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  1. ROMAD

    Replacement DR-Z 400 Clutch Perch

    If you use something like this: http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/44676/i/moose-racing-mirror-mount-clutch-perches then you can use just about any perch you want. As for the wires, thats just the clutch safety switch wires and you can safely disable that by merely plugging the wires together and tucking them away.
  2. ROMAD

    DRZ gets a makeover.. From Blue To Yellow

    Nice! Yellow is the fastest! Get ya a front fender off an 01+ RM250, looks more modern and bolts right up to the same holes on the DRZ. Sometimes you need to put a pair of washers between the fender and the triple clamps on the rear bolts if the fender is too close to the frame/radiators but other than that it just bolts right up
  3. ROMAD

    Real world difference in drz400E and DR650

    The DR650 has two ride height options that require no additional parts. I dont know the exact procedure but the shock has two bolt locations for ride heigth adjustment and IIRC the forks can be taken apart and reassembled in a different config to allow for the OEM method of changing the height. AFAIK the DRZ didnt have an OEM option to do this but there are ways to do this properly by having the shock and forks rebuilt. The use of lowering links is generally not recommended.
  4. ROMAD

    Engine TAT ready?

    My water pump started to weep the day after I rode through Moab when doing the Western TAT. Its not a hard fix and most say to wait until it starts weeping before doing the fix but I dunno...if you are in the middle of the TAT its gonna cost you some extra time to repair. If your schedule has plenty of extra time built in then for unforseen stuff then its probably no big deal. We were on a pretty tight schedule and ended up bailing (long story posted in here years ago: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/710609-another-big-thanks-to-eddie/) in Moab due to another buddies bike (WR450) succumbing to multiple small failures we couldnt get parts fast enough to fix and a DRZ with an all bore 470 kit that started knocking in the desert heat. FWIW the supposedly TAT friendly shop in Moab called Arrowhead Motorsports isn't so friendly unless you ride a KLR...we were turned away and told to go find a local dealership when we rode in seeking help because we didn't ride KLR.
  5. ROMAD

    Real world difference in drz400E and DR650

    Its *very* smooth! The engine has a huge counter ballancer as well as rubber mounted bars, pegs and even the OEM exhaust is rubber mounted/hung. With factory gears its just purring comfortably at 70mph.
  6. ROMAD

    Real world difference in drz400E and DR650

    My 09 DR650 Major mods include FCR carb, GSXR titanium muffler (its a DR thing & it works well), 18" cush drive rear wheel off a DR350, Renazco seat, Highway dirtbike handguards, IMS 4.9 tank and a custom fabbed skid plate. Currently saving up for the suspension tune. I still have my DRZ and love it, love my DR650 as well. They have some overlap in areas for sure but each has areas it does better in. I spend more time on the DR650 for urban dual sport because its easier at speed, quieter yet has plenty of dirt ability for whats local to me (mostly county roads and such). Great bikes hiding in plain sight
  7. ROMAD


    I have been considering these swap for sometime now, I will keep an eye on the thread for updates. FWIW, I dont think I would get rid of the MRD pipe, its just too sweet but I need options for the dual sport use of the bike.
  8. ROMAD

    What toys do you play with at work.

    I am not allowed to take pics of what I work on so I will use stock pics from Google I work on stuff like this: and this: Stacked for rows and rows like this: So millions of y'all can watch this: Yes, I get paid to watch TV on the job and truthfully it has lost all its appeal. I almost never watch TV away from work anymore
  9. Has anyone ever tried the Wye to Delta stator mod on the DRZ? Its been successfully used on the DR650 http://www.procycle.us/info/articles/dr650/wye-to-delta-stator.html
  10. ROMAD

    Ram Mount with M8 bolt

    Ram makes a ball mount that has threads to replace one of the upper bar clamp bolts. For me this was a perfect solution to getting the bars de-cluttered and getting the GPS moved more to the center line of the bike and a bit more protected. http://www.gpscity.com/ram-mount-motorcycle-handlebar-clamp-ram-b-367u.html I ended up going to the hardware store for a stainless bolt as that was my preference
  11. ROMAD

    2003 KLX400 Dies When Cracking Throttle

    Normal. Go ride, If it happens while riding, report back and more help will be given.
  12. ROMAD

    2003 KLX400 Dies When Cracking Throttle

    Does this happen under load (in gear) or just when in neutral and sitting still?
  13. ROMAD

    E model wiring question

    I used a switch off a YFZ to replace the E model key and the kill button (http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/52751-ignition-key-bypass/?hl=yfz#entry347659). Simple install and really cleaned up the handle bars. It of course eliminates the key which may not be what youre going for, Example of the switch I used http://www.ebay.com/itm/2001-YAMAHA-YFZ-600-HANDLE-BAR-SWITCH-/271463177801?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f34775e49&vxp=mtr The big red rocker becomes in ignition on/off/kill switch and the gray button is the starter Thats just the first one I found on ebay, not mine, not affiliated with seller, no idea if thats a defective unit, not liable for damages if you shoot your eye out, no animals were harmed in the making of this post
  14. ROMAD

    2014 or 2015?

    Use one of the Craigslist search engines like http://www.searchtempest.com/ and expand your searches outside of DFW a little. You would be surprised what pops up in the outlying areas like Abilene, Austin, Wichita Falls; etc. I scored my E model out of Springtown for a very good deal because nobody was willing to drive out to see the bike, was listed for weeks and the guy had lots of callers but I was first to go look at it - he was very willing to comedown on price once I was standing there with a fist full of 100's. As for DFW gear Motoliberty prolly has the best high end gear selections but dont overlook Bates #2 Cycle Shop (http://www.bates2.net/) Its a hole in the wall but those guys will bend over backwards for you. They are probably the most dirt/dual sport focused shop in the area. I try to support them when I can.
  15. ROMAD

    06 drz400s fork conversion

    There is a TON of info on this in the older posts. Here is one thread that has some really good info http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/147145-triple-clamp-for-upside-down-forks-available/