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  1. Erik Marquez

    Help!! Starter motor will spin but will not engage engine

    Well at least it’s an obvious issue Did you find both Snap rings?
  2. Erik Marquez

    Crankcase breather replacement

    Many have tried, if your ok with loosing oil and or the mess you can delete it or move it... Im sure with some fabrication skills and a tig welder you could make one of a smaller size.. But again, like location, id bet Suzuki choose the size, shape, volume, intake and outlet port size and location by design, doing so because it solved the problem. Ive not had the oil vapor recovery box be an issue, so they get left in place as they work. What problem are you trying to solve with this? (and there is no wrong answer, anything from "I just don't like it" to "It is getting melted by my custom exhaust oversize midpipe"
  3. Erik Marquez

    470 build... 4mm stroker counter shaft hitting crank

    Good deal. There is a You tube vid from ACT on modifying the forks and case. And the instructions that come with it are pretty clear. GO SLOW, test fit often.... While Ive not had a fork bend post ACT gear install..... you do have to remove a fair bit of material, so take as little as possible. If you don't have some, get a bottle of prussian blue. It helps with visualizing the interference.. Last thing..... without the other case half to support the shift fork pins....Its really hard to hold them in place correctly and check fit.. So much so that I modified an old case half that can be slipped in place quickly to "hold" and properly locate the pins and forks. Point is, its not done until you put the case together and check clearance ...so work on ACT gear install before installing the new crank, or anything else in the case but the transmission. And every bearing in the case if not being replaced, needs to be throughly sealed and protected..before the cutting tool gets plugged in...One sliver of case material or grit in a race will kill the bearing.
  4. Erik Marquez

    470 build... 4mm stroker counter shaft hitting crank

    You know about the case and shift fork mods that need to be done...Yes? and ordered all new transmission circlips? As well as know the circlips have a specific side that goes toward the gear?
  5. Erik Marquez

    Stroker Crank Options Besides Hot Rods

    Just an FYI..... Ive installed more ACT gear sets then anyone else I know of....and I talk about 1/2 people who ask about them, out of them. ACT wide ratio gears are not a great fit for all.. It really depends on intended use, how and where you like to ride and addressing what i feel is a need for additional power (you are)
  6. Erik Marquez

    Stroker Crank Options Besides Hot Rods

    They are a quality product that sees a rate of failure = to any other mechanical part mass produced. Ive also seen 1st hand the customer service Hot Rods will provide, before and after the sale...Heck after the sale when the issue being addressed was not a manufacturing problem but a hack of a retailer that caused the issue.....
  7. Erik Marquez

    Help!! Starter motor will spin but will not engage engine

    If it is the TQ limiter, it will be loose, or in pieces not a compressed single assembly. One of the snap rings comes loose and putting the assembly back together takes a press and some adapters to compress the pack. If its the sprag bearing ......likely you will find bits of thin wire coil spring in the oil and frame screen...as its those that break and cause the sprag bearing to no longer work. But in any case, you will be able to rotate the starter gear in both directions vice what should be just one
  8. Erik Marquez

    470 build... 4mm stroker counter shaft hitting crank

    More then a few, and why the warning notice? because some do make contact. Its just tolerance stack... If the parts are at the edge of dimensional tolerance they might touch, if not they don't. If they do, you clearance the balancer shaft.
  9. Erik Marquez

    Stroker Crank Options Besides Hot Rods

    No, they do not have a high failure rate....Stop reading what people are repeating and ask the folks that use them, riders and mechanics alike. Heck ask the retailers that sell them... No retailer keeps selling a part that has a high rate of return its bad for business. No they are not "horribly" out of balance. In this forum, a large base of users of the Hot Rods products I have read about ONE claim it was "so far out it was junk" then he went on to tell all about his superior building services.....Just before he ripped off a bunch of folks. And he refused to tell us what the balance was that his "crank guy" said was so far off... He refused to send the crank back to Hot Rods, or me..So his one claim as far as Im concerned was as much a fraud as he was. Yes, you can build a better crank, and overall better balanced rotating assembly...That has been true of off the shelf parts vs custom ones since the Model T ford If your chasing a championship (on a DRZ or LTZ??) or just Have to be that guy the gets to the top of the mud pit first ....then sure, call Falicon Cranks, give them a CC number and the ok to spend up to its limit, send them the rest of your rotating assembly and they will send you back a piece of art that can be installed in some DRZ (LTZ) cases
  10. Erik Marquez

    470 build... 4mm stroker counter shaft hitting crank

    I have never had a Hot Rods 4mm Stroker crank (rod) hit the balancer shaft, I have had the older 5mm ones hit. If it does, grind the very small interference amount from the balancer shaft, it wont take much. Dont over think it, its not a big deal, all part of building a motor.
  11. Erik Marquez

    Help!! Starter motor will spin but will not engage engine

    If the starter motor spins, but does not rotate the engine. Its the TQ limiter or the starter sprag clutch bearing. Both requirer removing the left hand cover to investigate. Could be simple, TQ limiter came apart or springs that hold the sprag bearing rollers broke Could be a mini disaster and the starter clutch bearing fasteners vibrated out/ sheared
  12. Erik Marquez

    39mm FCR flaot bowl question

    Great fix Saturday night to be able to make the ride Sunday... But come Monday, take the time to fix it right and not have to hassle with it next late night before a ride, or post ride maintenance. .
  13. Erik Marquez

    Water pump mechanical seal not as 1 piece

    Toss up.... put it back together it might seal ok.... Or the two "retainers" on the steel shell may have damaged the seal on the way though. Replacing the water pump seal is a bit of a task, and often messed up on the install part...To do it right, consistently and no luck involved,. takes a special driver made for the task.. Some folks get lucky and bang in a new seal with what every they have at hand, but you can read many responses in this forum that ended up doing the job a second time.. Having it done by a tech with the right tools or just replacing the water pump assembly them selfs.
  14. Erik Marquez

    What is this hole on the side of my engine?

    It is a drain hole for the spark plug well. Remove seat and tank, clean bike well, remove cam cover, make sure gasket is seated correctly no pinched, broken, to old and hard to seal. Pay close attention to the small round section around the spark plug well...thats the leak that allows oil to come out the drain hole. NO RTV on that gasket other then a couple of tooth pick amounts on the Half moon parts where they meat the cylinder.
  15. Erik Marquez

    Crank is toast. Have questions about 470 build.

    Yes the cases are a matched set, no you can not mix and match, yes i bet someone as done it and the earth still rotated.. Sometimes doing it wrong works out. Yes those bosses supporting the shift fork pins are important and "needed" Will it work with them broken????? No idea, never tired it... Nor would I unless I was in the Amazon jungle and needed to finish a round the world tour. You have done all the work needed to repair the mistake (cases separated ) Id say fix it right the first time and not have to take the time and expense to fix it a second time.