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  1. Shadooky

    repacking my t4

    exactly, we heated her up, clamped it and broke out the mallet. the new ti-4gp's are much easier to separate I have been told, i just got them and my old ti-4's broke, so I havn't had to re-pack yet. BUT thats what PC customer service told me. Guess Ill have to test that in about 2 weeks.
  2. Shadooky

    problems with my 2007 Crf250r

    +1 on the damaged vacuum plate seal now being swollen, if thats not causing other issues, its going to start scoring up the valve slide area. That can cause even more problems. Since you were going to pull the carb anyways, I would check it out. Also, removing the rear shock isn't hard at all. 2 17mm's (i believe) and lift the rear so you can pull the bolts out and your done.
  3. Shadooky

    HELP, bike running hot, no idle.?

    agreed, thats pretty common.
  4. Shadooky

    repacking my t4

    we had to heat up the canister to separate mine. But be careful about drilling out the rivets, I put biggers ones in for strength (and stupidity) and it caused much a higher repair bill from pro circuit.
  5. Shadooky


    +1 on asv's. I've had quite a few good spills, and they havn't bent one bit, and and still tight.
  6. Shadooky

    HELP, bike running hot, no idle.?

    Pilot jet might also be clogged. Will it idle somewhat, then tend to die down and cut out? What about when you give it some throttle?
  7. Shadooky

    CRF 250R Running Rough

    This same thing happend to me, after alot of kicking it stated running, after a hour of running the intake side of the cylinder completely melted/ sheared away and the piston exploded on that side. Bye Bye brand new pro circuit engine.... anyways, I doubt thats the case, I just had to say something since its the same symptoms. I would step away from the carburetor, that cant be the issue, Unless you had it off while you had the valves done. I agree with everybody else....timing timing timing. EDIT: check your TPS while the carb is off...
  8. $1,300 labor myself. With a shop $2,200 new crank, piston, valves, hardware, flywheel, ect.
  9. Shadooky

    what do you guys think? (just about looks)

    well i lied about the ride report, no such thing! Got that pig to the track and it started after 10 mins of kicking, did 3 laps, came back, started again, after alot of kicking. Then it would start for the rest of the day. Thought the timing was off a tooth so we borrowed a mobile garage:worthy: so we changed it a tooth and it just got WAYYYY hard to kick. so the guy who let me borrow his trailer let me ride his rmz 450 for the rest of the day:banana: Never rode a 450 track before, holy s**t! Crazy stuff, nice suspension. Anyways...after a long day and a plenty of dirt, we were in a parking lot for a break from the drive and it kick to life! hat a realllyyy loud clacking noise:foul: so obviously there was valve contact, or pre-ign so it was shut down imediately. But I cant figure this thing out. Should it be hard to start after a major rebuild like this?
  10. Is it running fine? like after its warmed up?
  11. Shadooky

    Trany Fluid out Of Overflow tube - Normal???

    2 possibilities, 1.you put way to much oil in. If this is true, just drain and refill with 700ml and see if it does it again. 2.you crank seal(s) are bad. How is you engine oil level? low? if so then yeah, most likely your seal is bad.
  12. Shadooky

    they have arrived..here is my 2010 crf250r

    It has a built in V stack.... 1 minute 30 seconds
  13. Shadooky

    what do you guys think? (just about looks)

    ok, got the motor back. Put the chassis together and throw it in the truck with the kxf. As soon as we got here we took the right cover off and by a stroke of luck I noticed the balancer gear, water pump gear, and the crank main gear were not alligned at all. After aligning them we had a hell of a time getting the kickstart gear on while it was aligned, a zip tie solved the problem. So we threw it together and it started, were all happy, we can ride!....then i click it into first and it snaps and the shift shaft got pushed on and the shift collar came off the drum arm........SO we managed to save the gasket and get it back together for a test ride today. it looks like our ride is saved. Topped of all fluids and rode down the alley back and forth. This thing rips!!!!! I took pictures of the cases and they look great! I plan on getting some helmet cam footage of the ride so Ill upload.... Anyways thanks guys. Well see if it last!
  14. Shadooky

    steering bearing press? heat?

    well the issue was solved within 2 hours of us headed up to maryland for our ride tomorrow. I had quite a long bike ride in the rain on a 50mph 2 lane road..... a car shop did it for free. But i didnt think of the pipe method, that should work....
  15. Shadooky

    steering bearing press? heat?

    ok guys. so in my other thread I showed that I was doing a complete engine rebuild, ect. Well i finally got the old lower steering bearing cut off. Now for the new one what should I do? i dont have a press and we were just going to use the old heat and freeze method. What do you guys say? Has any one figured out a way to do this? Thanks