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  1. There is one for sale locally, and I am thinking about buying. From the pictures, it looks to be in good shape. It has less than 10k miles on it. I know this is old school, but I'm old school. I have read that they pull like tractors. I did have a TT500 way back when, and it was a beast. I'm not a spring chicken at 61, but I still love the dual sport thing. I imagine the suspension is not that great. But I don't tear up the trails, so it might be sufficient for me. The guy says it kicks right over. Guy wants $1100. Does anyone have any knowledge of these bikes?
  2. slip

    Thinking of picking up CRF250L

    Thanks guys.
  3. I heard a saying a few years back that I try to follow and that is "Go into a corner slow and come out fast, or go into a corner fast and come out dead". Got to be careful.
  4. Just sold my XR650L. Loved the bike, but just a little too tall and heavy for me. Being that I was going to haul the bike to the national forest which is 2 hours away, might as well get something lighter. I once had a 93 XR250L and thought this was just right for the type of trail riding I like to do. I just turned 60, and love trail riding. The CRF250L should be fun around town too. I can pick a 2013 one up for $3300, so I more than likely will pull the trigger.
  5. slip

    Found an off road playground.

    B, yeah it is. But I bet there are some great riding areas where you are.
  6. I found a nice place to ride. Pretty close to home too. Was able to stretch out the pigs legs, and let her rip. This thing is a torque monster, a tractor! Had a blast. The Shinko 705s handled surprisingly well. Even in muddy ruts. I love this bike.
  7. slip

    Honda XR650L (2002)


    Fun bike.
  8. slip

    Honda XR650L 2002

    Fun bike.
  9. slip

    Looking for people to ride with - Lake Norman

    No, the 650 is not slow, I'm the one that is slow. I'm not about to rip it up with the tires I have on it (Shinko 705). Just wouldn't feel safe.
  10. slip

    First good ride

    That's my guess too.
  11. Yeah, I can definitely see a horror movie shot there.
  12. slip

    Toyota pickups=over rated

    I have an 09 F150 with about 130k miles on it. Runs great. You can have the Toyota's.
  13. slip

    Looking for people to ride with - Lake Norman

    Mike I ride a dual sport, a big red pig, you would leave me in the dust. But FYI, there is a great place about 1 1/2 hours from you. Check out the Uwharrie ORV trails. Cost $5 a day. The Uwharrie is a national forest. I plan on going up there in a couple of weeks. It just opened on April 1st. Oh, I am a transplant from NY.
  14. I took a nice ride after I got home from work. I wanted to check out a trail I had seen when in my truck. It turned out to be a dirt road for what looks like a new housing develoment, did not go too far. Anyways I was enjoy riding around the back country when I happened upon this. An old juvi center. A lot of old dilapidated buildings on the property. I swear, it felt like a horror movie. I did some research on it, and it was built in 1909. One of the first juvenile detention centers in NC. With the large fence around it, I thought that there must have been some violent kids in this place, but read, that they put kids in there for being delinquent from school. Damn, I could have been slapped in one of these places. I continued riding through the grounds when I seen a group of 4 kids walking. I later found out that there was a new facility that was in back of this. I mean the fencing around the new facility looked even more daunting to get over. It looked like a maximum security prison. I got a very eerie feeling riding around this place.