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  1. edhjr9

    What does 'blown up' mean to you?

    Guess youtube don't want you to see what blown up is! Try it agin....new link!
  2. edhjr9

    99 rm250 no spark

    Not sure if your problem is exactly the same but some of what you described I was having. I couldn't start my bike for the first time of tha day unless someone drug me down the road to bump start it. Then as long as it never cooled all the way down it would restart with the kickstart. I checked all the wiring and didn't find a problem except when I ohmed out the spark plug lead it was open. Put a plug in and it and kick you would get spark butif you just ohmed it there was an open. So I tried just replacing the plug cap ($1.70) and hot damn. Fires first kick. I cut the old cap open and the only thing I could figure was the small rod in there had cracked. When kicking it to check for spark the spark was jumping that crack so it seemed OK. Anyway, it had me puzzled for 2 months........man was I happy when I figured it out! Not sure if that could be your problem but a plug cap is cheap.
  3. edhjr9

    What does 'blown up' mean to you?

  4. edhjr9

    Is your two-stroke running rich? Read here.

    Thanks for the reply......it had a 175 main that I swapped last night for a 172 and you were dead on......no more blubbering I'm still amazed how much you can change a bikes characteristics with some jets. This is fun!
  5. edhjr9

    Is your two-stroke running rich? Read here.

    Wow....I just read all 21 pages and my head is spinning. I have a 97 WR250, Has a Gnarly pipe and V-force reeds. The top end was just done (180 compression). It falls flat on it's face and starts "blubbering" at full throttle. I have to upshift long before I should. If I read correctly the problem is in my main.....but which way do I need to go? The answer was probably right in there but like I said....21 pages and my head is spinning!
  6. edhjr9

    Starting problem with 97 WR250

    :ride: The cap was bad...... $1.60 for a new cap........2nd kick it fired right up! Man am I happy!
  7. edhjr9

    Starting problem with 97 WR250

    It says to remove the cap before testing the plug wire but I can't find anywhere else in the book that mentions the plug cap so I don't know what the cap is supposed to be. Looking at replacements it seems 5k is the going number. I guess I should have added that......I rebult it less than 2 months ago thus the 180 compression. My cap will be here tomorrow.....we'll see if that was it like I'm hoping!
  8. I have an issue that is kind of different for me. My 97 WR250 is almost impossible to start kicking it over when cold. I can bump start it and as long as I let it get warm it will restart after that if I don't let it cool down too much. First reaction is rings - compression. i tested with 2 different gauges and have 180 so I thiink that's plenty. I have 2 different carbs and tried both and get the same result so I started thinking electrical. i measured all the resistances per the manual. It says in the manual when testing the secondary coil resistance to remove the plug cap which I did and the reading is normal. All the readings were normal so I though I would test the cap since it was already apart and it test as open. Shouldn't there be some resistance. A search on here turned up most have about 5k ohms. I ordered a new cap but won't get it for a couple days. I cut the old cap up and it appeared the "rod' (not sure what the metal piece inside is called) was in 2 pieces. Do you think that was my problem? Is it possible that the spark was strong enough to jump that break in the rod when it was running but not strong enough when kicking it? Why would it start fine when hot? Anyone seen anything like this? (sorry for the rambling!)
  9. edhjr9

    Got hit by a car. Flew 50 ft. with PICS

    How refreshing!!!!! 22 years old.........son you don't need to sue anybody to make a quick buck.....with an attitude like you have you will do just fine in life. For those who look for the easy buck.....take a look at the state of our country right now. Lawyers lining up on TV to sue for every little thing.....that's why we are where we're at. Replacing the bike and the wages....absolutely......you got that coming to you...... Do you think this woman did this on purpose......clearly he don't! Again, great attitude............your parents should be proud....they did well!
  10. I just picked up a 1997 WR250. Bike seems to be real fickle to start and floods too easy. So I have my daughter pull me down the alley and it eventually starts. Judging by the raw fuel mix that came out of the pipe it was terribly flooded. So I ran it up and down the alley and it seems fine. Runs great.......pulls the wheel......idles fine and when I cut it off just as it's about shut down it backfires....not a loud backfire but more of a pop. When I kicked it, it popped again then fired up and idled fine. I'm not sure if it's a carb problem or something else. I turned the fuel(?) screw in and it went all the way and nothing changed......still idled fine. I turned it back out 1 1/2 turns per the book and nothing changed. What could be wrong?
  11. edhjr9

    Video - AWRCS round 9

    I would have to agree.....he's won every AWRCS race he has raced except 1 this year! I know cause I'm always behind him!
  12. When I finally tear it up I'll have a magnet on standby but judging by the response of some of those who had the same type bike the cylinders were coated.Thanks for all the replies......I love this site!
  13. edhjr9

    Dumb question maybe?

    Good idea....that's what I did and I already got conflicting opinions.......guess I'm going to just have to wait until I open it up and see!
  14. Dennis Kirk does have the best/quickest shipping I've found. If I order by 9pm eastern time on Wednesday it's there for the weekends ride! Never taken more than 2 days in over 50 orders I've placed to them. And they price match!
  15. I just picked up a 97 WR250. I haven't done anything to it at all yet but was reading some different posts and I have a question about NIKASIL plating. Was there a certain year they started plating cylinders? How do you tell if you have a plated cylinder. It's probably obvious to some by my question but I haven't been into a 2 stroke engine since 1987 and I never heard of NIKASIL back then. Thanks for any help!