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    dirtbiking,skateboarding,surfing when im by the ocean
  1. I don't post that often on here anymore but I know I can trust the feedback, please check out my video. *Warning, this video can't be played on mobile but I am trying to change that*
  2. Haha no it is fine, I value your opinion and somewhat agree. I was trying something different and my mic unfortunately failed... Nothing wrong with disagreeing! Not Alt-j, beyonce and Andre 3000! Thanks a lot.
  3. Hey guys, been a little busy with planning for college but finally finished this edit. Missed the pro guys due to a battery malfunction but nevertheless it was a great day! Made some new friends and got to watch people shred this course. I appreciate you guys checking this out...
  4. mxkid12

    The Umbarger Classic Video

    Thanks guys, was a ton of fun!
  5. A yearly race for a paralyzed Indiana racer I put together this little video from the footage I got when I was not riding. Hope you guys like it.
  6. Hey guys haven't really been on here too much considering the end of the year of school and just being busy. I just wanted to share my latest video I made for a friend who is trying to qualify for Loretta's and really hope you guys like it. Thanks, Eric
  7. mxkid12

    Rutted Track Critique

    Looked good out there, I really don't know what to say. You're faster than me but just maybe focus on the basics more. Make sure to keep your leg high in the ruts to help you lean over farther and go faster.
  8. mxkid12

    SlowMo Remix

    Sick edit!
  9. mxkid12

    What Does Motocross and Golf have in Common?

    I play highschool golf and I do see a lot of mental similarities between the two sports. The mental toughness is very similar and I think it has helped me in the long run in motocross.
  10. mxkid12

    Motocross edit

    Nice video and good riding. I subscribed hopefully to see some more progress! Maybe invest in new tripod with a ball bearing head or even just shoot more handheld? I just got a Canon T3i to shoot with so check out my recent videos.
  11. mxkid12

    How much standing in MX

    Your son is awesome, have fun with him! Like the things that were previously said standing up tends to be a better thing then sitting down. Most kids tend to sit down way too often but your son seems to understand good technique. If he really does stand up that much he will most likely be a great sand track and rough track rider!
  12. mxkid12

    Motocross Photography

    Just the 18-55mm kit lens. Thanks a lot dude and I would if I were you! If you don't care too much about photos just get the t3i.
  13. mxkid12

    Motocross Photography

    I think the photographers that tend to the best are connected with social media, offer free photos, and finally sell prints of the photos (to frame and such.) Nothing worse is someone that just locks every photo and makes you pay to even see them, just use a watermark and that should be good enough. If you plan on paying for photoshop tag along with anyone you know that attends college and get photoshop on a student discount or even just youtube how to get it free. It may seem a little fishy but it works. I starting to do a little bit of photography but a focus on video and it is a lot of fun. People have become very interested just after one day of shooting. First video with my dslr (Canon t3i):
  14. This was my first video with a dslr or my new camera canon t3i. I think it came out pretty good and I hope you guys like it! Please like and subscribe.