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  1. ch_250

    Reusing solvents for cleaning filter

    I use a 5 gallon bucket full of varsol with about 4 inches of water in the bottom. The varsol cleans the filter and the junk settles into the water and doesnt mix back into the varsol, but the key is to finish it with warm soapy water. If you clean your filter in a bucket of warm soapy water and check how much dirt is in the bucket even after you think its "clean" it will change the way you clean filters. Usually i go through about 5 buckets of soapy water to clean my filter. Try it before you tell me im wrong. Youll never use no toil again.
  2. No one is talking about the heat from exhaust gasses being absorbed into the sidewall of the pipe and shrinking the gasses creating a vacuum to suck the next cycle's exhaust out. Thats pretty important when talking about 2 stroke pipes.
  3. ch_250

    1978 honda xl75

    Have u adjusted the valves?
  4. ch_250

    dealer cut my steering stem bearings

    There is NO WAY that a 20 ton press struggled with any part of this process! Kj790 is dead on. I have a 10 ton press and it takes 2-3 tons to press out the stem and the bearing comes with it unharmed. It can then be pressed back together just as simply. Also, the only stem bearings that r 50 bucks apiece are the oem ones. All balls or pivot works are WAY less and will do the job very well (ive used all balls and oem). They fail when they get wet and rust. Otherwise they last years. Your dealer is making a huge deal of a simple process, and hes not being honest. Id say deal with someone else.
  5. I ride an 04 yz 250. I made some little washers with a slot for the strap. Then got a heavy duty strap from a fabric store and sewed velcro to it. I put the washers on my subrame fender bolts and loop the velcro through. Simple and adjustable. Ive had it for 2 years and its not showing any signs of quitting. I also did it to my buddies 2010 rmz 250. I had to melt 2 holes in the fender with a soldering iron cuz it worked out better mounting it under the fender.
  6. ch_250

    Yellow Plastic...

    Im really interested in that dye! How does it work? Where can u get it? How durable? How deep does it dye? Does the sun fade it?
  7. ch_250

    What do you think

    Powder coating is not ideal for frames. Epoxy or urethane will stand up better
  8. Get someone who knows wat theyre doing to measure your cylinder with a bore guage and order the appropriate piston. An under sized piston will slap against the cylinder walls and u wont get a full lifespan out of your piston or your cylinder.
  9. ch_250

    /04 RMZ 250 Oil Comeing Out Breather Hose

    "Why does the oil breather have to go up and around the carb? It really gets in the way of things (like the easy adjust fuel screw which isn't so easy with that stupid tube in the way).... Yes as you can guess I've already rerouted it straight down so tell me how I screwed up." Its routed up there so that water cant run directly into your bottom end in wet conditions, and if oil does splash up there it will tend to drop back down into the tranny.
  10. ch_250

    '94 YZ250 No first gear. Grinds and pops out.

    i second the motion. it's a common yamaha problem. i repaired several like it. look for any signs of burnishing on the sides of the shift forks.
  11. ch_250

    New guy with transmission issues

    it sounds like a shifter fork, but either way you'll want to pull the motor out, remove top end, flywheel, clutch, kickstart etc. yamahas have tabs around the cases you can pry on to separate the cases once you've taken the bolts out. it should come quite easily. look for any wear on the corners of the gear dogs. if there is ANY burnishing or wear on the sides of the shift forks, replace them. normally there should be no pressure on the shift fork when the bike is in gear. if there is pressure on the shift fork, it means it has been trying to jump out of gear. if that's the case, replace the related gears as well. also, if that's the case the shift drum will sometimes get a worn spot from the gear sliding back and forth with pressure on it. if it's minimal you can sometimes sand it smooth, but if not, replace it. if you have a bent shift fork, you should be replacing the fork with the gears its related to.
  12. ch_250

    YZ 250 tranny failure :,(

    i dont know why you guys are talking about taking the flywheel off. it sounds to me like you bent the shift shaft. if thats the case you need to take off the right side cover and clutch. the shaft will slide right out after taking the shifter off. if it is a tranny problem there are a bunch of things you need to look for. if you've never had a tranny apart before i would recommend getting someone experienced to look at it because with transmissions its often hard to identify a problem if you dont know exactly what to look for. if you do take it apart though, look for any rounding off on the edges of the gear dogs. look for any signs of wear on the sides of the shift forks, any rough spots on the shift drum, and the obvious things like busted or bent stuff.
  13. ch_250

    2006 yz125 wont hit powerband

    right off the hop id say either needle clip position or main jet either dirty or wrong size. if he did the top end though he could have messed with the power valve too. if all of those things fail, check the power jet. use a 12 volt tester on the plug. fire up the bike and rev it up. it should come on at about 3/8 throttle and go off at about 5/8. its a much overlooked problem.
  14. ch_250

    oil drain bolt SIZED AND STRIPPED! HELP!

    it happened to me a while back. i used a dremel to cut a little notch into the head. then i used a flat screwdriver to tap it around. since then i have always used a new washer when doing an oil change and i havent had a problem since. also, the drain bolt only requires about 14 ft. lbs of torque.
  15. ch_250

    hit tree, wont start

    i hit a tree at about 3rd gear on my kxf250. the bike stalled and refused to start. when i got it home it still didnt start. i put in a new plug, no starting. then i found the cdi was cracked, so i changed it. no starting. i checked all the wires including the killswitch and everything is intact. i used my friends bike to test the coil and cdi and they work fine on his bike. i cleaned the carb, blew out the jets and checked float needle. everything was fine. no starting. i checked the valves. all 100% in spec, exactly like last time. checked ignition timing, bang on. checked valve timing, bang on. i chekced to make sure the stator was intact and everything is perfect. it has strong spark and its getting fuel, but it will not run. every once in a while it will backfire. i also tried choke and hot start. the bike has probably 10 hours on it and it ran smooth and strong until i hit that tree. there are no cracks anywhere that i can find. am i forgetting something?