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  1. Could that be Briggs and Stratton?
  2. I am one of several people here that told RX3 the truth, something he did not wish to hear. However, I am flattered to be named in particular as the worst. Perhaps I hit a little closer to home? Boasting of a $1.5M home yet overwhelmed by a $70 motocross part and in dire need of sympathy. It must be really tough, that's all I can say. I'm sorry that he did not find what he was looking for, and proud to be named among the lowly.
  3. Did the TAT on this in 2014.
  4. Just like the GJ incident, guns should not be drawn unless a suspect draws first or threatens officers. Trespassing on public lands does not justify the use of deadly force. Without knowing all the details, it's impossible to judge the situation fairly.
  5. Helmets can break on impact, which is what they're designed to do - absorb impact that would otherwise be absorbed by your skull. Most manufacturers tell you to replace your helmet even if it doesn't break after a major crash. A friend of my son's was wearing an $800 pair of carbon fiber knee braces when he landed wrong on a jump. He said he landed so hard that it broke the braces and he suffered injury to his knees, but if he hadn't been wearing them the damage to his knees would have been way worse. He considered it money well-spent. One more example: I saw a video once of two 1930s cars crashing head-on at about 30 mph and bouncing back, with hardly any damage. Modern cars are designed to crunch from the bumper to the steering wheel, causing extensive damage to the car, while absorbing most of the impact and protecting the passengers from injury. Even though part of this Leatt neck brace broke, if he hadn't been wearing the brace, his neck would have absorbed all of that shock. I'm glad your son is okay.
  6. You really don't get it do you? That neck brace could have saved your son from becoming a quadriplegic, and you're complaining about money? It's obvious what's more important to you.
  7. The neck brace did its job and saved your son's neck. Doesn't that mean anything to you? You're more worried about getting a free replacement than showing a little gratitude, which is what you owe! If you fall and hit your helmet, most better helmet manufacturers tell you to replace it. Stop being a cheap ass cry baby, own up and be a man, buy another Leatt neck brace and apologize to them for being such a selfish turd.
  8. I hear you on riding in hot weather. I've tried just wearing zip off shorts which helps, and just wearing the mesh ballistic jersey with no shirt underneath. When it gets too hot in the desert, we usually head for the mountains.
  9. First off, I hope that picture is not your foot! I started out gradually with just a helmet, hiking boots and gloves, slowly adding over months of riding: MX boots, knee guards, chest protector, kidney belt, elbow guards, and armored shorts, at the advice of my riding buddies. They were right that as soon as I fully geared up, I became a much better, more confident rider. Since then I've crashed an amazing number of times and my only injury was on a very slow high-side tipover where I sprained my wrist. The only thing I would add is that after getting a ballistic jersey (I got the Fox one) it makes dressing so much easier by combining chest protector, shoulder and elbow guards, spinal protector and kidney belt into one garment. That is the way I would advise everyone to go. This one has survived so many crashes, it has several tears but is still very effective, but I'd say that I'm about due for a new one. Now I wish there was a quicker way to dress the lower half of my body which has to be done in this order: 1 armored shorts 2 riding socks 3 knee guards 4 pants 5 boots. If I'm talking while dressing, it often happens that I have to back up and start over because I forgot to put knee guards on. If you've ever brushed a rock or tree root with your knee (either by brushing the side of the trail, or landing sideways on the trail), you'll know the importance of well-padded knee guards. If you have any knee problems and feel a lack of confidence, get full knee braces. I wore them for awhile after having knee surgery, now I'm more comfortable with just the knee guards.
  10. The only ride enhancers for me are caffeine and creatine. Like someone else said, I need all of my faculties. You can't react as quickly and you're more likely to do something that could get you or somebody else hurt. If you gotta drink and ride, go play Motocross Madness against a friend who isn't drinking and see who rides better.
  11. Taking your advice, I just checked my facts. SuperTrapp exhausts, the more you tune them for quiet, the less power you have. The main advantage of ST exhaust being the ability to select how much noise/power you want, and change it back if you change your mind. To illustrate: some areas have a definite limit on noise, say 92 dB. With a stock FMF or Dr. D exhaust with or without insert, your options might be (for example) either 95 dB or 88 dB, no options in between. However with a ST muffler you could get it as close to 92 dB as you want without exceeding that and have more power than a 88 dB exhaust. Definitely an advantage. I don't know if the system I posted about on eBay (since they're unbranded) would work with a ST but maybe they make one that will fit.
  12. Adnohguy, from your other posts I see that you just like to argue. If that makes you feel more important then go for it. Your post really doesn't explain your point, so I don't see any need to defend myself. At least learn how to spell, so you don't come across as a typical ignorant, uneducated biker, which makes us all look bad.
  13. Adnohguy, from your other posts I see that you just like to argue. If that makes you feel more important then go for it. Your post really doesn't explain your point, so I don't see any need to defend myself. At least learn how to spell, so you don't come across as a typical ignorant, uneducated biker, which makes us all look bad.
  14. It's probably about the same as the stock with the baffle removed, maybe a little louder. You can't get more power from an exhaust without having more noise. If you put a baffle in a performance exhaust, then you'll lose power and may as well leave the stock exhaust in.
  15. Can't figure out the part number, even looking on the Dubach website. It looks like they have 3 styles and yes it bolted right in. It's the one pictured below, which I've seen advertised under other brand names. Basically when you remove the end cap it's like most aftermarket mufflers, flat on the end with a large hole in the center, and the flange on the arrestor is sandwiched in between the flat part of the muffler and end cap. There's also the shorter spark arrestor that looks more like a strainer with flange, but I tried one of those once on a different bike, and it clogged pretty quickly from exhaust deposits.