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  1. suzuki sm nut 123

    crash..emergency room visit..broke bones..xray pics

    wishing you a speedy recovery . some of my worst crashes happed when I was just putting along . When I'm ridding fast my senses are heighted and I'm more aware of my surroundings
  2. suzuki sm nut 123

    Video making the rounds on social sites

    Not a big deal to me just a crazy fun college prank . I never went to college but know people who did and stuff much worse than that goes on daily
  3. The problem I see is this -- You have team A who are out money product and understandably to say the least not happy then you have team B-- who know Eddie when he was the man , the guru of all things DRZ and we are scratching our heads trying to figure out just the hell happened hear . And it looks like we may never know , and yes I will agree until things get sorted out he should only take work he can complete and communicate with the folks he owes money too. The answer may never be known but all I know things went south for him and it really is a shame in many ways
  4. That I bet is the simple but sad truth
  5. This hole thing with Eddie really has me confused , meaning how can a guy go from being the DRZ GURU to this . some thoughts come to mind 1, Something really ruff happened to Eddie and he can't bounce back 2, He is a great wrench lousy at organizing work and getting it returned to customers 3, somebody is using is name to scam folks and can't seem to catch up with them
  6. suzuki sm nut 123

    oil tank

    Yea , after giving this more thought and the high rate of failure I decided to scrap the hole idea . Thanks for the reply's . Think I need to stop watching café racer tv
  7. suzuki sm nut 123

    oil tank

    I know the oil tank is in the down tube , and I was 95 percent positive it was not in the back bone or top tube . just wanted to check to see if that was right. This is one time you would not want to discover oil I don't have any sketches , well I do but their in my head and can't figure out how print or scan my brain
  8. suzuki sm nut 123

    oil tank

    Does any one know if the oil tank runs into or through the back bone ? The reason I am asking is I want to put a custom made gas tank on my SM that mounts by tabs into the back bone . Also going for a café racer look and the stock tank just is not working for this . planning to drill holes into the back bone then put in nut serts I think they are called , which give you a place to thread a bolt into Thanks different question I know but any help would be great
  9. suzuki sm nut 123

    Pimping the SM - JD or DJ ?

    Also with the JD kit you get the float bowl screws witch strip out super easy ( not the screws in the kit but the screws on the float bowl)
  10. suzuki sm nut 123

    Hugger rear fenders? What's that all about ?

    This is a pic of my tire hugger that I custom cut from a R1, To help keep the bike clean and make up for my little rear fender witch I have now removed ( not a very good pic I know) Better pic from the mock up stage
  11. suzuki sm nut 123

    39 Fcr or jet? your opinion matters

    Having gone both routs ... jetting stock carb .. then getting the FCR Would just get the FCR and skip the re-jet any day changing to hot cams, giving the cam installed correctly will not change reliability
  12. suzuki sm nut 123

    Bmc / yoshimura air filter set up?

    after reading William1 post not Shure I want to post this but hear goes This is a post I made abut my air filter set up . go to post 32 or info. can't find this set up any more but it can be made with some stainless or aluminum auto exhaust cut off. William1 is not wrong by no means but works with my bike http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1040525-took-3rd-place-at-bike-show-today/
  13. suzuki sm nut 123

    DRZ400S belt drive?

    I spent some time researching this last winter for my SM and could not find any pulley's that would bolt on in place of the sprockets so , you would have to machine custom adapters to mount the pulley's . Now their may some out their but I could not find any.
  14. suzuki sm nut 123

    Hey guys