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  1. Im on my second and my brother still has his 2005 450x. They all have been great bikes. All 3 ended up getting a billet clutch cover, 06' 450R jetting(if im remembering correctly), opened air box and full exhausts. Only one of the bikes had to have a the valves replaced. One required a new starter. Always running a full quart in the transmission. Always ran the Amsoil 10/40 with stock oil filters. We both still have one. Have not been riding them much the past 3 years. Probably selling both of them soon.
  2. That's a good update. I like how they post the phone number to call if you notice illegal dumping- finally! I have been referring people to call the Sheriff's dispatch line for awhile now. Something I have noticed the last few weeks: I can't say I have seen any OHVs out there. Maybe cars in the parking lots but not motorcycles. The trash dumping seems to be occurring still. I saw two large piles dumped at a west end entrance two weekends ago and another pile right on the side of Purcell at the corner of a residential property! AND there are still hikers/joggers at the west end. I wonder if they get tickets too? Anyways... I heard an interesting thing the other day. Apparently the straw that broke the camels back over this whole PMI deal was a massive load of used tires were dumped out there near the auction house and 24th street. They had to bring in a semi to load them all up and the city paid for it.
  3. South on I25. Its a few min south of COS. Get off I25 at PPIR and head east. First right hand turn after the rail road crossing. The road goes past a few properties/homes and takes you to the trails. There is a little shed that you can deposit your money into and a sign in sheet.
  4. Private tracks that you can pay $10 to ride for the day. Not a big deal when you don't have to worry about piles of garbage dumped in the trail or people shooting in your direction while you're riding. Or getting a ticket for trespassing on Pueblo City property.
  5. Thanks for posting that link. I got a good laugh out of the map. Mt bike, equestrian, off leash dog and geo cache area?... I see that flying over like a sack of bricks. All fun and games till someones horse gets spooked by a dog that was off a leash. Furthermore, I mountain bike a lot more than I ride the big bike.-there are a ton of other areas I would rather ride than the vast tumbleweed infested lands of the west end of the property as well. There have been many maps/plans of what to do with the property. They never fail to humor me. Like the one involving an amusement park... Even this current map with its plan for a water park. How can they be serious with that? There is an existing park known as Rock Canyon right next to the river (not out in the prairie). Considering they want to connect PW with Pueblo via a new road through the property options will be limited. We can just hope they keep something open to ride on. Fountain Creek and RAM are looking pretty good the more I think about this...
  6. Thank you Mike for making this info available! I've been at some of the council work sessions recently. I think a lot of good can come from going to them. I won't see you this Monday due to work but maybe I'll run into you soon. Thanks again!
  7. Having been on a lot of trials bikes from the 2000 era and up I can tell you I would not trade a trials for an X or vice versa. They both have their place. I really enjoyed my Beta but when I was in school and needed money the trials bike was the first to go. I sill have the X. I think that there are some really awesome trials bikes out. They all seem to be well built though finding parts may be easier for one brand than another. Example being the Gasgas seem more common than the Beta or the Ossa. (I dont even think there is an Ossa dealer in my state!). I ordered a rear fender for my Beta once and it took 7 weeks to get. Something about being stuck in Customs. I would ride my Beta like a trail bike and carry fuel in my pack. Even without a seat it was a good time. Super quiet compared to a 4 stroke and it does not tear up the trails. I never did any sort of competition but I can imagine it would be fun and great for moto skills.
  8. An update for anyone considering enjoying PMI... As of 11/15/13 the Parks and Rec rangers (city of pueblo parks) have been out giving verbal warnings about trespassing. In the past few days (maybe up to a week ago) they have been posting "no trespassing" signs along with threats of $1000 fine and up to 1 year jail time if they catch you trespassing. I was hoping this was referring to the jerks that dump their garbage out there but there have been reports from motorcycle riders that the rangers have been contacting them. I imagine these rangers are just prowling the main parking lots and contacting folks as they unload their bikes. I have a feeling if you were to be walking your dog out there or riding your mountain bike out there they wont say a word to you. This seems to be geared towards the off road community, again. This sounds a lot like what happened 2006(I may be off a year) when they tried this the last time and gave up after a few weeks. I will update with more info as it becomes available. I ride there a lot seeing as it is basically in my backyard and I just ride from my garage. It is unfortunate it has to come to this with the property.
  9. http://www.heavy.com/news/2013/11/rip-kurt-caselli-dead-dies-baja-booby-trap/
  10. There are a few on ebay right now. one was 69$ shipped and the other 100$ shipped. Both with holders.
  11. I cant say the X likes starting in cold. I have been around enough of them to know. It was 13* in Crested Butte the other morning. None of the Xs wanted to start. I cant blame them, I dont care for that kinda cold either. The best thing I have found is choke, 2-3 twists to the throttle and hold throttle open about 1/8th. Why hold it open 1/8th? Well they dont idle initially at that temp... Could it be the jetting? Hell if I know. They run just fine once they start. Just my observation.
  12. As was I. The stage 2 came installed on mine and in comparison to my brother's X with stock cam the stage 2 has noticeably more mid to top pull. I have not done a top speed on mine but my brother has hit 89 on his. 5000' elevation Stock motor. Open air box - 158 main FMF Q with power bomb -3 teeth in the rear from stock. That bike sits in my garage and gets fired up maybe twice a year... Its a shame!!
  13. In response to the original topic, I once contemplated moving on from the X. About a year ago is when I contemplated this. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/984263-i-think-im-ready-for-something-different/ After riding a few other bikes and riding them in different places I decided no one bike has as good of an all-around performance as the X. Period. That is my opinion. I spent time on a 2012 300xc and a carbed yz450(dont recall the year though it was newer, maybe 08-09). Each had its pros/cons. The thing I like most about those bikes would have been the weight and the stopping distance into tight corners. BUT... I will trade the weight for the planted feeling of the X since the majority of my riding is at a decent rate of speed. As for stopping power I could upgrade to larger rotors. Keeping in mind the bike is not the only thing that is heavy. (it is easier for me to lose weight than the bike!) I wont get rid of the X. I would however, buy a second bike. I like the idea of a 2002 or newer CR250r to dink around on while still having some interchangeable parts (levers, sprockets, spare bolts, etc). The XC300/TE300 would be ideal as well but I cant find one for around $2000 like I can a CR250r. Or I could always get back on a trials bike! I had a Beta Tecno 250 for years. It was a tough machine and I could ride in my backyard without having the sheriff come visit me.
  14. Some random things I found in search of an arm pump article in a DR magazine. Neither of these is the article I was searching for but interesting none the less. http://www.dirtrider.com/community/staff-blogs/klim-attacks-arm-pump-let-s-play-raquetball/ http://www.dirtrider.com/tests/parts-accessories/141_0805_nuetech_arm_pump_eliminator/ The article I'm looking for had some things I tried in it two or three years ago. Wrapping the fore arms after they get pumped during practice was one of them. The wrap was to be done tightly but not so tight that your hand turns blue... I'll look for it at home later. Workouts I have done to aid to lower arm pump were things like pull ups, dead lifts, farmer carry. All things involving hand/forearm strength. Hanging from a pull up bar as long as possible was a rough one. And my favorite was having the old fashion hand squeezer things in my truck and using the while driving around. All just ideas. What works for me may not work for you.
  15. The neighbors dog bit me an torn my sack open. It is hard to get my leg over the bike. No joke. Here are my blood soaked shorts...
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