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  1. Been a while since I posted here.
  2. 71_burton

    whats the best 85

    I've gotta 03' CR85, Only problem i've had so far is i blew up a piston. Thats it now its all fresh and good. Like stated above built like a tank.
  3. 71_burton

    fake whip and fake taunt

    So did I mine had jumps on it. The lady that made it, her grandson raced motocross. It was pretty awesome.
  4. 71_burton

    Dirtbike Car

  5. 71_burton

    Yamahas big news!

    Glad somebody posted the news. To the OP you fail at threads about news. Dont even put the news in the thread when you start it about it.
  6. 71_burton

    Nate Adams Supercross training

    Cant even take the triples and is gonna go to Anaheim? Come on, its like having the first time 85cc rider in supermini, you aint gotta chance. To Stewart,Reed,RV,Grant, and all the other boys he aint gotta a snow ball's chance in hell. I'll be surprised if he makes a top 10 much less a podium. But if you got the balls to backflip over 100ft gaps hats off to you. Hes got my respect even if he dont finish good. All hes gotta do is try his best. How many of the worlds top racers can backflip? I only know one, Reed.
  7. 71_burton

    Check out my 330$ 2003 YZ 250

    Sweet. I got a $400 Geo Metro. Wonder if I could get me a 250?
  8. 71_burton

    Poor bike

    Its a 2stroke CRF250R. Wow those things are rare. Yeah he should def. ask more than what hes asking. ITS A VERY RARE BIKE!!! bahahhahaha.
  9. 71_burton

    2008 CRF250R What do ya think?

    Sick bike but clean that motor up some!
  10. 71_burton

    Just picked up a project bike

    Thats exactly what i was thinking.
  11. 71_burton

    I just got my own track

    Better have pics or it DIDN'T happen!