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  1. Erik Marquez

    OOPS! - DRZ400S Bottom End Rebuild

    same answer as ADVENTURE rider..lol and while the cases are apart, chase all the threaded holes...clean all the fasteners and consider just replacing them.
  2. Erik Marquez

    Removing Auto Decompression?

    The stock one does not fail all that often, but it does. Dont think Ive ever heard of an issue ion the HotCams auto decompresser
  3. Erik Marquez

    Countershaft Seal / Leak Question

    Yes some oil leaking out when spacer is removed is normal. It would be a better idea to replace the seal and do the lock tite fix... But no harm other then possible wasted time in doing lock tite fix now and seeing if it works/.
  4. Erik Marquez

    Value of my cylinder head w OEM Valves and E cams?

    Shars is the economical tooling supplier... think hobby level vice tech or pro. Many times it does the job just fine, but may not last as long as the high end brands..some times its junk. In the smaller size 1/2 indexable tooling the tool holders work just fine after replacing the set screws. The dial indicators are ok, the calipers in the 6-8 in size are ok, but the 12, 15, and larger ones are junk if you need a measurement closer than 1/16" Will the one you linked to work? Yes, very likely (don't own or use it so would be wrong to flat out say yes) but understand it wont last... one day the friction lock will strip, the plastic knob break, the dial indicator will stick or no longer work constantly, the mediocre strength mag will let go when you have the unit hanging full out, or attached to the side of something out and the whole thing will hit the ground... where a better dial indicator may survive or be repairable, the shars unit hits the trash. Lastly, the indicator tip on the one you linked to may not be long enough to be able to reach . a Brown and sharpe, Starrett or mitutoyo you can get many accessory tips , for different needs and they are of a standard size and thread. Is a tip extension available for that shars indicator (likely) Buy from Shars https://www.shars.com/products/measuring/magnetic-base-stands and talk to them about a longer tip or tip extension
  5. Erik Marquez

    Value of my cylinder head w OEM Valves and E cams?

    NOGA is a brand Base is the part on the bottom that hold the arm and indicator, so magnet, on off magnet, vice grip deal, ect. And it can be with or without fine adjustment. The arm, can be something nice like the NOGA 5 axis or a flex (the multi segment type with cable up the center to fix it in the shape you want) or a cheap 2 piece arm that leaves you wanting for more range of adjustment many times. The indicator clamp at the top depends on the brand and type... better quality ones will have a clamp that holds: 6mm, 8mm,3/8"and dovetail other may only do one size so needs to be bought for the indicator you have or will buy.
  6. Erik Marquez

    Coil on plug harness and coil kit

    With tested good used Denso coil $68.00 With new Denso coil $175.00
  7. Erik Marquez

    Coil on plug harness and coil kit

    For those that asked about the COP plug and play harness here it is. Kit comes with a tested good used coil, choice of sheathing on the direct plug and play harness. Adhesive lined heat shrink tube is used at the wire end to seal and secure terminal, and used to seal and secure over braid if that is selected for sheathing. Packet of dielectric silicone This user wanted a new coil and black braided sheathing. Sheathing can be done in Black Heatshrink tube or a verity of PET sheathing And one new one I just got This kit heads out Tuesday PM if you are interested in a kit and have not already done so or if you did not get a response from me
  8. Erik Marquez

    Value of my cylinder head w OEM Valves and E cams?

    After I bought my first NOGA, I gave away all my other ones (but a flex I keep for that one time I need it) I only have two NOGA's, but have no use for the large one....well unless I get that 18" lathe Im looking at anyway ...LOL
  9. Erik Marquez

    Value of my cylinder head w OEM Valves and E cams?

    What is the best way to go about actually adjusting the cam? Since you cannot exactly rotate it while it is compressing the spring that you would want to check it, do the math, then loosen and move it when the lobe isn't pressing the bucket? It seems you would want to loosen the sprocket, spin the engine however many degrees you're looking for without the cam actually moving, tighten and remeasure to see if you got it right? After I have my numbers, roll the cams on to the base circle, loosen cam chain, loosen sprocket bolts on one cam, move the sprocket a measured amount ( I used marking fluid on the cam and gear, scribe a line, so I can track movement) , reverse the process and check numbers again. Its reasonably fast once you get it down. Once I think I have hit my numbers I spin the motor both directions a few times, and check numbers one last time.
  10. Erik Marquez

    Value of my cylinder head w OEM Valves and E cams?

    Not my set up, but you get the idea
  11. Erik Marquez

    Value of my cylinder head w OEM Valves and E cams?

    edit bad link.... I'll try and find it and repost I was going to show you a pic of the steel plate you will need to attach the magnetic indicator stand to... but I seem to have deleted it. In any case,,, on the DRZ motor there is no place to put the mag base. You'll need to make a steel plate and attach it to the head. Make sure its at least .1/8" or thicker so it will not flex in use. Or use one of these types I have one, but hate using it... (the vice grip base, I use a flex arm all the time) When I do use it, I put a steel 90deg tab under a bolt, and clamp to the tab.... NOGA makes a nice 5 axis holder that works well. http://www.noga.com/Products/hold/Holding System I find it easiest (for actual set up and use) to use a mag base, so I just make a new plate for each new motor I degree cams on or find one I have that works and label it for that application as well.
  12. At the large relay connector you cut off, find the bl/b wire (Blue with black tracer) and bl wire (blue) that is the ground circuit from the neutral switch for the neutral light. Connect those together. Your neutral light should work again as it did before you cut out the relay
  13. Erik Marquez

    Greasing the steering bearings the easy way

    I worded it poorly ...The DRZ comes with tapered roller bearings in the steering stem...but they are often found in poor condition when first serviced due to the iffy greasing methods used (some to almost none) and type used at the factory...so be ready to replace them with new ones. If you have never serviced your steering head bearings do so sooner rather than later, and after inspection if good, repack with a quality water resistant grease
  14. Erik Marquez

    Removing Auto Decompression?

    When I first built my 485 , 5mm stroked, 13.5:1 CR motor, no auto decomp old 1st Gen Hot Cams Stage II cams, I jokingly called it battery powered ....because it took a fresh 10BS battery fully charged to crank it ,,,and if I did not let it run long enough to fully recharge the battery before next restart it was 50/50 it would crank past TDC
  15. Erik Marquez

    DRZ 400 valve stem seal fitting

    Apply a drop or 2 of molybdenum assembly lube oil to the seal inside and press it in place with your finger