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  1. 660 is watercooled if looking for a raptor, plan on putting a good suspension on the 660 or get a 700.
    Very underrated atv once you get a good suspension under it and uncork the motor. Have owned mine for 13 years.
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    Very underrated atv once you get a good suspension under it and uncork the motor.
  3. Honestly I'd go for the raptor 250, its a very light simple quad. If not id go for a warrior.
  4. 12 was a re release year for the old yfz. It's almost i dentical to the 04-08 except cam, front calipers, shocks and carb.
  5. I have black rears that someone tried spray painting green. I started trying to clean them up and got most of the paint off. You need to watch with parts, 87-88 were there own style and some parts are impossible to find, like a arms and cdis. Parts like the carrier, sprocket hub, bumpers, a arms, headlights and hood are different. But just the bumpers and a arms can't be interchanged with second gens. Warriors are great and they've been made from model years 87- now
  6. I run 93 with an 11-1 piston
  7. ps, maier makes a scoop you can put on your stock hood
  8. I think theyre worth it to build up as you can do it for cheaper than any other quad and the outcome is great. I built mine for xc
  9. Its the mild state of tune atvs come with
  10. I think the 350 is a decent quad but tall people tend to like the warrior style ergonomics over the raptor. I'd take a 400ex over a stock warrior any day though if you find a nice one in your budget
  11. well they certainly are one of the best handling quads made. with a good esr motor a 250r will do dang well
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