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  1. motomatt16

    2014 KTM's in UK

    check out the 250 sx engine section. redesigned head has cams in it!
  2. motomatt16

    is this chad reeds last sx season

    people saying that chad cant switch his suspension he said in his show today that he has tried that and the air forks are better...or maybe just less bad
  3. motomatt16

    Which 450 in MX vs ATV Alive?

    Our dreams may have come true villiopotto has been tweeting Bout a new game he is helping with called mud Fim motocross world championship. It sounds like it has potential
  4. motomatt16

    Which 450 in MX vs ATV Alive?

    i bought the ktm 350 and when i level it up. if i shut off the x box even after it saves when i come back its right back to 0 bike experience.. not impressed
  5. motomatt16

    Trade '13 Air forks for '12 CRF450 fork?

    I working arctic cat snowmobiles and the fox floats(air shocks) don't leak very often true they are not in the same condition but even when they do it is generally a slow leak
  6. You don't need to drain the oil. But you will need to drain lots of the coolant
  7. motomatt16

    Ford diesel vs Cummins

    my brother has a 2008 dodge with a 6.7 and a dpf deleate and we drove straight from the US border to salt lake city on one tank of fuel just under 1100 km. doing 70 MPH the whole time. i am very impressed with those new trucks but exhaust and chip are a must
  8. motomatt16

    2010 powercommander maps

    auto tune would be nice but even then i dont know what kind of AF this bike likes. im just looking for something quick and easy to plug in until i can put it on the dyno and do it right
  9. motomatt16

    2010 powercommander maps

    i have a 2010 crf450 with a powercommander 5 fuel and ignition stock air filter and a fmf powerbomb header with a powercore 4 silencer. does anyone have any maps for this bike that have worked good? i race on the 19th and i cant get on the dyno until the 18th and that doesnt leave alot of room for error. anyone have anything that has worked well? what kind of gains can i be expecting?
  10. motomatt16

    How Do You Prep Your Tracks?

    I use harrows behind the quad or the discer. Seams to work pretty good
  11. That is a fantastic point and it appears as though I missed it.
  12. New snowmobiles weigh about 420 ponds with 160+ horse they kick everyone's but
  13. motomatt16

    big bore?

    Does the 256 really add that much more? Also how is starting these things a had a buddy with a yamaha big bored and it would take him forever to start hot or cold
  14. motomatt16

    big bore?

    also if anyone has ever done one what is it like jetting these things?
  15. motomatt16

    big bore?

    im only looking at the cylinder works kits. they are the only ones i can get cheap i can get a 256 BB or a 269 BB both in 13.5 comp for 404$ thats cylinder piston and gaskets. or a std bore 12.9 comp for 395. i already have a stage 2 cam. i do not want to spend extra money on machining or anything. the only reason i am playing with the BB idea is that its only 9$ more than the parts that i need