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  1. Just depends on your coverage and insurance company.. Mine does.. Covered a new $800 helmet, jacket, A star boots, gloves, all of it.. And up to $6k in after market parts, but the total still can not exceed book value x 90% So my ti carbon fiber exhaust was covered, as were the Brembo master and other things.. Bike was totaled, and I bought it back for $500. So I got a check for book value, no deductible and bought the bike back for $500, bought a three year newer same model bike, swapped a heap of custom and after market parts. And came out good on $$$$ sold some stuff, kept some for spares.
  2. This is how the pick should be orientated and how the wires should be routed under the metal guards This is WRONG...see the wire outside the guard
  3. Pick up installed upside down is common as are mis routed wires not secured under the shields, bike starts runs for a min min than dies never to start again once the wires are rubbed though. pull the cover its cheap and easy no cost deal if you lean the bike over you wont even loose any oil. Check the pick up orientation and that the wires are routed correctly, not damaged
  4. It is, in the FAQ, in sub thread Common thread reference Detailed Instructions for the Water Pump Fix
  5. Engine Dynamics has been in the game a long time... Ive used them to repair cam journal carnage...and had ok work.. Ive seen them used for combustion chamber damage repair and its been both great to "what 13 year old with his dads tool set did that" Id still use them in a heart beat...... but with the understanding, don't return it looking like it was welded up and hand cut back to shape with a Harbor freight electric wood carving tool.
  6. I use fastHeads, APE, and soon Meyers Racing. Service is about $150, then plus parts. Guides are not normally needed unless tons of hours, or physical damage. I always do valves, seals, springs and locks on every head I have serviced. Ti Tops as needed for different springs or upon request, guides and new seats as needed. Ferrera Valves R&D springs and tops OEM locks and seals Seats .....Meyers has a material he is using Ive not seen or used, so I'm going to try that as he has had great service from it.
  7. I put my gaskets on, all three layers each, and broke out my Chinese torque wrench to tighten the head down, first 20ft-lbs, then 40ft-lbs, then I started getting a baseline shim for the cams without the cam covers. I know I'll have to check it again once the covers are tight but I wanted to get close while it was easy. While I was doing that I noticed that I had four washers left on my table and couldn't figure out where they went. After looking through the microfiche for the head I've realized they're the washers that are supposed to be under the head bolts... how bad would it be to not install those? The bolts are already torqued to spec. Also, I tried to find the correct timing. Top of the cams are 15 pins apart, the other two dots are juuust about level with the head, though the intake is off a bit, and the flywheel hole shows the T| but it's all the way over towards the front of the engine. This look correct?
  8. HotCam for the DRZ, both the stage 1 and 2 have had the Auto Decomp on them since about 2007. Just installed a set of stage 2 HC last week, and they still have the Auto Decomp. Last time I saw a HC Stage 2 cam without a AutoDecomp was the set I bought for my bike in 2006...and the are really what would be a stage 3 cam if such a thing existed. they are higher lift then the current version stage 2 and a little more overlap.
  9. Thanks... It is the depth of the tool I was trying to say is unknown
  10. $10 difference, yes get the one you know works...
  11. I dont know of that short one will be deep enough to fit over the flywheel "snout" and reach the threads
  12. Yes and no.. You can run the 470 and ACT wide ratio... But its a different riding style... and unless you are using good cams without overlap and good gas, you will end up lugging the engine causing piston knock. I have installed almost a dozen ACT sets now....10 folks like them, one, we are about to take them out I think..94mm, 4mm crank, Web cams, FCR39 carb tuned well..and his whack the throttle at lower RPMs just does not work for this gear ratios .
  13. Thats the most sane advice to be had on this one. BSR36 carbs are cheap to be had ... get a replacement, clean, jet it install and move on with your riding. PM me if you want a replacement BSR I have one doing a terrible job of holding a stack of invoices down I'd let go for cheap, well under $498 retail they want for a new one
  14. Hey Erik. Who is the go to guy on Drzsm's these days? I live in southern California and I need a mechanic. Since i dont think they are sold anywhere anymore, would you be willing to add a diagram for building a fan override switch like the one Eddie sisneros used to build and adding it to "the parts list" for drz's? Thanks for your time, happy riding:)