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  1. atxjustice6r

    Show your 250f!!

    Heres my 08, just redid about everything on the bike. Sorry for the crappy iPhone pic In the garage next to its twin
  2. atxjustice6r

    MY NEW CRF 250r

    wow, so what does a crf250r cost new in the outback. Over here mine was like 5900 new in 09, I am aware its a complete diferent situation but im just curious what bikes go for over there?
  3. atxjustice6r


    Please dont ever associate me with Ed Hardy again, Thanks. My arm does NOT look anything like those guido cage fighting wannabe faggots. Have a nice day!
  4. atxjustice6r


    Thanks? Well I always rock Troy Lee everything bc I think its the sickest gear ever, and always have. Hey you like what you like:smirk:
  5. atxjustice6r


    Well hell, why not. Heres my arm, about 60 hours deep and almost done. Started the day I turned 18. Any skin you see is unfinished, when its done I want no skin left between my wrist and top of shoulder. and heres my 450 to keep it moto related:
  6. atxjustice6r

    When we get bored...time for change!

    why!!!WHY?!? It looked pretty factory before now looks like it belongs in the dunes
  7. Does anyone know if you get the tag triples (upper and lower) will they work with the stock steering stabilizer? Also, is there a way to tell what offset the clamps are if there is no box that came with them? They came off of a CR250but says they will fit CRF's from 04-09 on the Tag website. Thanks for any help you guys can provide
  8. atxjustice6r

    09 lowering link

    a lowering link is a lowering link right? As long as its no ebay special
  9. atxjustice6r

    all this snow!!!!!!!

    For you yankees, It's 65 degrees outside with no wind and not a cloud in the sky...and the dirts red and loamy....sorry I had to:p Ive seen snow maybe twice in my life. I couldnt begin to imagine not being able to ride at the drop of a hat 12 months a year.
  10. atxjustice6r

    Few pics of my Thumper Talk fender decals

    bike looks trick man, where did you get the fender decals?
  11. atxjustice6r

    Pick up my new 09 Tomorrow

    picked mine up last week. If youve done any reading Im sure your aware about the suspension issues. I didnt think it would be big of a deal but my suspension is now being sent off to be revalved.
  12. atxjustice6r

    Brand new 09 CRF450R

    I paid $4,700 right here in Austin tx
  13. atxjustice6r

    where to buy rons insert

    ok so I google tuf racing and now I know everything about the Thor/Tuf racing arenacross team but still dont know where to buy Ron's insert:bonk:
  14. atxjustice6r

    where to buy rons insert

    Ok guys im sure this has been said before but ive been searching for where to buy RHC's insert for the 09 450. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
  15. atxjustice6r

    DVD Recommendations

    I just bought kickstart. Its an hour long and the Justin Barcia segment alone makes the movie worth it!