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  1. bamawake

    SECCA race updates and video

    Monster Mtn race flyer... http://www.seccaracing.com/files/flyers/Monster_Mt_Round_4.pdf
  2. bamawake

    Alabama SECCA race updates and video

    Next SECCA race is December 3 at Monster Mtn. Here's some video of round 3 at Conrnerston ranch C Vet..
  3. This is video of the Start and 15 minutes of ugly riding. lol
  4. bamawake

    Where to rent and ride in phoenix area??

    What time tomorrow? I'm staying in Chandler with the Faminly so need to get an idea of when i need to leave and how long i'll be gone for. Thanks
  5. bamawake

    Where to rent and ride in phoenix area??

    I called and talked to them and i think i will do the half day which is 5 hrs. Is that enough time?? Where do you want to ride? The girl on the phone said the closes place to them was off of Bartlett damn rd, i believe. The only think i brought was jersey and pants but she said i could get the rest from them. Thanks!! DB
  6. bamawake

    Where to rent and ride in phoenix area??

    I'm back in Chandler thru Friday. So if i rent this Thursday where do i have them drop off the bike?
  7. bamawake

    Where to rent and ride in phoenix area??

    I will be in chandler arnd 5 this evening. Then going to Sedona Friday thru Tuesday. Back to chandler thru Friday. I haven't called them yet. Thx DB
  8. I will be in the Phoenix area for a week and I've always wanted to do some desert riding so figured I would see if anybody had some suggestions? Does anyone know if there is any guided tours or where i can rent a bike from? I've searched around but haven't really found any dirt bike guided tours. Thanks! braaap...
  9. bamawake


    yep all HS with 2 moto format.
  10. Southeast Cross Country Association alabamateamracing.com SOUTHEAST CROSS COUNTRY ASSOCIATION BRINGS NEW HARE SCRAMBLE SERIES TO ALABAMA SECCA (Southeast Cross Country Association) has been known as ATHS (Alabama Team Hare Scrambles) the past few years. Starting in the fall of 2011 the two will merge into one promotion group and promote both team hare scrambles and solo hare scrambles. ATHS will consist of 6-8 races like years past throughout Alabama. Each course is typically 4-7 miles in length consisting of a mix of woods, grass track, and the occasional motocross track all combined into the event. SECCA harescrambles will be run in a 2 moto format scored like your traditional motocross event. First moto runs for 1 hour and is scored. Riders will take approximately a 1 hour break before lining back up for the second moto. At the end of the day the motos will be combined for your overall finish. All of the races will be held on Saturdays. Each event will be using a new transponder scoring system for easier and faster scoring and points tallying. The existing website will be altered to show all the races and will be known as SECCA. You can visit SECCA online at www.seccaracing.com. Starts October 1
  11. bamawake

    Question for Alabama or Georgia riders

    Never heard of it.
  12. bamawake


    I try to race all the close Sera races. There's a new series that will race on Saturdays and opposite weeks of the SERA races. http://www.alabamateamracing.com/
  13. I will be in the bowling green area and was wondering if there is anywhere to ride. MX park or trails. I've searched on line but not really found anything close. We are actually staying in Russellville, KY. Thanks!
  14. bamawake

    Best $ on new carb 07 250 xcf?

    Let me know where you find one, I'm in the market for one myself.
  15. for more info.... http://www.alabamateamracing.com/ http://www.ridgeriding.com/jack50/10/jack50.htm This is the last race of the series for this year btw.