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  1. durielk

    18 yz450f valve clearence WAY too tight?!

    Bet $100 this is it, it's a 4 cycle! ....hello!
  2. durielk

    LHRB Question

    We have big downhills around here, you are not riding without a front brake! OMG. If you hit the rear brake it just locks up. So... you makes your choice, the dual levers look interesting. As a bonus, when your really cooking into a right hander, you can use the hand brake and have your right foot on the peg or elevated out of the way incase of a slideout.
  3. durielk


    I run rim locks on my kawa and it has really soft suspension. If you ride on the road it will do 65mph easy and the wheels will bounce unbelievalbly..... .... I balance my wheels now, I just ordered sheet lead and made my own wieghts which are epoxied to the rims. It is smooth smooth now!!!!!! I did it myself cause the moto shop guy and me aways got into it about balancing my tires. I don't run DOT tires.
  4. durielk

    Tire Cut - Would Bib Mousse Work?

    Your going to ride that tire @ 60MPH...... MAKE SURE YOUR MEDICAL IS PAD AND ENFORCE!!!! !!!!!
  5. durielk

    250 2 stroke NEED MORE TOP END!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't get this overreving thing. You shift when you get to the end of the power band, it is not going to help to overrev anything, whether the power is high, low, or mid. The higher you move the HP, the narrower the power band, progressively! What is being gained? Just go to the next gear, until you reach top end? It seems pretty simple.
  6. durielk

    250 2 stroke NEED MORE TOP END!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He wants to move the power band up cause he doesn't want to shift.... but, that is unattainable. If he tunes for top HP, he'll be shifting a lot more and all his gears are wrong.
  7. durielk

    What caused this damage?

    If it is on the closing side of the lift, it could be due to valve float and hitting the lobe at the same place on re-connection with the lobe, due to overrev'ing?
  8. durielk

    front brake issue

    OK, went for the first ride this year, it was great, just a little windy though. My bike is a Kawa KLX. My front brake was terrible. There was some liquid on the floor by the front wheel in the garage. I thought it was the front seal, but now I don't know. I noticed that my lever doesn't have much free play in it, it starts tightening up from the off position. I don't like that, then I was thinking that oil may be getting on the disk/pads so in the middle of the ride in Camp Verde I went to the car wash and wash the brakes really good and hosed of the rest of the bike. After that they seemed to work a little better at stopping the bike. I went down the biggest hill in the valley, I don't know if I have ever made it up, but anyway.... While at the car wash i bled the front brakes to try and get some free play in that lever.... I did it twice and it didn't help much. How do you get the free play in the lever? I want to figure that out first before I get new pads & etc. Do you think the cylinder / piston is sticking or needs to be rebuilt or replaced? I don't know what to do! Oh and another thing I noticed when I got home was the right foot peg is bent pointing about 1" to the rear. Can I remove it and use a vice and hammer to straighten or will it snap? Thks.
  9. durielk

    Need G650 X-COUNTRY help

    Thanks, knowing what should be helped me start my mission. I thought the wiring was messed up with the installation of the tail kit, it said you needed resisters, etc. and was complicated. After VOM reading voltage/ohms/switch positions on all the wires at the headlight, splitting the lighting control switch, and then the tailight... It all seem so messed up, but since the tailight should be so simple, I was standing there looking and moving the fuse box around & thinking maybe they use a negative ground.... then da, check the fuses, bingo. Replaced one fuse and we are in the business. I can't believe the seller didn't ever put a new fuse in when it burnt out. That only took about 3 hours.
  10. durielk

    Need G650 X-COUNTRY help

    I just picked up a used 07 & didn't get an owners manual, I need a little help till I can get a manual. When I start the bike, the ABS is flashing..... does that mean it's off? If I then hold the ABS button, the light goes solid on... I think that means it is off? I was talking with a guy that used to have one, he said the light flashes till I ride the bike then it goes off (need to check this). If you push the button the light goes solid red & the ABS is off. This sounds ok, just checking! I cant figure out the head lights, the guy I got the bike from put an LED tail-kit on it & I think the wiring is messed up somewhere...... I can one beam of the headlight on with the rocker switch and the brake light works. I can't get the tail light on and if I move the headlight rocker to the other position, the headlight goes off. The headlight flasher button does not seem to bring on the headlight. ??? Is the headlight suppose to be on all the time? If it is I got a headlight bulb out. ??? If the headlight is not suppose to be on all the time, where is the switch? The tail light wiring may be messed up somewhere, I am not feeling to comfortable with the previous owners wrenching skills. thanks
  11. durielk

    Cottonwood, oh Cottonwood

    OK, I got my Kawa unpacked today, it was very hard to start. It is one cold blooded *)*(#). Anyway, I am ready to roll. I got my new handguards on & new clutch lever. I still have my old clutch lever on as the replacement somehow does not work. I am up in VOC for a while, maybe till the new year. Then I'll probably spend some time down in Sun City, so I may be able to meet up with FFK near Mesa then, I hear there is fine riding down southeast of there east of Tucson. Until then I would like to do some rides in the Strawberry/Flagstaff/Cottonwood/Prescott area. We have rain till this weekend. How does Saturday look?? or next week?? I'll probably ride pedal bike out of Cottonwood on sunday. Cya's roll'in
  12. durielk

    Cottonwood, oh Cottonwood

    I just moved to AZ & staying in VOC near Cottonwood. I am looking for some riding buddies. I was thinking of riding the Mogollon Rim, but maybe it is too late this season. Email me if your interested in roll'in together.