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  1. This is probably a dumb question, but will this reflect less noise upward? My aluminum plate reflects a lot of engine noise back up to my ears.
  2. timcosco

    Are YOU ready for the Denver EX round! -Free practice!

    Anyone know where to find a seating chart? I found drawings of the arena, but they don't list seats/sections. Thanks, Tim
  3. timcosco

    Denver Endurocross!

    Sure was. For whatever reason though, as the night wore on, I became irritated with the success of the trials bikes. Trials riding is cool as hell, but I can't see someone completing an actual enduro on a trials bike. As a spectator, I'd like to see Endurocross be more representative of an actual enduro race. On more that one occasion, I saw a trials rider get hung up, straddle his bike and lift/carry his bike clear. I'm more amazed by the racers who tackle those incredible obstacles with a full size bike... and a gas tank! If they don't change the rules, I see endurocross mutating into nothing more than BMXers on mini-bikes. But, what do I know... ? I haven't seen any pics posted yet. I snapped a few on my "vintage" digital camera and they turned out horrible.
  4. What do the experts recommend? Rewinding the OEM stator (Baja Designs) or buying a high output aftermarket stator (Ricky Stator)? Not counting brake light or horn, I think I only need another 50W at the most (35W headlight, ~5W DRL and ~8W tail light). The primary operator has had trouble maintaining enough RPM to keep the battery charged in the past while riding, even before the lights were added. The bike in question is my wife's '04 CRF230F. I know I'm in the wrong forum, but this forum has been the most active for all the years I've been on TT and replies come quick. I don't read the CRF230/150 forum enough to know who knows what they're talking about. Thanks.
  5. timcosco

    Need your help with our ass...

    Are you the guy who's check was returned NSF? Hahaha... Just kidding. Nice doing business with you Casey. Take it easy. Tim
  6. timcosco

    Need your help with our ass...

    Believe it or not, this mount has been suprisingly durable for me (I think I bought the rubber mounting plate from fourstrokesonly a few years ago). Fullsize pics... around 1.3MB each Baja Designs Plate Mount - Rear Baja Designs Plate Mount - Side Baja Designs Plate Mount - Underside
  7. Also thanks for repairing my XR-250 last week. We played around the backyard a bit after I got it home (stock exhaust = very quiet = happy neighbors) and practiced a wheelie or two. My oldest kid is totally jazzed now about moving up to the 250. Tim
  8. I ripped open my rear brake fluid reservoir hose. Was going to pick up a new piece of hose tonight on the way home from work, but I forgot to take the old piece with me. Anyone know what size hose I need? You'll save me 25 miles of driving if I don't have to go home first. Thanks, Tim
  9. timcosco

    230 headlight done.

    Hey... mine's done too! Well, actually the 230 is my wife's bike. Riding isn't as high on her priority list as mine, but she's such an awesome lady, I was really jazzed to get her bike set up just like mine. The headlight is some old Acerbis thing I scammed off eBay for cheap. It has a 35/35W dual-filament bulb with an extra DRL. The tail light assembly also came from Acerbis. I don't remember what the model number is, but it's a newer design. Horn and switch came from RMC for cheap. Special thanks to scuitto and others who helped me get ideas for this conversion! His and hers (Mustard & Ketchup): Hers alone: Daytime running light: Low beam: High beam: Tail: Horn location: Switch: http://www.tewalt.com/msgbrdpics/hers_switch.jpg
  10. Finished dual-sporting my wife's CRF-230 tonight. Came out pretty good, I thought. See you in Taylor over the Fourth? Tim
  11. timcosco

    230 headlight done.

    scuitto, thanks for resetting the links to your pics for me. I appreciate it. Now, I see how you did the CDI relocate. Tight squeeze, eh? Thanks again.
  12. timcosco

    Bar risers, rear brake resevoir relocation help.

    Well, that's two of us then. I used a cutoff tool to remove the lip and tab off the original mounting bracket, then cut an aluminum spacer to position it back from the hydraulic brake-switch. Turned out pretty sweet. Getting the cap off the fluid reservoir will be more difficult, but I like the fact everything is still tucked behind the side shield. BD LED tail-light/brake light combo works great. Also mounted a KDX rear fender bag from dirtbikegear.com. If anyone's curious, the BD LED taillight/brakelight assembly draws only 50 milliamps. It draws less than 100 milliamps with the brakelight on too.
  13. timcosco

    Bar risers, rear brake resevoir relocation help.

    I'm thinking about cutting off the rear section of the OEM reservoir mounting bracket and remounting the reservoir on the *inner* side of the remaing tab (using the stock hole with the bolt inserted from the other direction). This way, the reservoir stays behind the shield. Anyone know for sure that this won't work due to clearance problems?
  14. timcosco

    Changing tires on 1998 Z50

    Thanks for posting that chain and sprocket info. My youngest kids aren't really interested in dirtbikes and like ATV's better. So, I plan on selling our three smallest bikes to buy a ranch/utility type ATV. My wife thinks the Z50's are "way too cute" and gave me the greenlight to buy a couple to putt around on. Hopefully that will help keep the peace at camp while my oldest son and I are out "Riding the Rockies".
  15. timcosco

    Changing tires on 1998 Z50

    Cool! I plan to put those same tires on a Z50... if I can ever find one!