogragh on my hat and saw the track since it's right next to Bandimere. HERE'S MY PICS FROM TWO YEARS AGO
  2. Well, if you come to Albuquerque, you can use my garage. Can't help you in Riverside however.
  3. 43 y.o. and riding since 13. That's been my experience too. I remember one experience in particular back in '83 or '84 on my CB650. Was near the summit of Wolfcreek pass on my way to Denver and a fellow rider gave me the thumbs up as we passed. I was feeling the same way and have never forgotten that moment. I don't always get a smile when I smile at people either. Never forget, it's the rider, not the bike.
  4. Those little airplane engines are amazing! Superchargers even.
  5. I agree...you can walk it up using the engine, although I like to do it the idiot way sometimes too. Much easier.
  6. I know, I know...nothing to do with motorcycles bought those "sea monkies" from the back of a comic book some 35 years ago. will never do so again. I do recommend a steering damper (several good brands out there). I have a Scotts and so do most of my buddies. We put a WER on my buddies XR250 and we're happy with it too. HERE'S MINE HERE'S THE WER1 HERE'S THE WER2 BTW, My Vectors have lasted 3+ years.
  7. John_H

    Mounting a License Plate

    not my bike, so I don't really know for sure. I think it was just bolted on.
  8. John_H

    Mounting a License Plate

    http://www.abqjohn.com/blmfld/DSCN1499.JPG It's an Arizona plate.
  9. http://www.abqjohn.com/blmfld/DSCN1548.JPG This is what happened on a friends XR650 after he put on a new sprocket. Lost a bolt, several others loose, and broken hub. He had them torqued and locktited. Ended up re-torquing them and it held up until he sold the bike. Stretched bolts?? That's why I put new bolts on my WR when I've changed the sprockets. Haven't had any problems myself.
  10. John_H

    I am an idiot . too much time on my hands

    Now you know. I, too, get tired of now knowing.
  11. John_H

    yz400f needs to beat out yz426

    Must be a life or death race. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/search.php?searchid=440175
  12. John_H

    Pastrana hasn't learned yet

    he hasn't learned what? How to kiss everyone's tush and do what they want him to do.
  13. John_H

    White Chain Lube?

    yeah, my experience too. I usually stay out of the chain lube threads, but I really do like the Belray Superclean.