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  1. Sean_McCutcheon

    Wolf's gettin new legs, maybe ready for Georgetown - Sunday 3/6

    I bought my 04 yz450f back in November of 2003 and I am still running the stock brake pads. I raced one harescramble and about 25 motocross races in 2004. I also did about 3 weekends of woods riding. I will probably get two more motocross races out of them before I have to change them.
  2. Sean_McCutcheon

    New 450

    A buddy of mine just bought an 04 CRF450 and will be riding mostly woods. What size flywheel weight is best? It looks like a lot of people have went with a 50 tooth rear sprocket. What else do you recommend doing before he rides it? Sorry do be asking these questions but I have a YZ and he doesn't have internet access. I appreciate any suggestions.
  3. Sean_McCutcheon

    Swingarm Bearings

    I seen in the FAQ page that you could clean your swingarm bearings with alcohol, is that rubbing alcohol? I've used diesel fuel in the past, but that stuff stinks so bad, I would like to use something else. Also what is the best grease to use or easiest? Should I buy stuff that it is in a tube or tub?
  4. Sean_McCutcheon

    Fork seal quick fix question.

    I had one leaking the other day and I used the business card trick and it has stopped leaking. I didn't lose that much so I just want to add a little back to it through the bleeder screw. What is the easiest way to get the oil in that little hole? In your case (surf450) I would probably drain and refill if you think you have lost a lot.
  5. Sean_McCutcheon


    I just started racing motocross this year and have accumulated a lot of trophies and have no clue what to do with them. I would like to set something up in the garage. Does anybody have any ideas or pictures of where you put your trophies?
  6. Sean_McCutcheon

    Flat turns with no ruts or birms

    I will be there around 11:00 in a white GMC Sierra. Bike number is 74.
  7. Sean_McCutcheon

    Flat turns with no ruts or birms

    I have been doing most of the American Motosports Ohio County fair series. I was thinking about going somewhere this Saturday. I thought about Honda Hills, but Grumpy would work too. So, If I am making a right hand turn, I need to shift my weight to the left foot peg and push back on the left foot peg? Just want to make sure I understand you correctly.
  8. Sean_McCutcheon

    Flat turns with no ruts or birms

    I running 12 in front and 10 in rear.
  9. Sean_McCutcheon

    Flat turns with no ruts or birms

    I just started racing motocross this year. I have an 04 YZ450F with stock suspension still. I am planning on getting my suspension revalved and set up for my weight this winter. I have a really hard time with turns that are flat. My rear tire just feels like it wants to come out from under me when I get on the gas hard in the turn. I notice a lot of people have no trouble with this they can come in and out of the turn really hard and there rear tire just seems to stick to the ground. Does changing something in your rear suspension help with these type of turns? I have no trouble with turns that have a birm or a rut to get into.
  10. Where can I buy the Mach 1 graphics for my 04 yz450? Also I am looking at getting aftermarket side case covers. Where can I get them and which ones are the best? I like the ones that I've seen on some 450's which are like a dull grey. I've seen them on some of the pro's bikes. They look as if they are a rough material and they are not painted which means that they will not show wear like the stock ones do from your boots rubbing on them.
  11. Sean_McCutcheon

    Hauling a quad and bike in truck

    I will post pics.
  12. Sean_McCutcheon

    Hauling a quad and bike in truck

    I am able to leave the tailgate down because I have an two foot extension that comes out of my reciever first then I put by reciever with the ball on next then hook up the camper.
  13. I have a YZ450 and yamaha wolverine (Wife's) that I want to try and fit in the bed of my truck (2003 GMC Sierra, short bed). The bed is 6 1/2ft long. Not sure how wide. The reason I need to do this is because I am pulling a pop up camper too. Has anybody done this or have any ideas?
  14. Sean_McCutcheon


    There is definately some wrong information there. They will not be aluminum frames.
  15. Sean_McCutcheon


    That is correct. Get er done!