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  1. So I've ridden a couple of CRF250Ls, and I'm interested in them, but there's just too much weight for me to be comfortable with off road. I did some searching, and found one post where someone was able to shave off nearly 20 pounds with some basic mods, but i was wondering if it's straight forward to do better then that? Ideally I'd want the thing under 300 pounds. Is that reasonable, or is this machine just too inherently heavy to do that?
  2. Lead Head

    2007 crf450x headlight issues

    Which headlight did you get, and what's the voltage right at the headlight connections?
  3. Honda has been on a corporate-wide engineering funk for about a decade now. Everything from their cars to their bikes have been suffering from neglect and poor/uninspired engineering. Look at how long the CRF-X and air-cooled trail bikes have been unchanged for - literally over a decade! Their automotive side has just started turning things around, so I suspect it will be a little while before the powersports stuff experiences the same.
  4. Lead Head

    No new 2018 X shown yet- Hmmm

    Honda's entire trail-bike lineup is a joke top-to-bottom. The only thing more of joke then their trail bikes are their dual-sports. The best they can do is an air-cooled dinosaur, and a 320 pound liquid cooled slug that barely wheezes out 18 HP.
  5. Lead Head

    2018 are at the Dealers: Batt is 2Ah

    The engineers would probably want to keep the old reliable kickstarter, but product development and marketing want the E-Start.
  6. Lead Head

    Hesitation and stuttering at constant throttle

    I'd suspect a carb issue still then. Or possibly a TPS problem.
  7. Lead Head

    Hesitation and stuttering at constant throttle

    Does it only do it at that particular throttle position?
  8. Lead Head

    Crf450r won't start again

    Start checking for damaged wires. The main engine harness is around that area.
  9. A friend's Grizzly 600 is having an issue when the engine is hot, the starter won't even attempt to engage when the engine is hot. No solenoid click, nothing. When the engine is cold, everything works as it should. Additionally, the oil temperature light is coming on shortly after startup. Like within 20-30 seconds of the engine running. I suspect the two issues are related, but I'm unsure. Any ideas?
  10. Lead Head

    Crf450rx 2017

    My problem is the transmission. The XC-F has a bespoke 5-speed transmission, and the EXC-F has an even wider ratio 6 speed transmission.
  11. Lead Head

    Crf450rx 2017

    Okay so now that the 2018 CRF450R is getting electric start standard, can anyone tell me the point of having the CRF450RX?
  12. Lead Head

    Balance shaft seal part number

    Yes, thanks for that. But I was looking for someone to confirm that part number is the correct one.
  13. I'm doing a rebuild on my '02 450R, and I'm having a bit of trouble finding the balance shaft seal part numbers, as the parts diagrams I've been finding are rather unclear. For whatever reason this particular seal isn't grouped with the balance shaft assembly in the parts diagram. Anyways, from what I was able to tell, it appears that the balance shaft seal part number is 91203-MEB-671 , can anyone confirm?
  14. Lead Head

    Turbo crf450 go kart build

    These 450s already blow up often enough just by themselves. You're worried about the cylinder strength, but the rod/crank/piston are the real weak links here. When a 450 chucks a rod at 11,000 RPM, it makes a big mess. No one is saying you shouldn't go ahead with the project, as it looks fun. They're just suggesting that you're going to want a piece of metal separating you from the engine in case it does blow. The last thing you want is to be sprayed with burning oil and chunks of metal while you're screaming along at over 100 kph.
  15. Lead Head

    Trail Tech Kickstand quicky....

    A spring is what holds up every other kickstand. I don't think it will be an issue.