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  1. oregonCR

    Value of Ti shock spring

    I bought an 06' spring in 2010, not a 2010 spring just to verify
  2. oregonCR

    Value of Ti shock spring

    i paid around 50 for one in 2010', i thought it was worth the money
  3. oregonCR

    how to install new swingarm bearings

    I got sick of trying to figure it out and went with that conclusion last night, i left the wider seals out as they weren't necessary from the factory, it all went together nicely, i still think if you pay 70 bucks for some bearings they could throw in one piece of paper with a diagram, especially since they throw extra unnecessary parts in their kit. Pivot works makes video instructions for most of their products, next time i will go with their products.
  4. oregonCR

    how to install new swingarm bearings

    Thanks, I got it down to just figuring out where the wider set of small seals goes, i looked on the diagram and can't figure it out, and of course all-balls doesn't have online instructions. Their kit is very different from the stockers i pressed out i would have thought they would give some form of reference material to help orient everything correctly...
  5. Hey im trying to finally get my bike back together, and i forgot how the bearings went... I know how the actual bearings go, but the set i bought came with two different width inner seals, some shims with teflon on them, and two steel rings, im guessing the steel rings are for pressing in the bearings? Thanks for the help all. The second photo is just the start of my assembly, everything is new!!! http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee444/kuhnhausen_KC55/Dirtbike/ewr.jpg http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee444/kuhnhausen_KC55/Dirtbike/mailgooglecom.jpg
  6. oregonCR

    Which online oem dealer stocks parts?

    I just bought some oem stuff for my yz from motosport last monday, still hasn't shipped, and it's free 3 day express over $99, $8-9 on anything under $99. but i do prefer motosport, excellent customer service and all other orders have shipped on time except this one so it might be a fluke.
  7. Yeah I'm Guessing it's not a fluke man, I gave it every chance to impress me, never did...
  8. I bought a A-Stars awhile back and when i did wear it in the summer i went shirtless, and slapped on some gold bond in the blue bottle...way cheaper then the circulating water idea, an old football trick, and it cools you down considerably lol. But I didn't like wearing it because it restricts so much motion for general riding, i could see a freestyler wearing it to learn new tricks, but other then that i didn't like it. Honestly I would rather wear a cast for 8 weeks then that thing while riding for a day. Just my opinion on them
  9. oregonCR

    cutting up a helmet?

    I smacked the face protection on my old fox v3 on my bars once casing a triple and broke off the visor and cracked the front section all the way up the right side... It will make the modification easier for you if your willing to risk brain damage and a broken jaw lol I do have to give props to fox as the helmet did its job and i rode the rest of the day on a buddies backup, but I would vote no on hacking a full face. Painting however I feel won't affect the structural integrity depending on how it is prepped, scotch bright or high grit wet sanding by hand= ok, a DA and a careless prepper= bad. good luck regardless.
  10. oregonCR

    Spark arrestor help for an MX guy.

    Any Idea how the Q-Stealth stacks up to the turbin core two powerwise? I have been eying the QS for awhile but I talked myself out of it if it because i didn't think I would make any gains from it, plus I just completely rebuilt my TC2. But if it truely betters the TC2 then I want one, the upgraded looks are undeniable.
  11. oregonCR

    Flywheel users, did your gearing change?

    your bike ran without a flywheel? Im just messin with man, i added a steahly 9oz and run a 51 rear sprocket and 15 front sprocket, I have always liked that set up for everything i ride (woods, enduro, occasional track slut).
  12. oregonCR

    How Too Use The Boost Bottle

    I don't know what he used but when i did mine i used mothers aluminum polish and a mothers powerball, now they make the power cone which is even better, and for the hard to reach recesses in the frame i used a polishing tip on a dremel tool. any place that looks shot peened needs to be sanded flat and finished with no less than 600 grit sand paper. do yourself a favor and make sure its very clean first also
  13. oregonCR

    How Too Use The Boost Bottle

    Yeah definitely an interesting concept, thanks for the insight.
  14. oregonCR

    Last Great Ride

    I love eddyville! in fact i thought those pictures were from eddyville but i saw no wind towers lol, we never miss our trip up there once a year for a playday great gp course, not so great mx track but still lots of fun!
  15. oregonCR

    How Too Use The Boost Bottle

    Thanks for straightening me out! so you run one, do you see it as a big enough improvement to make space for one? pics would be cool if you have any