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  1. hondacrf250rrr

    KX 65 Forks

    will it work wth the 65 bearings in the 110 frame
  2. hondacrf250rrr

    Looking for OEM 04 400EX muffler

    i have a complete exhaust off a 02 400ex i think they r the same make me an offer on it
  3. hondacrf250rrr

    97 Cr125 Motor

    looks sick
  4. hondacrf250rrr

    2011 6.7lt Superduty released!

    they need to bring back the 7.3s and get a new designer the new trucks r gross
  5. hondacrf250rrr

    cr 500

    2001 i think
  6. hondacrf250rrr

    pastrana wants my bike!

    thats nasty
  7. i found an f250 but it has a untillity body on it. how hard would it be to put a regular body back on and what else is different on the utillity body
  8. hondacrf250rrr

    subaru sti

    thanks i wont be buying one for another year. but thats a sick sti
  9. hondacrf250rrr

    F250 advice needed

    idk a gaser with 150miles doesnt sound very reliable. go diesle you will like it a lot more and u can get 14mpg on the highway with a gas and like 10 around town my friend has the same truck. but in a diesle you get like 18 town and 20 highway
  10. is it possible i was looking at the bore x stroke and they both have a 95mm bore but the 450 has a longer stroke if i put that crank into my 426 would it make it a 450 and would it work. would else would i need to convert it. would the carb work still?
  11. hondacrf250rrr

    yz426 and yz450 motor parts

    i have the motor in my quad so it doesnt matter. but i saw something on there website about when u send ur old cylinder back they give you 300 bucks if its in stock
  12. hondacrf250rrr

    yz426 and yz450 motor parts

    i would be doing it my self and how makes a big bore kit
  13. hondacrf250rrr

    yz426 and yz450 motor parts

    i am looking at a 426 but its going to need and complete top and bottom end rebuild what would i need to make it a 450
  14. hondacrf250rrr

    subaru sti

    ya i have a dakota now and im going to switch to one soon hopefully