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  1. jbyo

    Where to buy Kenda 760's-cheapest

    Rocky mountain has the rear on back order, any other recomendations, my place has the front on back order, I just don't want to pay shipping twice. Also 90/90 21 front dunlop 606 anyone have an issue with this? compared to 80/100 21 from stock or is it close in size? Has anyone tried the Bridgestone dual sport tires, I like the BT-14's on my street bike. Gracias mis amigos!
  2. Can anyone let me know the best place to buy a set of kenda trakmaster 760's? I was going to buy from http://www.americanmototire.com/catalog/ fronts are on back order.
  3. jbyo

    Well my drz got knocked over...

    My brand new DRZ was run over by a truck on Monday, thanks to 3 witness' I have called the owner of the A/C company that the van belonged to. Still trying to work through the details with police, bike shop for estimate, and A/C company owner. I don't have plate number of truck, and that is the show stopper...hoping today I will straiten everything out.
  4. Hello, Can anyone point me towards yellow fork boots for my 2006 Yellow DRZ400S? Thank you, James
  5. Anybody ever been? How many tracks do they have, what skill levels?Are there and trails there as well?
  6. jbyo

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Saturday I put 120 breakin miles on my DRZ.
  7. Hello, I just installed the JD kit last night and went for a ride, I'm 2 1/2 turns out. Idle was fine, went for a 12 mile ride on local roads. No problems, I think I was expecting more of a hit though. oh well...have to save up for the pipe I guess.
  8. Can anyone tell me where does the TT store ship from?
  9. jbyo

    did I get a good deal?

    Just bought 06 DRZ400S in Yellow, w/ Yel/Blu seat. w/ 0 miles from the dealer for 5200 out the door. 4800 b4 tax and registration.
  10. So do you think if I loosen the valve adjustment screws and set them proper they might open and take in fuel?
  11. I got compression. 2 things I notice valves not moving, and no suction at intake port.
  12. I have compression just stuck my finger over the plug hole and turned her over(good bit of wind), I don't think the valves are moving. I see the cam spinning but no movement on the valves....didn't want to take the motor out again....anything special you have to do when you put the valve cover back on?
  13. Got spark, plug comming out dry but I poured gas right in there, then put plug back in, nothing happend. I read the trouble shooting section....just still trying to figure it out. But I spent 6 hours putting motor in getting it all back together, tommorrow I have at it again.
  14. Hello, I just rebuilt my top end, over heated bike originally. I went .5 over I believe. I put every thing back together. A freind and I spent quite some time on the cam/chain/TDC alignment, we triple checked it b4 we closed it back up. Now I got everythng back in the bike. Tried to fire her up and just turning turning turning. I know I set the indicator mark exactly the way the honda service manual says with the three marks lined up with top of the head/ and the cam lobes in down position with the Flywheel indicator right where it needed to be with the line and the T......any one have any ideas b4 I go taking this thing back apart again please?
  15. jbyo


    Hello, Thinking about getting one of these anyone have any opinions, for me it's a toss up between this and a DRZ400s, Price, and financing deal swinging me towards the klx250s, but I weigh 225 and want to do a lot of trail riding so ???? really debating, presently own a 03 yz450f and an 2000 xr650l want to sell both and pick up new duel sport. Thanks, James