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  1. just top it off with de-ionized water and run it until you do the work then re-fill with your favorite flavor.
  2. schrode

    CRF450x supermoto problem!

    I'd put the old exhaust can back on for starters. Don't change stuff when you're trying to sort out changes from a previously stable platform. Beyond that you just need to investigate further. You may have damaged the plates in the battery during the spill, unlikely but, hook some jumpers up to it and see if it will start from a vehicle that way. The walk of shame you had to do sounds like fuel starvation, could you have maybe dinged the carb so the float won't drop down enough to open the passage from the fuel line? IDK, just spitballing, really sounds like you just need to pull some stuff apart and thoroughly inspect
  3. I've used a 21 on the back wheel before in pinch but just to get home, they always seem to flat out if I ride too hard or too long on them. I think it's the friction from the tube folded up on itself. Definitely good for getting back to staging though.
  4. schrode

    Trail Beers

    I've been known to pack trail beers early season when we're riding with saws doing more clearing than riding.
  5. schrode


    If you use the super small isobutane stoves I'd recommend to always carry at least 2 cartridges so you can swap them as need be due to icing. Cold and altitude really affect the performance of these guys and the canisters ice a lot particularly as they get lower in fuel. Keep one in your jacket to keep it warm while using the other.
  6. schrode

    What is this bolt

    Is it magnetized?
  7. schrode

    Tahuya Mission creek staging

    A cap full of bleach will give them a wicked case of the shits
  8. I remember seeing the Tesi when Bimota first rolled it out. On a small scale they were quite expensive and the damage the front swingarm takes in even small mishaps was kind of alarming. Swingarms bent really easy. Not sure how to mitigate that.
  9. schrode

    Rotor buttons

    I’ll have to check. Thanks for the link. I usually have pretty good google skillz but that was just a head scratcher for me!
  10. schrode

    Rotor buttons

    Does anyone know where to find just the buttons that connect a floating rotor to the small plate that attached to the hub? I can only find complete rotor assemblies and non-floaters online. Bike is a 2011 husaberg fs570 if it matters.
  11. schrode

    HB2652 Discover Pass improvements

    reeks of the gamblers fallacy
  12. schrode

    Who else is going to odessa?

    Your psycho bartending tactics won't work for everyone so at the very least I'd call this an advanced move best executed with knowledge gained before race day
  13. schrode

    Who else is going to odessa?

    My best memory of the d100 is this exact scenario with a good buddy. Some passing and getting passed during the early dicing then losing each other for 15 miles or so then a solid 20 miles of back and forth on who got the best line or who had the stones to hold it open a second longer. We took separate lines up a small hill a few miles before the pits and I see him go down just out of the corner of my eye, knifed the front wheel, and I see him throw his arms up in frustration. He broke his clutch at the perch, HAHAHAHA pay up sucka! Racing with friends is the best!
  14. schrode

    SB6070 – Motorcycle parking

    Please do, I currently have a squirrel hole that's free in belltown that I've been parking in without incident but I'll gladly pay for a day or so to make a point.
  15. Depending on climate, heat could be an issue w/ a husky. My old neighbor had an Australian Heeler and she could do about 30 miles without getting hobbled, if she went further than that she'd limp for a day or so. Also, if he got way ahead of her he could keep going and she'd catch up at some point. I've seen her roll back into camp 30 minutes later after blasting really fast stuff or fs roads. Pretty amazing how she navigates.