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  1. kcomst

    KTM/HUSKY owners annoying comments

    No surprise that in Europe they ride European bikes, not Japanese. Do you think it could have anything to do with the fact that European bikes are cheaper in Europe, and the European tariff on the import of Japanese motorcycles (JEFTA)?
  2. Any water cooled 250 4-stroke will easily do 70 on the highway if geared right with the right sized rider. I used to ride a 1988 Honda NX250 and it would do 85 mph and still got 89 mpg (that's mpg not mph). But I used to weigh 120 then. I miss that bike. At a later point in life, I put on 45 lbs and all of a sudden the 250 seemed too sluggish. So if a 250 seems too sluggish to you, you have 2 options: 1) Lose some weight 2) Get more cc's. I now ride a DRZ400 on the highway and have found there are other considerations. The seat feels like a 2x4 so it's not comfortable riding after a couple of hours. And riding double up steep jeep trails it's not enough. I need a 690.
  3. kcomst

    YZ250 Measurement Request

    Measure from the longest side of skirt to the opposite side, don't measure parallel to wrist pin. You're piston is not perfectly round until operating temperature, and you'll get a false reading.
  4. kcomst

    KTM 250XCW tail light

    Check ebay. You can buy universal LED tail lights for as little as $10, probably made in China, but some are good quality.
  5. Pistons are not perfectly round and they aren't supposed to be. Your cylinder is supposed to be perfectly round. Because of the wrist pin and the way the cross section is not uniform, pistons are designed not to be perfectly round until they are warmed up to operating temperature, then they fit the cylinder within specs. This is one reason why it's important to let any engine warm up fully before hitting the throttle hard. This explains it better than I can. http://blog.wiseco.com/pistons-arent-round-profile-and-ovality-explained
  6. Worth reporting to law enforcement.
  7. kcomst

    Tire problem

    I did the same mounting a very stiff brand new HD rear tire on a KLR650. Couldn't figure it out until I had put enough miles on it to ruin the tire. So don't ride it the way it is until you get it fully seated.
  8. kcomst

    My DRZ blew up last night in the way home

    Gas can get in your oil from a stuck float valve. The marbles noise doesn't sound good, but i wouldn't jump to conclusions. Check your compression first. If you still have compression, try draining the oil and gas mix, replace with clean oil and see if it will start. If it seems to run fine, shut off your gas and check the float valve.
  9. kcomst

    What a Jacka$$

    Could that be Briggs and Stratton?
  10. kcomst

    Leatt Customer Service

    I am one of several people here that told RX3 the truth, something he did not wish to hear. However, I am flattered to be named in particular as the worst. Perhaps I hit a little closer to home? Boasting of a $1.5M home yet overwhelmed by a $70 motocross part and in dire need of sympathy. It must be really tough, that's all I can say. I'm sorry that he did not find what he was looking for, and proud to be named among the lowly.
  11. kcomst

    Drz400 before and after

    Did the TAT on this in 2014.
  12. Just like the GJ incident, guns should not be drawn unless a suspect draws first or threatens officers. Trespassing on public lands does not justify the use of deadly force. Without knowing all the details, it's impossible to judge the situation fairly.
  13. kcomst

    Leatt Customer Service

    Helmets can break on impact, which is what they're designed to do - absorb impact that would otherwise be absorbed by your skull. Most manufacturers tell you to replace your helmet even if it doesn't break after a major crash. A friend of my son's was wearing an $800 pair of carbon fiber knee braces when he landed wrong on a jump. He said he landed so hard that it broke the braces and he suffered injury to his knees, but if he hadn't been wearing them the damage to his knees would have been way worse. He considered it money well-spent. One more example: I saw a video once of two 1930s cars crashing head-on at about 30 mph and bouncing back, with hardly any damage. Modern cars are designed to crunch from the bumper to the steering wheel, causing extensive damage to the car, while absorbing most of the impact and protecting the passengers from injury. Even though part of this Leatt neck brace broke, if he hadn't been wearing the brace, his neck would have absorbed all of that shock. I'm glad your son is okay.
  14. kcomst

    Leatt Customer Service

    You really don't get it do you? That neck brace could have saved your son from becoming a quadriplegic, and you're complaining about money? It's obvious what's more important to you.