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  1. WMRRA13

    2016 Desert 100!

    Uhhh... I sort of like like your neanderthal style and the commentary was fun but, there were bikes whizzing by on both sides of you w/o much room to pass. Couldn't you find a better place make the adjustment? Perhaps somewhere off the course?
  2. Hi; While riding sweep @ the D100 (Maybe it was during the poker run?) someone handed me a WA motorcycle license plate. I put it in my pack and promptly forgot about it until yesterday. If it’s yours, tell me the # on it and we’ll figure out a way to get it to you. Cheers, Tyler
  3. WMRRA13

    2013 Desert 100 Carnage Stories

    You were haulin' ass Daryyl!! Hopefully you can win it again next year. Sorry to hear about your front tire Pete. Cheers, Tyler
  4. WMRRA13

    "Urban Assault" Team Race in Monroe Feb 24th

    Scott, Wally World's closed... The moose out front shoulda told ya
  5. WMRRA13

    Enclosed Trailer Service/Care

    Good tips - thanks! Any reason you guys don't use these? You can have pre-loaded bearing AND pre-loaded grease: I think they're pretty slick. -Tyler
  6. Thanks boys - I appreciate the input and sort of figured interference was the answer. The converter that went TU on me wasn't filtered, at least not very well, whenever I was plugged in there was plenty of interference on the radio. I think I'll give the PD9245C a try and see if I have better luck. Cheers, Tyler
  7. The power converter in my trailer took a dump last weekend. Since these things are just semi-glorified battery chargers, I'm wondering why I cant just replace it with a $80 - 40 Amp "smart charger" instead of a $200-300 - 40 Amp "RV power converter"? Anybody have an opinion on these units and/or what I should replace it with? Thanks, Tyler
  8. Sorry, forgot to snap pix over the weekend. -Tyler
  9. I'll try to snap and post some pics this weekend. I'm in Seattle, what part of WA are you in? Cheers, Tyler
  10. I like your method and agree with most of your logic but don't understand why you need the springs? Why not just pull it up against the wall? I use a similar one tie-down method. I also have a pad on the wall and an anchor in a similar spot but, I tie from the anchor to the foot peg. This sucks the bike up against the wall. Very easy to get 3 full sized bikes in the van using this method. -Tyler
  11. WMRRA13

    Will it fit??

    Gents; As a general rule, you can roll a full sized dirt bike through the doors and into position in the cargo versions of the Express vans. ('96-Current) However, the passenger versions have a raised floor d/t the seat tracks and HVAC ducting in the headliner so it's better to use a tie down to compress the forks b-4 loading. (Especially if you don't want to mar the headliner) Pretty much the same story with the Ford passenger vans, they don't have the raised floor but do have pretty serious ducting. You "can" load bikes without compressing the forks but you will inevitably hit the headliner w/ your bark busters. -Tyler
  12. WMRRA13

    New motovan build

    I had one of these on my old Chevy van - It was easy to install and worked great for over 10 years - Probably still works but I sold the van....
  13. WMRRA13

    Van for Dirtbikes

    Don't forget the Chevy vans - They're drive better than the Fords or Dodges (I've had all three) and are easier to work on. In the Seattle area you can get pretty nice ones for under $3500. -Tyler
  14. WMRRA13

    Burning Old Gas

    Do any of you guys have a fuel stabilizer you prefer? I have to admit that not too long ago I thought folks were overly concerned about fuel going bad. It seems that gas has gotten much worse in just the past couple of years and now, after a month or two, it really starts to stink and will clog carbs shortly thereafter. I spent about an hour on Sunday cleaning the carb of a bike that wouldn't idle but ran great last winter. -Tyler