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  1. Zopilote

    Suzuki DR650SE (1997)


    A good little bike for harder terrain :-)
  2. Zopilote

    Suzuki DR650SE 1997

    A good little bike for harder terrain :-)
  3. Zopilote

    KTM 990 Adventure (2007)


    The best bike i have ever owned!
  4. Zopilote

    KTM 990 Adventure 2007

    The best bike i have ever owned!
  5. Zopilote

    DR500 -81 questions

    Thanks a lot! Actually i managed to find a guy who sold me a workshop manual in PDF-format for $5 today... It was just a lucky coincidence, as i was browsing another (swedish) forum and found a link to someone who should have a manual for another Suzuki. I don't know if it is correct to post that link here, but if anyone wants it, just PM me. (He had A LOT of manuals)
  6. Zopilote

    DR500 -81 questions

    Can you please direct me to some of those sites? I have tried googling, torrent search and more in all the ways i can think of without any useful results in those specific questions.
  7. Zopilote

    DR500 -81 questions

    First, as this is my first post on this forum, allow me to introduce myself I'm a 38 year old engineer from east Sweden. Have been into motorcycling for 22 years now, and ridden/owned all types of machines, from cruisers to enduros to supersports. Currently drive a Yamaha MT-01 as my "main" bike, but has recently bought a quite *well used* Suzuki DR500 -81 for more dirt oriented fun Unfortunatly, it seems to be quite hard to find any technincal info on this vintage bike on the net, so i thought i could ask if someone here knows: *What are the correct values for valve adjustments? *How much oil should it be in the in the front forks, and what grade? *What is the correct torgue for front and rear axles? *Does anyone knows where i can find a workshop manual for this bike? I am very thankful for all help i can get! B.R. Christian (Hope my English is possible to understand, it is not my first language...)