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  1. I'm wondering if that's all the 2020s or there is a bad batch. Has anyone looked at serial numbers to see about where in the production cycle bikes were made? I'm one foot into the local Husky dealer to pick up a 300i, sitting around this thread waiting to see how it plays out!
  2. I want to know as well!
  3. Freeride does not have a PV, so it could be as simple as getting it bored and a new piston put in. To be honest if I was looking for more power I'd try a pipe first and move torque around. It's a unique bike and engine, but it's not worth trying to make it into something it's not.
  4. Had the same idea when I got the Freeride, but after reading all that figured it was better to just leave it alone.
  5. I recall reading that it does not auto adjust the mixture during the ride, and will only do so at startup. Perhaps you gained enough altitude to make a difference and needed to stop and give the computer a chance to "re-jet". Just a guess.
  6. At that price dealer makes $500 ish on the bike if I remember correctly.
  7. How much of that is bike vs fees and tax?
  8. I have a 2017, and no plans of selling it since it is a bit special and won't be made again. Value... I'd expect it to hold value well, provided it's clean and all maintenance is up to date. Mine was originally purchased for the wife as an upgrade from 150f Honda. I sold 450x and while waiting for the new 300 been riding it - tons of fun on single track! Not many options for an ultra light beginner friendly bike that more advanced riders can still have a good time on. Lots of parts are shared with other models, should not have problems getting rebuild kits to keep it fresh. P.S. I was specifically looking for a 2017, seems to have most issues fixes and previous owner did the rear break conversion.
  9. We got year around riding in the NW so this is fine, right after summer heat comes down.
  10. Call the dealer today, XC-W won't be arriving until late August / September.
  11. Wonder when XC W will hit the showrooms in USA...
  12. Nex

    2020 KTM TPI

    How good of a deal I wonder will be had on '19? That's still in season for me, and lots will be left over I'm sure. All dealers in the area have multiples sitting around. Updates are great, but sort of seems that '19 are already well enough sorted.
  13. Lots of models use the same components. I'd look for a used set from eBay, maybe add a rebuild kit to freshen it up. I like that option more because it uses KTM spec parts I can get used if needed. Also Brembo!
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