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  1. pro-rider46

    Cant bleed my fork dampers right.

    i went back out there to mess with them, and for some reason its like it has a vacuum, it wants to pull the piston back into the damper instead of it pushing out. if i plug the drain holes on top and the relief valve the rod will come out about an inch. what is an ICS? and how can i tell if its bad? i read that seal replacement write up, it doesnt seem bad to do. oh and just to give you and idea of how much oil is coming out, i have tried bleeding the damper four times and have used 3/4 of a quart. i am lost.
  2. I have a 05 crf 450r, and i cant get the fork damper to bleed right. when i put the cap back on, and try to test the rebound, fork oil comes out of the bleeder holes, is this normal? like it is a decent amount. i can get the piston to come back in, but i cant get it to want to rebound out. this is my first time doing fork seals, and its becoming a nightmare. btw i also replaced all the bushing and o rings on the damper cap. and the bike has sub tanks if that makes a difference.
  3. pro-rider46

    Need some suspension help

    thanks everyone. ill have to give pro action a call, i know a lot of my buddies get there stuff done for free by them, but i believe they are sponsored. that would be cats ass if they do it for free. quick question. along with a heavier spring for the rear, wouldnt i need more nitrogen as well? again thanks for everyones help.
  4. pro-rider46

    Little powder coating

    how much powder does it eat up?
  5. pro-rider46

    Need some suspension help

    no i wish i could get a measurement, but the thing is all torn apart, and my fork seals were so shot that it sagged about a inch and a half lower than it should have been. i guess i should give pro action a call being they where the ones who did it. i thought it was alot more than just springs that needed to be changed, i thought the valve stacks and oil levels and stuff all have to be changed. and for the rear wont it need more nitrogen and a heavier spring? thanks -steve
  6. pro-rider46

    Need some suspension help

    I have a 05 crf 450r and the fork seals are shot in it and im going to replace them soon. The bike had proaction go through all the suspension and put subtanks on it, and set it up for 185 lbs. Now that would be great for me if i was 185 lbs, im 240! can any of you guys maybe give me a hand on how to get my suspension set up for my weight? any help is appreciated
  7. pro-rider46

    need help with tranny

    thanks guys, i have all the spacers, and gear and all in the correct order according to my service manual, and if i didnt that would only move the gears, not the shafts. and the tranny bearings arent new so the bearings are seated. so i can rule that out. and i dont have my clutches in yet. i havent even completed bolting the center cases together, lol. thanks anyways. and keep em coming! -Steve
  8. pro-rider46

    need help with tranny

    i just got a manual to fix my bikes tranny. and i got it all together and the tranny rolls smoothly, and i think i have the shifting forks set up good. but when i bolt together the cases, the tranny shafts get extremely tight to the point that they do not turn. has anyone had this happen or knows what could have happened. i have try fixing the binding about five times now and i cant figure it out. havent rode it in over six months! any help is greatly appreciated -Steve
  9. pro-rider46

    09 Throttle Body Assembly Part Number

    i just like to research parts for a future plan, i figured it would be cool to get the electrical harness and throttle body from a 09 450 and swap it into the trx450r and add a turbo, and programmer. but its just ideas
  10. Does anyone know of the part number for the entire throttle body assembly, i cant find it anywhere. Thanks in advance -Steve
  11. pro-rider46

    rod through block

    i had a 450r quad through a rod through the case, and its was very costly. BROKE, both center cases, and outer cases, counterbalancer shaft, crank, radiator, and cylinder, plus everything it clogges up. your better off buying a bottom end of ebay, and then building it from there. with a new crank of course. and valve neglection isnt really going to do anything to the crank. it the rod breaks at the bearing, its probably because the bearing went bad, and it is from high reving, alot.
  12. pro-rider46

    Turbo snowbike?

    1 atmosphere is 14.7 psi. if you run 14.7 psi of boost, and add more fuel to correct the a/f ratio, it should DOUBLE HP, if no other mods are done, regarless of displacement or number of cylinders. now dirtbikes have high compression normally, and to run 15 psi it would need low comp piston, so it wouldnt double because the engine has lower compression, but that little bit can be made up in other ways. I can see 110hp out of a dirtbike.I know of a guy with a Turbo TRX 530R and it layed down about 110. But it is worked over too.
  13. pro-rider46

    Jetting Suggestions Please

    mines a 05
  14. pro-rider46

    Jetting Suggestions Please

    ill look into the quick shot, and i have heard a lot of good things from the jd jet kit. the power nows are proven to not help what so ever, and i would much rather spend 100 dollars somewhere else. but thats for the input