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  1. skip #7

    03 oil filter Replace/Reusable ?

    I bought a scott stainless filter for my 02 in 02,I now have it in my 05,I wash it out with contact cleaner and then blow it out with low pressure compressed air,can't complain,I clean it each oil change,no uglly stuff found in it yet,found most when the bikes were brand new!
  2. skip #7

    100LL AV gas

    Have used AV gas since the mid 70's run it in my 13.5 to 1 CRF 450 no problems!
  3. skip #7

    Merry Christmas

    A very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year to all you thumper heads!
  4. skip #7

    13-52 gearing what length of chain???

    I run a 13/52 and like it on an 05
  5. skip #7

    Will it fit?

    you might go on rocky mountain or motosports web sites and look for rotors,if the kawi and honda have the same part numbers in after market,there you go.
  6. skip #7

    New Piston Rings?

    I would also take the rings off the piston and clean up all the carbon and then put bare piston in the bore and take a feeler guage and check piston clearancebetween piston and cylinder wall at various places up and down the cylinder
  7. 5.56 mm full metal jacket! works every time.
  8. skip #7

    Header Wrap?

    I had an 02 and wrapped it,no negative result now my 05 has been wrapped since new no negitave results,no rock dings melted pants.
  9. skip #7

    aluminum frame rubbing off

    I cut clear background plastic and put over mine they also make a decal that looks like carbon fiber!
  10. skip #7

    long drop....sudden stop...

    a flywheel will help but I think I would start with smaller jumps and learn a little throttle control,they can be a hand full at times,
  11. skip #7

    dunlops with yellow lettering?

    yep on the paint marker pencil,avaliable at most welding supply shops,I have yellow,orange and white.
  12. skip #7

    05 feels like a pig indoors

    I have an 05 I have raced for several years indoors,I have 20mm clamps I added 9 plus oz of flywheel weight and a couple of teeth more on the rear,this made it work well,as stated above if the suspension isn't right it will definately hurt you.
  13. skip #7

    After racing...shins and Calves, ITCH BAD!!

    a shot of bleach stops mine!
  14. skip #7

    Notako rims and Rad hubs !!!!

    can't comment on the rims but I have rad hubs and excels on my 05 CRF450,they have been on the bike since new,no complaints