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  1. YoungGunXR

    Fit 96 and up xr400 tank and seat on 94 XR250r

    I have tried to do a search but I could not locate it. Anyone know the name of the thread.
  2. YoungGunXR

    Fit 96 and up xr400 tank and seat on 94 XR250r

    Well do you know how to modify the seat in order to make it work?
  3. I have a 94 xr250r. I bolted on a 96 up xr250/400r fuel tank. It fits but the 94 xr250 seat doesn't mate up to the tank. Any suggestions?
  4. YoungGunXR

    Non running 03 crf450r value

    Im going to go look at it today or the next day I hope. Ill let you know if I pass on it. If I dont, how much you want for those extra parts. lol
  5. YoungGunXR

    Non running 03 crf450r value

    Well he said he would sell it to me for $500 so is that a good deal?
  6. YoungGunXR

    Non running 03 crf450r value

    I have a friend that is selling his 03 crf450r. The problem is it will not run as far as I know. They said the motor will still kick freely but will not turn over so I do not think it is locked up. I will most likely tear the motor apart and see what it all needs to be fixed and if I can not fix it for cheap I will prob part out the whole bike. What do you think it is worth. Thank you.
  7. YoungGunXR

    2stroke pipe springs

    Buy a spring puller for 5-8 bucks. It makes a 20 minute job 5 secs. Trust me. Its well worth it. If you dont have a spring puller, get a heavy wire and bend it into a hook and make your own puller.
  8. YoungGunXR

    New XR680R Down For Good Maybe...

    Well Im taking it to the shop to have it worked on. But from what you guys are saying it sounds most likely a blown headgasket. Im still wondering where all the oil and coolant went...
  9. YoungGunXR

    New XR680R Down For Good Maybe...

    Hey now on the color names. LOL My KTM 250sx gets me along just fine.
  10. YoungGunXR

    New XR680R Down For Good Maybe...

    The oil did not come through the counter sprocket seal this time. I also do not think it is a headgasket problem as there is no oil seepage around it. Ill have him check the stator cover. Yes we drained the oil from the frame. Just the oil filter looked clean and it was still wet with oil. We just dont know where to start with this thing.
  11. Alright my brother recently put the 680 kit in his xr650r and all was fine. Well we had a harescramble race and thats where it went downhill. It started to make a ticking noise in the head during the later part of the race. We thought it was valves so we tightend them as needed. Now here is the kicker, we check the coolant overflow bottle and it was empty. So we figured we should check the crankcase for the coolant thinking the water pump seal leaked. Drained the oil and about 16oz of oil came out..... The bike never smoked and ran strong so the oil didnt burn away. The question is where did it go? We had it filled up to the proper level before the race and after the race there was none. There is a overflow tube of some kind under the bottem of the cases that looked like it was dumping coolant/oil. My question is why would it leak all out in the first place? There is hardly any miles on the rebuilt topend that costed around $1000 which now seems to be all wasted as running a bike low on oil and coolant never does a motor good. So he is figureing to just sell the bike for $1500 or so to a bike shop and look for a new one as it is going to cost everybit of $1500 to get it right again. The bike still runs, just a bad noise....
  12. YoungGunXR

    A Fast Sit Down Rider

    I used to sit but my new ktm with its hard seat forces me to stand. Worse for the better I dont know. I guess no wrong way, just whatever works for you the best.
  13. BRP sells the scotts stabilizer it self for $330 plus the mounting brackets depending on your bike. My KTM already had the oversized bars stock so I didnt need to spend the extra on tripple clamps and oversized bars so I think my mountings hardware came out to be about $150 or so.
  14. YoungGunXR

    Would this helmet cam be alright?

    Well after Christmas I think Me, my brother, and dad with go in 3rds and buy it. That way we wont be out much money if it doesnt work. Thanks for the info jeeper33.