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  1. wvdualsport

    So...... ET?

    It wasn't like Tomac got beat in France, in the sand. He got his ass kicked at Red Bud. Next year he'll get his ass kicked in France, in the sand. -_-
  2. wvdualsport

    So who picks up #7 next year?

    Little James hasn't retired yet, because Big James hasn't said he could.
  3. wvdualsport

    Graham Jarvis ErzbergRodeo 2017 Results

    Just in case some of you don't know. Graham Jarvis is FORTY-TWO. His performance is impressive regardless, but when you factor in the age differential between him and many of the top competitors, it's astounding.
  4. wvdualsport

    High Point Drone cam

    Bradshaw Boulevard is no more. Kinda sad seeing that big of a change all at once. The track seems a good bit shorter too.
  5. wvdualsport

    Cooper Webb/Factory Yamaha

    Nobody wants to ride a blue bike? Someone get Mookie on the horn. I bet he'd be glad to line up on a 450 Yami Saturday.
  6. wvdualsport

    Will Tomac Go Undefeated?

    Nope. Even with sub-par competition, he will make a mistake and cost himself wins and/or the championship. His level of maturity is simply not there yet.
  7. wvdualsport

    Vegas Post Race Press Conference questions

    Reed caught the pack for two reasons. 1) Tomac was keeping the field within striking distance, as it was THE only way he could win the championship. And 2) Reedy was being paid by both Team Blue and Team Green last night.
  8. wvdualsport

    Dungey = BITCH. Cheater complains about cheap shots.

    Dungey passed Tomac twice. Cleanly. Tomac attempted two or three deliberate take-outs. Last night, like many nights, Tomac was faster. Tomac could have checked out. Again. And he would have lost to a 2nd place Dungey. In addition to the deliberate attempts to put RD1 on the ground, he also sandbagged. He (questionably) let the field keep pace. He let Dungey by couple of times in hopes he could initiate a "racing incident." He also, at the same time, kept a hard charging Grant(who was riding so far over his head he's lucky to still be walking today) and Chad Reed withing striking distance to help take Dungey out. It was clear what Team Green's "team orders" were. Grant had to put out last night. He did. Apparently they cast the net pretty far, as they reeled in Chad to help. I can only guess what the economics of their offer was, but the intent was clear. In the end it turned out just like a poorly scripted action hero film, with Dungey riding off in to the sunset wearing his ubiquitous white hat, while the challengers stand there shaking their heads. Ryan Dungey is class act and the sport will be the lesser for is retirement. Tomac will go on to reel off a few Championships(assuming the German does not return healthy). YMMV. Shawn
  9. wvdualsport

    Roczen back for outdoors? Nope!!

    I ruptured my left achilles tendon a few years ago. I was 42 at the time. My left calf will never look the same.
  10. wvdualsport

    Roczen back for outdoors? Nope!!

    Holy crap. He's lost all muscle tone in the arm already. It doesn't take long to lose....
  11. wvdualsport

    NEWS FLASH! JS7 Crashes!

  12. wvdualsport

    James Will Line Up For The Nats On Yoshi Suzuki

    Congrats Stewie....you made it nearly 13 minutes into moto 1 before throwing in the towel.
  13. Eli had better step up his game (and work out regimen) if he hopes to keep up with Ryan for 30 minutes.
  14. wvdualsport

    JS7 - WTF

    At least he was in one piece last night when he pulled off. We didn't get to see one of the recently common crash and burn spectaculars. JS7 augering in like a lawn dart has been the theme of the last three or more SX seasons.
  15. wvdualsport

    2015 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Budds Creek - Rd 7

    Hey Weege, your mic was open. Hahahahahah "........what the hell was that.......a rain coat.......shhhhhhh!"