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  1. doopsx3

    What the heck is this thing?

    She is a Inddian Boy Racer Runs as good as ya can expect out of a small bore piston port...gotta wring it abit
  2. doopsx3

    SHOW us your bikes! 50cc and 65cc

    My 50cc Indian is finally done...now to seal it in a big zip lock baggie
  3. doopsx3

    SHOW us your bikes! 50cc and 65cc

    only one year I believe
  4. doopsx3

    What the heck is this thing?

    the Indian is done...finally
  5. doopsx3

    power parts plus dot com?

    you can have Motion Pro make you a cable from scratch..they are reputable.....
  6. doopsx3

    help please. :) what chassis pit bike is his?

    Coolster...I think
  7. doopsx3

    SHOW us your bikes! 50cc and 65cc

    maybe...anything is for sale for the right price.....shipping would be expensive......rare bike for the states tho
  8. doopsx3

    Vintage Decals

    ebay seller reprodecals has lots of different decals
  9. doopsx3

    Front brake problems

    make sure your running DOT 5 fluid and not car fluid (DOT 3)
  10. doopsx3

    Vintage Decals

    some out there...I forget the actual site but google will get ya there...I know there are some UK sites that do vintage decals as well
  11. doopsx3

    Building from parts, need advice

    yeah...KLX.....the TTR 125 is good too (but for some not really a Pit 'cuz it is a vert motor) alot of aftermarket stuff for the KLX
  12. doopsx3

    jr 50 help please!

    still sounds like the carb has idle ckt issues....if not ...could be crank seals or other vacuum leak
  13. doopsx3

    What the heck is this thing?

    Got tired of waiting for orig spokes so I just drilled the hubs and put in fatter spokes....she is back on wheels....got her running today although she still needs some work
  14. doopsx3

    WR250X top speed

    I have a '08 X and currently have over 10Kmi on it....put a 40T rear and went up one on the front......running FMF Power Bomb...a Q4 and a Pwr Comm with a K&N filter...airbox flap open....is it faster..yes...I can cruise 75 down the freeway no prob...is the speedo right..IDK...I know I pass alot of peeps tho....have hit tripple digits but did not hold it there long...have ridden it on freeway distances of about 70mi at a time
  15. doopsx3

    Repop VIN plate

    Damaged beyond repair....bike was in a fire have legal Cali title to frame which matches stamped serial/VIN