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  1. Check out this quick tip on the importance of front wheel placement when railing a corner rut
  2. G'day Everyone, We hope everyone is ready for Spring and to go roosting out on the track and trails! We are stoked to announce our new DirtWise school openings and we have heaps more to announce, so keep a look out for those! February 19th - Denton, TX - Advanced Race Techniques with Shane 20/21 - Denton, TX - In-Depth with Shane 20/21 - Bushnell, FL - In-Depth with Jason March 5/6 - Young Harris, GA - In-Dpeth with Shane 12/31 - Penhook, VA - In-Depth with Shane 31/April 1 - Lebanon, OR - Advanced Race Techniques with Shane April 2/3 - Lebanon, OR - In-Depth with Shane Upcoming Spring DirtWise school locations: Colorado Western PA Utah Oklahoma Eastern PA Illinois Lubbock, TX For more information and to sign up visit www.shanewatts.com We hope to see you there! Cheers!
  3. G’day Everyone, Maxxis/KLiM/DirtWise KTM riders Jason Thomas and Jesse Groemm battled it out in the rocks, mud and hills of Snowshoe, WV. With the seriously extreme conditions, bike failures and body failures were the ultimate concern for every rider at the starting line. Watch to see how "Rat Boy" and "Grommit" fare in the mountains. Check it here: http://shanewatts.com/gncc-rd-9/ Keep on Roosting, Shane Watts
  4. G’day Everyone, Check out this DirtWise tip on how to protect your radiators and keep them cool, especially during those gnarly mud races! Keep on Roosting, Shane Watts http://shanewatts.com/tech-tip-1/
  5. G’day Everyone, Watch as the crew does some last minute preparations and make our way to Round 1 of the National Enduro. See some awesome helmet cam footage and get the final post race commentary from myself, Rory Mead, and 2nd place finisher Jesse Groemm. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6CLplDDF6s Keep on Roosting! Shane Watts DirtWise Academy of Offroad Riding Schools and Instructional DVDs
  6. G’day Everyone, The action keeps on rolling on the DirtWise compound as preparations continue for the start of the 2014 race season. Check out some grass track action and hear what the little ones think about Daddy making a comeback to racing. Keep on Roosting! Shane Watts DirtWise Academy of Offroad Riding Schools and Instructional DVDs
  7. G’day Everyone, Check out this video! 1997 125cc World Enduro Champion, and 1998 ISDE Overall winner, Shane Watts, takes a 15 year trip back in time from 2013 to relive the "Glory Days" of when he was one of the most dominant riders in the world of Offroad motorcycle racing. Watch as Wattsy takes out of storage the true "full factory" KTM 125 machines he won these Championships on and then goes roosting some of the exact trails used on Day 2 of the 1998 ISDE, held in Australia. He then compares these bikes to the performance of a current model 2014 KTM 125 and finds some very revealing outcomes. http://youtu.be/qyEeIhf0j88 Keep on Roosting!
  8. G’day Everyone, Check out Getting DirtWise Ep. 4 as the Maxxis/KLIM/DirtWise KTM Race team riders continue to push forward with their pre-season training despite some severely adverse conditions, yet they still find time for some hilariously shenanigans while off the bike. The strong bond developing between each rider is clearly evident as the team pulls closer together as the start of the race season nears. http://youtu.be/0BulN6FaPL0 Keep on Roosting! Shane Watts DirtWise Academy of Offroad Riding Schools and Instructional DVDs
  9. G’day Everyone, In Ep. 3 I struggle with the emotional roller coaster of trying to race at the Pro level again, and the realization of the huge uphill battle I face in finding the necessary time to get my injury ravaged body back to peak performance for the start of the fast approaching season opening race. http://youtu.be/N24n3QoT0Ro Keep on Roosting! Shane Watts DirtWise Academy of Offroad Riding Schools and Instructional DVDs
  10. Come check this out!! Follow Episode 2 of "Getting DirtWise" to see how my riding is progressing, and the antics of Maxxis/KLiM/DirtWise Racer and Instructor Jason Thomas and the rest of the crew. http://youtu.be/yJQxg8RYf-8 Keep on Roosting! Shane Watts DirtWise Academy of Offroad Riding Schools and Instructional DVDs
  11. G'day Everyone, YOU HAVE GOT TO CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!! Come join me as I chase one final shot at racing glory at the age of 41. Follow Episode 1 of "Getting DirtWise" to see the start of my journey back to pro-row, and the antics of Maxxis/KLiM/DirtWise Racer and Instructor Jason Thomas and the rest of the crew. www.ShaneWatts.com URL: http://youtu.be/JvnDNSSWIlU Keep on Roosting! Shane Watts DirtWise Academy of Offroad Riding Schools and Instructional DVDs
  12. G’day Everyone, We are stoked to announce that our new DirtWise “Ready to Race” bike renal program is now available for all 2014 GNCC and select National Enduro races. Check out the info below or click the link: http://shanewatts.com/dirtwise-academy-ready-to-race-program/ Keep on Roosting! Shane Watts DirtWise Academy of Offroad Riding Schools and Instructional DVDs The Maxxis/KLiM/DirtWise Schools and DVDs KTM Race team is stoked to announce a very exciting addition to their 2014 race event operations - the DirtWise "Ready to Race" bike rental program. This new endeavor allows any Offroad enthusiast from all across the world, whether they are just a weekend warrior right through to a Pro level race win contender, to now race at any round of the two most prestigious and recognized Offroad Championships in the USA for just a mere $600 per event - just show up, pay your race entry, and then go get on a proven Championship winning DirtWise Race team bike that will be all set-up to the specific desires and needs of that individual rider. The bike will be a KTM machine and it will be "Ready to Race"! All registered riders have the opportunity to also enroll in a full day of private one-on-one skills improvement training, conducted two days prior to the scheduled race event, with seasoned DirtWise Instructor and GNCC Pro XC2 Champion, Jason Thomas to maximize their on track performance. DirtWise founder and Race team owner Shane Watts, both a former GNCC National Overall Champion and National Enduro race Overall winner, is ecstatic with the formulation of the DirtWise "Ready to Race" bike rental program. "I am pinging now that we have this initiative up and going and ready to fulfill the dreams of many enthusiasts out there. For years now I have fielded heaps of enquiries from plenty of punters from all around the world, plus also just from the other side of the USA and Canada, who have wanted to have a crack at racing in either a GNCC or a National Enduro event. Unfortunately, until this DirtWise "Ready to Race" program was established, there hasn't been a financially viable and sound way for these riders to experience the thrill, exhilaration, and pleasure of roosting around at one of these world class events!" "While I will personally attend quite a few of these events to help with having each DirtWise "Ready to Race" rider achieve the most enjoyable and fun time at the event, there is no way we could conduct this program without having our own Jason Thomas on board. Jason is now a key integral part of the current and future success of the DirtWise brand, and he was a magnificent addition to our program when he joined us in early 2013." Thomas is over the moon with this new opportunity, saying, "A few years ago I had a vision to set up a program like this but it just had not been possible until I had the strength and resources of the DirtWise brand to support this idea. To say this is a dream come true is a major understatement and I am so fired up to make the DirtWise "Ready to Race" program hugely successful and a no brainer for domestic and international riders alike. We already have two international riders from England confirmed for the first two events. I can't wait to have a rip roaring time with all of those who join us at each event, to maximize their on track enjoyment and performance, plus to become life long friends with them just like I have with the huge number of students I have instructed at all of the recent DirtWise schools that I have been conducting." The DirtWise "Ready to Race" program will commence on March 9 for GNCC (Rd. 1), and will run for the entire duration of the GNCC series, and at select National Enduro events. Jason Thomas will facilitate the day to day operation of the DirtWise "Ready to Race" program, plus he will be overseeing the factory team level preparation of each high quality, current model KTM rental bike (capacity options include 125cc, 250cc 2stroke, 450cc 4stroke, plus others), all of which will be equipped with the industry leading products and accessories that each Maxxis/KLiM/DirtWise race team Pro rider uses, such as Maxxis tires, Flexx handlebars, Stuk Grafx, Dirt Tricks sprockets and brake rotors, G2 MX handguards, FMF Exhausts, DP brake pads and clutch plates, SRT chains and radiator guards, DT1 Airfilters, IMS oversize fuel tanks, and TMDesigns chain guides and sliders. Available bikes will be allocated on a "first come, first served basis". Only a limited supply of bikes are available for rent and they are all expected to be reserved well in advance of each event. Full and comprehensive race event pit duties will be provided by the vastly experienced, and 2012 GNCC XC2 Championship winning, Maxxis/KLiM/DirtWise KTM Race team personnel. All interested riders can gain further information about this "turn key" support program by emailing dirtwise@shanewatts.com, calling Jason Thomas at Ph. (+1) 234 5671329, or visiting www.shanewatts.com
  13. In this Newsletter we are so stoked to announce that our new DirtWise "Ready to Race" bike rental program is now available for all 2014 GNCC and select National Enduro races. Also, make sure that you check out the AWESOME Triple Circle Rut video that we filmed recently, plus the excellent story about DirtWise posted on the Vurboffroad.com website, and don't forget that many of our upcoming schools are getting close to selling out if they already haven't - get signed up before you miss out! Check it out: http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/?u=0f161fcd67e424af941383a60&id=8725163004
  14. G'day Everyone, Jason Thomas scored a valiant 4th place at the final GNCC race of the year, after battling throughout the 3 hour event, which placed him 2nd Overall in the XC2 Pro class for the season. Things were on track for a stellar performance at this final round as Jason swapped the lead several times during the initial laps until a bent brake lever resulted in the rear brakes intermittently fading away for the final laps which relegated him back down the leader board. 2013 has been a very successful year for our team and we look forward to receiving increased support for the 2014 season as we expand not only our presence at the races, but also our ability to bring a higher level of exposure and brand awareness to your products. Helping you sell more of your products is a key goal that we focus on with our programs. Video Link - http://offroadviking.com/2013/10/jason-thomas-round-13-gncc-video-race-report/ Keep on Roosting!
  15. Shane Watts

    Awesome 125 cc Race Action

    G'day Everyone, It was a great weekend for Jason Thomas as he wowed the fans and generated the maximum level of exposure by ripping his crowd pleasing KTM 125cc machine to a solid third place in the XC2 Pro class. Again, his performance on the 125cc is what everyone was talking about both at the track, and also after the race on social media outlets and the internet in general. Our pit area was a buzz during the whole weekend as nearly all of the race fans in attendance stopped by to talk with Jason to get the low down and to pass on their enthusiasm that he was rekindling their fond memories of years gone by when the woods were alive with the awesome sounds of small bore two strokes ripping through them! There is one round remaining in the GNCC series (on Oct 27) and Jason currently sits in 2nd place in the XC2 Pro Championship chase, 21 points behind the lead rider. With 30 points up for grabs for the win, you can be assured that as far as Jason is concerned this fight isn't over yet - stay tuned in two weeks time! Please use the following link to view and repost to your websites and social media our DirtWise Schools/ KTM-Parts.com/ Maxxis team Video Race Report from last weekend's Rd. 11 of the GNCC series. Video Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1cGWOvszZA&feature=youtu.be