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  1. EXxrldtgnow300dtg

    Cycle Endorsement Michigan

    Foremost Insurance used to put on some courses in West Mi. maybe elsewhere but they always sold out really quick.
  2. EXxrldtgnow300dtg

    Lost tool tube, Big Bear trail, MI

    I didn't ride that trail, but I did just get that email through the club. lol Good luck, I hope someone finds it. Losing tools sucks.
  3. EXxrldtgnow300dtg

    Waterfront lodging near Muskegon - Cadillac

    There's Pilgrim's motel or something like that in Cadillac. It's on Lake Mitchell, not a 4 star, but they've always seemed fairly clean. I think they have little cabins too. Found it. http://www.pilgrimvillagefishing.com/
  4. EXxrldtgnow300dtg

    ORV sticker Placement

    I've never been stopped before, but people I know have. It really depends on the officer pulling you over. They can give you a ticket if not both on rear fender as required, or they can use some common sense and let it slide. If you ride in the Baldwin area, put them on your fender, the Sheriff and teh local DNR don't seem to like off roaders much there. I used to put mine on the fork tube, then when they went to two stickers, I put one on fork and one on rear fender. Last year, I put them both on the rear fender, I really don't want some BS ticket.
  5. EXxrldtgnow300dtg

    NFS Trails Closed

    I was riding in Baldwin last weekend and saw the Big O parking lot closed off. Also came across some Forestry roads that were closed from 01DEC to March something. I was under the impression you could ride the trails all winter, if you wanted to.
  6. EXxrldtgnow300dtg

    Choose the image that appeals the most to you

    Not to mention the things you can do in the woods and NOT get a ticket like you would on the street.
  7. EXxrldtgnow300dtg

    Looking for a New/First DS Helmet?

    A few years ago I was watching closely for the Shoei hornet to go on sale, matte grey to be precise. After quite some time I finally got an email ad from motorcycle superstore for that helmet for $380, Thanksgiving day only. I looked online and sure as heck, they had my size and color and I've been using ever since. I haven't had a complaint until a couple weeks ago when I was exhausted, over shot my turn on a DS loop, went to turn around and fell over sideways and head hit something hard and the head on the plastic screw that held the visor and shield in place shattered making it difficult to raise/lower the shield. Getting the rest of that screw out was a major PITA as well. Other than that, I've got no complaints. Those screws should be aluminum not plastic.
  8. Great video!!! Loved that trail/route/terrain too, looks similar to a mix and match of some Northern dual sport I've ridden here.
  9. EXxrldtgnow300dtg

    What are your top trails in Michigan you suggest for kids?

    Yup, it's a campground. Here's a link http://www.whiskeycreekcamp.com/Home_Page.php
  10. EXxrldtgnow300dtg

    What are your top trails in Michigan you suggest for kids?

    There's a campground West of Baldwin, in Custer called Whiskey Creek. They've got some nice short trails that are fantastic for kids to learn on with little danger from racing riders coming around a corner. They also have an indoor pool, a pond that they can swim in too and a small camp store that serves ice cream. I took my daughter there to learn to ride and she liked it. Last I heard, they were going to buy up some adjoining land to expand their little trail system.
  11. EXxrldtgnow300dtg

    What are your top trails in Michigan you suggest for kids?

    The Sheriff in Baldwin issues tickets like candy. If you ride that, make sure your I's are dotted and T's crossed. He wrote up a kid that came back the parking lot with his goggles pulled down because it started raining heavy and he couldn't see. So, he headed back to the parking lot. Once there, the Sheriff wrote him up for not wearing proper eye wear. I rode it last year and 2 of the 5 people I went with got tickets as well for other stuff. The local Baldwin businesses have even had meetings complaining about his attitude and what it's doing to income generated from people coming up there to ride. THey sit up on the dirt road a little ways from the trail head and almost ALWAYS waiting to jump on riders. Down here, I'd take him to Cedar Creek. Mid Michigan, I'd take him to Geels. In the UP, Newberry has a great trail for a kid, Silver Creek. I took my daughter up there last year and as we were gearing up, we heard a pack of wolves howling in the distance. She was a little freaked out, but I assured her that no dirt biker has ever been attacked by wolves in Michigan......at least that I've heard about. lol We went about 8 miles and hit some deep sand that she was just not interested in getting through, so we turned around and headed back the lot. My daughter was not a very aggressive rider, in fact once she moved up to a CRF80 where she had to shift, she decided she didn't want to ride dirt bikes anymore. We got a couple of kayaks instead so we could do that together. I still have my bike, I just don't get to ride it as much anymore.
  12. EXxrldtgnow300dtg

    What are your top trails in Michigan you suggest for kids?

    Cedar Creek near Muskegon, TIn Cup single track in Baldwin(although the law up there has a hard on for off roaders) Geel s in St. Helen.
  13. EXxrldtgnow300dtg

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    After riding the 300 to the storage locker to get my ST1300 on Xmas eve, the 300 has sat in that locker until last Sunday and I was too lazy to grab the battery in the mean time. So I got it back home last Sunday, hooked up the tender and rolled it out Monday night and she fired right up. I was shocked as it was already a 6 yr old battery and after sitting in a cold locker with no juice going to that it didn't just die on me.
  14. EXxrldtgnow300dtg

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    He sold that and got a plated KTM 450 so he could ride more areas.
  15. EXxrldtgnow300dtg

    Honda ST1300 (2003)


    Only had it for 4 days and will have to winterize it soon. but so far, I think I like it. Have to fiddle with the manually adjustable windscreen as the top is in my direct line of vision. WIll have to continue this Spring, 2016