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  1. gotmeoneII

    Factory Oil Capacity

    I believe the manual shows the proper levels are 1.8 quarts for an oil change and 1.9 quarts if the motor is dry.
  2. gotmeoneII

    Top speed you have hit on the DRZ400?

    BTW, I am running Michelin Pilot 160/60 rear tire...if that changes anything I am not sure. I am sure It is close to the top of the rev range but I haven't hit the limiter yet.
  3. gotmeoneII

    Top speed you have hit on the DRZ400?

    I have always gone by the stock speedo being 8-10% generous so take it for what it's worth...
  4. gotmeoneII

    Top speed you have hit on the DRZ400?

    106 mph as indicated with stock SM gearing (15/41) and stock speedo.
  5. gotmeoneII


    I am not certain but I would think that since ACCT is spring loaded, it would protrude further uninstalled than it does installed. Install your MCCT and tighten it until the sound just goes away and call it good.
  6. gotmeoneII

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I finished the E cam install, installed the new battery, did an oil change, new spark plug, checked/cleaned the FCR, and finally did the free power mod. She is ready to go again and the new cams woke her up in the mid and upper range. I hit 106mph as indicated when I took her out for a test run. Not too shabby now since my prior best was 104 downhill with a tailwind.
  7. gotmeoneII

    coolant overflow reservoir

    Try this... http://drz400uk.org/turkey-baster-mod-t457.html
  8. Mine certainly sounds a little more aggressive on throttle with the FCR. The little whistle sound is an added joy.
  9. When I did the FCR upgrade to mine, it was a very noticeable difference. The mid and upper power was a good deal more pronounced. I can now walk away from my brother's DRZ with ease..even if he starts out in a higher gear with a few more RPMs.
  10. gotmeoneII


    Here's mine... and ^^ man do I miss my WRX Wagon! ^^
  11. gotmeoneII

    Suspension Troubleshooting Flowchart

    The chart is great, added some gas for ya! Thanks!
  12. gotmeoneII

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    My brother and I finally put on my smoked Edge2 tail light after having to make a bracket to mount to my bike's shortened sub-frame. I replaced the bobbed rear fender too. After was all said and done, I was going to ride a few wheelies up and down his street. He has a really witchy neighbor that gets all worked up over the hooliganism. It is pretty fun to get her all riled up but today I didn't even have to do that, just cranking up the bike had her out on her porch waving her finger at me.
  13. gotmeoneII

    Muffler to Header Joint Seal

    There isn't a ton of back pressure in the exhaust so not a lot of air pressure will be applied to the silicone joint. I permatexed my slip joint when I got my exhaust and it has held up without issue.
  14. gotmeoneII

    Mods vs. Gas Mileage?

    I am running 16/41 gearing, 3x3, K&N, FCR, and a full Muzzy exhaust and I get 53-55 mpg highway when I run steady at70mph. It is slightly better in the city. I have noticed huge swings depending upon the amount of wind though. It gets pretty gusty here in the prairie land on Texas where I am and it is nothing to ride into a 30mph headwind for 40 miles...that really kills the mileage! On those windy rides, I only get about 42mpg.
  15. gotmeoneII

    ANY DRZ part number you ever needed

    Excellent find!