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  1. Nick250

    Dr650 Faq

    Nice work Bigboy. Nick
  2. Nick250

    That Dang Surge is Back

    He Mike, what exactly is Scotchbrite? I am not familiar with the product. Nick
  3. Nick250

    lighter rear wheek assembly ????

    Less unsprung weight is always a good thing. Lighter wheels, rims, tires, tubes can make a measurable difference in acceleration and the effectiveness of the suspension. It takes a fair amount of energy to accelerate and overcome the inertia of the combined weight of those items. The same improvement would apply to deceleration was well as alluded to in a previous post. It all comes down to the cost/benefit ratio. For my type of moderate riding it would not be worth it and as Procycle pointed out, at the end of the day you still have a big heavy motorcycle. If I was going to do trail riding I would get a lighter bike. I am getting older (59) and no way do I want to horse around 350 lbs on trails that are even remotely tight. YMMV. Nick
  4. Nick250

    New Bmw Dirt Bike

    Based on the early reviews of the '09 F650GS, it's not really a dirt bike anyway. It might be considered a German version of the Wee. The F800GS is the adventure touring model. I guess it depends on your definition of "dirt bike". The DR650 is much closer to a dirt bike than the new BMW's. The BMW's are no doubt much more refined however. Nick
  5. Nick250

    New Bmw Dirt Bike

    I am glad you like your new BMW. It has sorta been on my wish list, but I can't get my head around the design of the front end. Kinda of like a pelican beak. Maybe it's one of those love it or hate it things. Until the economy picks up there are no new bikes for me anyhow. Good thing I love my DR650. Nick
  6. Nick250

    2009 DR650SE Countdown

    It may vary in different parts of the country, but that sounds like a great deal to me! Congrats. Nick
  7. Nick250

    2009 DR650SE Countdown

    There is no sense in getting worked up about prices, it's just the free market system doing it's job. It's the job of a seller is to sell for the highest price they can get and the job of a buyer is to buy for the lowest price they can get. Pretty simple really. As far as list price is concerned, just think of it as an arbitrary number that is the starting point of the negotiation. The selling price may be more than list price or less than list price depending on the supply and demand. Legally, the manufacturer can not set the price the dealer sells for. MSRP stands for "Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price". Note the "Suggested" part. Notify the Attorney General's office in your state if dealers are colluding to fix prices. It's a big legal no-no. Frankly I am surprised that the BMW dealers were so brazen about it. That's pretty stupid. In general dealers who are involved in price fixing would keep it under wraps instead of announcing it to the world. Bottom line, if you are getting jerked around by a motorcycle dealer, walk out the door and find a "fair dealer" and reward them with your business. Other bottom line, if you have a case of "I got to have my new bike RIGHT NOW" you may have to pay extra for that. End of rant. Nick
  8. Nick250

    MX Bob Air Box Mod

    Rob, from the "a picture is worth a thousand words department", that's a big help. Also, I take your point about the air flow, needle and jetting all complementing each other for best results. I am going to order the DJ kit from Jesse tomorrow and see if I will be satisfied with the results from it. If not, then I will suck it up and spend the big bucks for one of the replacement carbs. Thanks, Nick
  9. Nick250

    what is the stock carb on a 2005 DR650?

    WFO tends to have significant negative impact on MPG. I get around 50 to 55 MPH, but I lean more to short shifting and letting the torque pull me up to speed at smaller throttle openings. Nick
  10. Nick250

    MX Bob Air Box Mod

    What is the recommended size of the cut out? I did a search and got a few hundred hits and gave up after half and hour of scrolling through posts, not to mention it's two AM and my eyes are getting bleary. Hopefully someone can just pop in the info. TIA Nick
  11. Nick250

    More Mods on the DR

    What windscreen is that and are you happy with it. Fall is here and I think I could use a little extra protection. Nick
  12. Nick250

    2001 DR650 Vibration

    Thanks Rob for lucid explanation of the differences in capabilities between the 39mm FCR-MX and the stock BST. In summary your experience is that it's a night and day difference between the two carbs and the FCR changes the whole character of the bike for the better. That said, it's $450 upgrade. Yikes! That would mean putting the Renazco seat on hold. Is there much of a hit in gas mileage? I am getting ~55 MPG with everything stock. I must say I am tempted as long as it's dead reliable, I don't want something that I have to "maintain" regularly. That's one of the reasons for getting the DR650, I just want to hit the starter and go without worrying if some part of the power train is finicky or less than drop dead reliable. Thanks Rob, I appreciate you sharing what you have learned over the past few years about the DR carburation, it's a huge help. Nick
  13. Nick250

    DR650SE Needle Comparison

    Does the header grind help in all RPMs or just higher ones. This is on a stock '08 bike. Intuitively, it would seem to me that it would just be in the higher revs which is not much of a concern to me since it seems fine for me in that regard already. That said, some extra torque down low would be welcome. I plan to drill out the idle air plug and fine turn the pilot jet and that's it for now. Nick
  14. Nick250

    Suzuki Gel Seat

    Here you go: http://www.renazco.com/default.cfm Nick
  15. Nick250

    Suzuki Gel Seat

    Factory. Nick