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  1. SoCal450

    oil coming out of brether hose

    My 06 has also done it while warming up. I too thought I put in too much oil at first but it still pukes it up with lower oil levels. Only does it while warming up on the side stand. Most likely has to do with the angle it sits with the stand because it stops once I'm riding.
  2. SoCal450

    06 Air filter?

    new filter
  3. SoCal450

    Air filters question

    Here's a stupid question. I've thought about trying out no toil because of their convenience but can you use the no toil oil and clearner on any filter you want or do you have to use the no toil filter only.
  4. SoCal450

    shifter ?

    Go get the MSR stock replacement shifter. It will save you some $$$ (only $20) and it's a bit longer overall. The best thing about it though it that the groves cut to fit over the spline are slightly offset from the OEM shifter (in a good way). WHen I installed the MSR it seemed to land in that sweet spot where the stocker was either too high or too low...for me at least.
  5. SoCal450

    kx250f shoot out

    That's a real bummer man...what kind of riding do you do? I was out at Cahuilla Creek last weekend which is a real rough outdoor track and had no problems at all. That place is really fast and is littered with braking/accel bumps.
  6. SoCal450

    kx250f shoot out

    Not in any of the tests I read. The KTM was the one I recall getting called out for a twitchy front end and headshake. From everything I've read the handling is the KXF's strongest quality...and from what REALLY MATTERS my KXF is the best handling machine I've been on by far.
  7. SoCal450

    kx250f shoot out

    I'm new to the Kawi camp having come off a blue machine. I would not consider myself partial to any particular brand...in fact I had my heart set on an SXF but gave up waiting after 10 weeks and went the KXF. I'm all smiles about my decision with no regrets at all. I was considering all of the 250f's this year and I would be lying if I said I did not take into consideration some of the mags opinions to help in my decision making process. Like most people I don't have the chance to ride each bike back to back. About these shootouts though, we should all be stoked owning the KXF. From what I've seen it's pretty clear the kawi is the hands down best bike this year. When you consider the advertising dollars pumped into these mags it starts to make sense how the rankings shuffle from mag to mag...but one bike has been consistant. I may be wrong but the KXF has already won 2 shootouts and has finished 2nd in all the others. What's even more telling is that Kawi does not throw around huge ad $$$ and most of the testers usually ride other bikes. This tells me they honestly feel the bike is that good! It should be all smiles in this forum!
  8. SoCal450

    Most common problem ....... ?

    No problems so far...I'm really happy I chose the KXF. If anything I would just point out some minor inconvienieces. First the shifter is a little short and the tip is not placed well for me. Seems a lot harder to get my boot under it to up shift and I've inadvertantly down shifted a few times...I would think this gets to be more of a pain the bigger you foot is. I'm planning on looking into a different shifter. The second is the air filter is huge compared to what I'm used to on past YZF's. It's much more of a hassle to get it through the subframe. Pretty minor stuff I guess. Performance wise the bike meets and exceeds all of my expectations. For me the most important aspect of a bike is handling and suspension and this bike is BY FAR the best I've been on. The motor is nice too...a few notches above the CRF and about par with the YZF...however the KXF is a bottom to mid motor where the YZF is mid to top.
  9. SoCal450

    Shifter lever problems

    I'm also bummed on the shifter. If you go with an '04-05 shifter does the stock one help or do you have to go with an aftermarket like the MSR.
  10. Dude you're stoked! I tried to wait and gave up last week for a KXF and I'm all smiles. I glad to hear the wait has paid off for those like you...still have not seen any in Cali though. But as far as their track record you just proved my point. You said it yourself...there are hundreds out there NOT THOUSANDS and thats my point. But you're right about me not paying as close attention because you are aware of way more problems than I was and that would only make me more nervous about owning this bike. If there were even 1000 bikes out there (which I doubt) you've already listed about 35 with some sort of known issue not to mention others that don't bother to post it on the internet. For a bike like the KXF there are about 5 or so guys that claim they blew their top ends but there are several thousands currently in use. I see about a dozen or so 06 KXF's everytime I'm at the track and I've only seen one SXF since it's introduction. Thats 35/1000 (3.5%) for KTM vs. 5/10,000 (0.01%) for the Kawi. Please don't misunderstand my point. I'm certainly not trying to say either bike is unreliable I'm just saying it's not reasonable to say that an 06 whatever model has an established track record when it's not even 2006 and most of the bikes are preactically new.
  11. SoCal450

    06 kxf 250 locked up

    That sucks...I just got an 06 and everything's fine. Once you tear that thing apart you should throw up some pics of what happened so we can keep an eye out.
  12. uh...the production SXF has NO track record. When you really start to think about how few have actually been shipped and are currently being ridden compared to the numbers of jap bikes out there the recalls and failures for the SXF represent a significant number. I'm not saying they are unreliable it's just way too early to tell especially with such a small sample group out there. 1 failure out of 50 is way more scary than 25 out 4000. You will certainly hear way more horror stories with the jap bikes but you have to put those into context with the huge number of bikes actually out there. No doubt time will tell.
  13. Also, being a first year bike there's bound to be some little bugs here and there. Some have already surfaced and it's cool that KTM's taking care of it but more seem to be popping up (like the crushing of the oil filter). So if you plan on hanging on to this bike for a number of years it might be smart to wait until 07.
  14. I waited 10 weeks for the SXF and finally threw in the towel and got a KXF. It was a combination of running out of patience and the situation with my dealer left a bad taste in my mouth. I ended up saving $1000 going green over the deal I had put together for the KTM so that was a big plus too. I've only taken the KXF out once and I'm extreamly happy with it so far and suprised by it's build quality (first Kawi). I think this years crop of 250F's are all very strong so it kind of hard to go wrong. It really comes down to your dealer support and deal you put together and possible savings. I think the SXF is a great choice but I'm personally down on KTM and especially my dealer for how pathetic everything has gone down and how they are conducting their business. So eventhough I wanted that bike I did not feel good about making that purchase. For me KXF absolutely rips and I ended up being really stoked on working with my Kawi dealer.
  15. SoCal450

    CRF vs KXF

    I just got an 06 KXF and my brother has a CRF. Aside from the motor the KXF looks like they took a honda and put green plastic on it. Everything...frame...linkage...forks...shock..clamps...down to the plush gripper seat. As far as the motor KXF straight pulls much harder bottom to top over his 05. From what I've seen on this site both motors have historically faced certain reliability issues...however my brother has not personally had a single problem and mine is brand new. I do know that for 06 the KXF's motor has undergone some substantial updates in an effort to improve reliability. They have beefed up many internals, stiffened up the valve springs and improved both oil and coolant flow. To put things into perspective the 06 KXF is the same weight as last years eventhough the chassis has lightened up a few pounds due to beefing up the engine components. It's nice to see a mfr put some weight back into a bike in the hopes of better reliability instead trying to win the diet wars and compromise the motor's lifespan. On the other hand I saw that honda updated the valve seats in their head so that should help in preventing some of the valve recession issues people have been having. It kind of comes down to what color you like and what you feel better owning. Their setup and geometry is sooo simlilar that they ride and feel nearly identical. The only real difference is in the power. The Kawi just feels gnarlier and pulls so hard while the honda is super smooth and mellow that it just doesn't feel as fast.