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  1. Stock S gearing 15/44 65mph is about 6200 RPM .. RPM limiter is 10.5k but the bike is not making power long before that...so lets say 9750 RPM is max for power on a stock S. Running at 65 MPH is at about 64% max usable RPM. A run down the freeway for a few hours in a week long ride that other wise saw fire trails is not a big deal overall. Running at 65-75 for most of the week ride, every week, every month... service life will go down... Its a single cylinder dirt bike.....not a road bike...it can be used to ride on the road.....it was not designed to be ridden only on the road at freeway speeds.
  2. Erik Marquez

    2005 DRZ400e dropped valve help needed

    Repairing a head with cam journal damage is almost never cost effective, more so when you are shipping the head from SA to the US and back for that repair. If you have someone local that can weld up then line bore and hone the journals back to spec ...it might be worth the cost if no used heads are available.
  3. Erik Marquez

    Can anyone help me identify these two parts?

    That ^ is a rear tank mount,,,there are two of them and they have a round rubber donut that is also a part of it. Remove the seat look at the back of the tank. That is a spacer for plastic... it keeps you from damaging plastic when you tighten the fastener. Likely that one in the pic is for the head light shroud or the rear side covers
  4. If you came to me for a build, Id say a DRZ434, with proper gearing and ACT wide ratio 2-5th gears, suspension set up for you and a proper seat would fit the bill. You will have to shift it more in a like ride compared to a GS650..I liken rinding a ACT gear motor with only mild power ups to driving a mid 1980's econo box 5 speed car... Want to pass? down shift. go up a hill? Down shift. Strong head wind? Down shift.... But the rest of the time you can cruse in high gear... Longevity in a single cylinder dirt bike motor is not what a GS650 is. Never will be. So its not a fair comparison
  5. Erik Marquez

    What mileage should a drz cam chain be changed ?

    When the ACCT is out of adjustment range, or the cams are no longer timed close enough for your preference. Consider this, when we build a performance motor ..cam timing is set to within less than 1/2 degree. Your stock DRZ motor when new was father off than that and timing has gotten worse with every mile.
  6. Erik Marquez

    2005 DRZ400e dropped valve help needed

    Ebay, DRZ forums on FaceBook, Thumpertalk classifieds As mentioned, make sure they come with the cam caps and ensure you get presale clear pics of the cam journals and gasket surface. Pay a price that accounts for the need to send the head out and have new valves, springs and seals installed.. May not need it, but that is the assumption I make when purchasing. If they can cite valve clearances before the head was removed and or say they have done a leakage test either leak down or the old fluid in the combustion chamber trick.. all better clues your getting a good used head. But used is used, and as you found out valves do not last forever..personally Id not install a used head with having it gone though first.........
  7. Erik Marquez

    Piece of metal sticking out the bottom of carburetor

    That ^ Id guess when you remove it you will find someone has soldiered or otherwise attached some material to a stock screw, or it is just a damaged after market screw. Either way, its either to long or has vibrated out... Check the top of the screw and make sure it has not broken off in the carb body. If it vibrated out, it could be just a old hard O ring and weak spring or may have been adjusted too far out.
  8. Erik Marquez

    74jimbo's engine build thread

    Soon I hope I need the space Waiting on a couple of bearings. And one transmission circlip I was short I’ll get an updated status today when I go pick up parts
  9. Erik Marquez

    steering stem bearing install question

    Only the bearing adjustment nut and lock nut should have any effect on bearing preload... If tightening the nut on top of the upper triple changes bearing drag,, you have an issue blow that Was the frame checked cleaned of any burs, dirt ect before the new cups were installed? Are you positive the new cups are installed completely to the shoulder, even and fully set? same thing for the bearing cone set onto the stem?
  10. Erik Marquez

    A lot of misinformation about jetting

    But we are just people on the Internet so what do we know?😁 Anyone that claims every DRZ has to use the same jetting because that is what their computer screen is telling them in some distant state, with different weather, different altitude using a different bike as a test platform, is ignorant at best. The best way to confirm the jetting needs other then using AF monitoring equipment is try the jetting changes in a logical methodical manner. Make sure the carb is clean, all parts serviceable, no air leaks, clean air filter...test run, then change the pilot and test run again... Now YOU will know for sure.
  11. When building the motor Use a Second Gen drive shaft (commonly referred to as the countershaft) it has the same part number as earlier design, and the only part that should come to you when the part is ordered, unless filled with local NOS part left over SHAFT, DRIVE 24130-05D21 2nd Gear bushing BUSH, 2ND DRIVEN 24322-44E10 "loctite" fix with every sprocket change Inspect the transmission gears for wear, some earlier transmissions had significant wear issues on the tooth pressure face, but I cant say it is tied to a year specifically. more like a batch of gears that may be used in more then one model year..Its also possible, it was just a use and maintenance issue unrelated to gear manufacture... point is, inspect the gears pressure face for wear and the engagement dogs and mating slots for wear or damage.
  12. Erik Marquez

    Case Halves Gasket Maker

    Do you tell them you use case sealant that is not fuel resistant? or do you do it behind their backs? For some good enough is ok, for others, they want better.
  13. Erik Marquez

    Case Halves Gasket Maker

    Does not change that is not the recommended product by the company that makes it, but hey, what do they know... The TDS for right stuff states And for Moto seal Notice anything? Which product has a suggested use on a application where gas might be in contact? Hint its not right stuff product. Im sure right stuff can work out, and if you cant get the correct product for the application sure use what ever you can get... does not make it the better choice though.
  14. Interesting. Link? http://www.motorcycledaily.com/2002/06/07june02suzkawalliance/
  15. It was not "killed" it was a one year deal program from the get go. The companies "swapped" models in a pre set agreed arrangement..In the US for the DRZ / KLK it was planned and executed as a single year deal..2003 only.