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  1. 450Ruf


    ATF is fine to use. Type F was thickier years ago. I don't know if that is true today. But remember, what ever you choose to use, change it often. I think we all can agree, dirty ATF or engine oil is bad for parts.
  2. Not much out there. I've used the DG. It's a nice upgrade from the stock pipe.
  3. 450Ruf

    Is this a "real" Keihin?

    Sudco sticker looks fake as well as the pink vent hoses. Genuine carb vent hoses have Plas Tech printed on them. Some have had good luck using the fakes. Good luck
  4. 450Ruf

    03 cr 125 Idling temp?

    Can we assume, it's getting hot while idling? Any bike will get hot, without moving. Air moving through and around the radiator is a must.
  5. 450Ruf

    Cylinder re sleeve?

    That doesn't look too bad. Not bad enough to keep it from running. Hone it, throw some fresh rings on and sell. In the future, before you take anything apart, get yourself a compression tester. That will give you good information.
  6. If the fuel doesn't clear it up, check the valve clearance.
  7. 450Ruf

    Crappy CA gas and 2T shelf life

    You guys in Cali may not have the humidity issue we have in S. Florida. Here, if it's mixed with non-ethanol gas, maybe 3 months. Ethanol gas, no way.
  8. 450Ruf

    Shell Rotella Diesel T4 15w-40 for Suzuki LTR450?

    ^^ Agreed. This stuff is good. Recommend by many.
  9. 450Ruf

    Coolant spewing out overflow hose.

    It sounds like it's in the head. A crack in the water jacket, improper head gasket seal. If the water pump impeller seal is failing, could it pressurize the coolant system?
  10. 450Ruf

    Tools to plug tire

    Never seen one that folds. I use the non-T-handle. You can put in a hard case, to protect you from injury.
  11. 450Ruf

    Crf450r carb on a 05 trx450r

    Go to TRX450R.org You'll get all the info you'll ever need. I'll try to get you going in the right direction. 1) You need one of these Noss Adapters. You epoxy it to the carb. 2) You'll need to rewire the TPS. The connector plug on the CRF won't fit the TRX. 3) If you are going to use the Hot Start, you'll need to use the cable from the CRF.
  12. 450Ruf

    Double stacking head gaskets?

    Good to see the "305" represented. Didn't we measure the squish band, with the stock head gasket installed? I believe it was around .020
  13. 450Ruf

    James Riding Red

    Figured as much. Skankhunt42
  14. 450Ruf

    Powder coating stock wheels?

    Someone gave you false information. Typical heat for curing powder is 400 degs. F. Not going to hurt aluminum parts.
  15. 450Ruf

    James Riding Red

    Very nice! Douche!