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  1. Nick777

    03 crf150f no spark, need help!

    I put in a new ignition coil. Still no spark... This is getting frustrating. Every part of the electrical system has tested to be good. Idk what else to check? I need help.
  2. Nick777

    03 crf150f no spark, need help!

    There is no fuse on the 03 model because there is no battery. Any other ideas?
  3. Nick777

    03 crf150f no spark, need help!

    Nope. Do you know where it is on the Bike? I'll go check it soon. I didn't see it while I was testing everything but I want really looking for it either.
  4. Can't seem to get any spark, I've checked as much as I could without a service manual. Spark plug is new, I've checked stator, coil, kill switch and ignition switch. All seem to be good. Any ideas?
  5. Nick777

    won't e-start or kick, will roll start.

    First check for good spark and then check valve clearance. Intake valves are probably to tight.
  6. Nick777

    Need help timing an 02 wr426.

    ive been leaving it on the nut, havnt tried reversing it yet though. And when setting the timing on the flywheel should both camshafts and both camshaft covers be installed? Then once you have the flywheel set then remove the camshafts to align them?
  7. I am having a real hard time with this, hopefully someone can give a few tips or tricks to timing my 02 wr426. How do you get the I timing mark on the flywheel to stay and not just roll past it? And once you do get it on time on the flywheel whats the trick to keeping it in place while you make sure the camshafts are aligned with the head, because it seems like the second you move the cam chain it rolls past the I.
  8. Nick777

    Wr450f tires for street?

    Whats a good front tire to go with the mt43 for mainly street use?
  9. Nick777

    Wr450f tires for street?

    I like those avons but I didnt see an 18" either. What you guys think about the mt43 trials tire? I guess I will be doing a lil dirt riding too. Not to much though. What front tire would you run with the mt43 in the rear.
  10. Nick777

    Wr450f tires for street?

    What are some good street tires. It will be 100% street. Can't afford 17" wheels yet so I need some Rubber for my stock wheels. What's everyone running for strictly street?
  11. Nick777

    2002 wr 426 sputter

    The carb probably just needs a good cleaning. Take the carb Apart and clean out all the jets.
  12. Nick777

    Need opinions, Rebuild or sell?

    Well see. I have a couple people coming to look at it.
  13. Nick777

    Who has the nicest Suzuki?

    My 06 drz400sm- Its for sale too!
  14. I just put my 06 crf 250r up for sale here is the ad http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/mcy/2653532260.html, but i cant decide if i should freshen it up a lil bit or sell it and get something newer. If i was to freshen it up i would get suspension completely done since it has never been done before, then maybe a top end rebuild along with new cam chain etc. then get some new tires, sprockets, chain and a single exhaust. I have a budget of about 4200 on a new bike if i sell this one or i could spend about 1500 on new stuff for the 06 and still have money left over. Opinions?