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  1. dubkatz

    XR650R: Creature Comforts: Help!

    xrr are world class dual sport bikes as long as you set them up with a comfy seat, big tank, ds tires, and gear to your taste. they are perfect. some might want to invest in some kinda of wind protection if you spend alot of time slabbing it.
  2. dubkatz

    XR650R: Creature Comforts: Help!

    mod the seat. make it wider. the previous owner put a corbin on mine and omg it really is that good. you could prob get 80% of the comfort for 1/2 the price just make it wider and dish it out. any upholstery shop would do it no prob.
  3. dubkatz

    XR650R on the road with no cush drive

    i too have put thousands of miles on my xrr and have had zero problems. but like posted before i always use the clutch when on pavement.(now dirt is a different story)
  4. dubkatz

    XR650R 2nd gear

    can you go into 3rd 4th and 5th?
  5. dubkatz

    Shinko's are great tires for the price

    the 244 gets rave reviews by me and just about everyone else on here with a brp. i have gone thru 3 rears over the years. with that said i was just about to order another 244 from motorcycle superstore and im pretty sure the price jumped up about 10$ since 6 months ago. i remember paying 44$ for the 4.60 " now the 4.6" is 50$(still a deal) but either way it sucks.
  6. dubkatz

    Big bore 10:5:1 Piston(detonation)?

    i run a 628 wiesco(which i think it hi comp.) and i will get det. with anything less than 91. if i stick to fresh 91 or higher then its all good. but i got bad gas once it knocked like a sob.
  7. dubkatz

    Would you buy this bike?

    i would be nervous buying an air cooled bike that was abused and ran low on oil. for 500$ you wont get robbed. worst case scenario you have to do a top end rebuild.
  8. its a complete kit but all the peaces are kinda cheap. turn signals handlebar switch. headlight. Its one of those things if you are good with wiring i would just make my own. if you need a kit than its prob as good as it gets. and just replace stuff when it breaks kinda thing.
  9. dubkatz

    xr650r is a battle tank

    glad to hear both are okay. esp. considering the situation. I guess the gods felt one death in mexico on a bike this year was a enough. now fix that bike get a new helmet and get back out there. RIP Kurt Caselli
  10. dubkatz

    Rear Tire HELP! 2000 XR650R street/desert

    shinko 244
  11. What do you use to keep your hands warm? Thats always what kills me. Hang guards help, and i cant wear full on snow gloves, i have to be able to feel my levers.
  12. Headtrauma i couldn't agree more with your post. If i see one more flashlight rated at a bazillion lumens. my head is going to explain. I never look at numbers. I do wounder if they are knockoff cree's.
  13. dubkatz

    Kush Sprocket

    heres a thread on one adv rider. Bottom line, this was supposedly the newer designed. and it still started to come apart after about 4k miles. Witch in my opinion isnt terrible, but the chance that it could break kinda scares me(and im sure alot of other people) Im sure the engineers at kush are working non stop because if they can get this things reliability down. these would be a no brainer for us adv riders.
  14. what sold me on the cree leds was i had a little flashlight that ran off 3 AA'a and it had a throw on it farther than most cars. Dont get me wrong it was a pure pencil/spot light. But you could adjust the lense and it was a great flood light. and the reflector wasnt much bigger than an inch. Just thought they would make great bike lights.
  15. So im sure a few of you are familiar with the large cree led. Real popular in flashlights. Super bright. anyways so they put them in headlights like http://www.ebay.com/itm/15W-CREE-LED-White-Headlight-Assemble-Dirt-Bike-Dual-Sport-mx-Enduro-Off-Road-/331070977905?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4d155e3771&vxp=mtr I need to get a new headlight for my xrr and it has the stock stator. Was originally planing on going with a trailtech x2(i like the look) but i read alot of reviews that there not a whole lot better than stock. Esp. while running the stock stator. Thinking this might be just the trick. But figured id ask around if anyone had any any experience. Or advice O yea i do have a baja designs set up with high a low beam switch. And i dont care if the new light is DOT or not. Just want it to be BRIGHT