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    dirtbiking ,skiing, mountain biking, being on thumpertalk:)
  1. mxboy12346

    Is my bike about to blow-up??????

    Damn, well you learn something new everyday i guess.
  2. mxboy12346

    Is my bike about to blow-up??????

    So your 15 and ILLEGALLY ride your bike on streets and to work...hmmm As for your question I agree with ronbuell on the chain slapping.
  3. mxboy12346

    Best 250f?

    Do a search this topic has been discussed many times recently.
  4. mxboy12346

    Santa got chased by a reindeer.Video

    Great video, as always.
  5. mxboy12346

    2 stroke vs 4 stroke

    7 new threads on the first page of the forum? Is that really necessary, all stupid questions that could of been answered by a simple search. Trying to get your post count up? Don't bother coming on here asking a question that has been asked hundreds of times and then give us attitide.
  6. 20$ per day, or 250$ per season.
  7. mxboy12346

    Bringing Shane Watts DirtWise Academy to Fort McMurray

    I am interested in attending, and would be more than happy to pay 300 dollars.
  8. mxboy12346

    Which tire for motocross

    The front end washing out could be due to rider error, or suspension issues as well. As for choosing a soft or intermediate tire, it depends on terrain you ride.
  9. mxboy12346

    County Line NCHSA video

    Not so sure about the song choice, although its hard to find a music genre that appeals to the masses. Good looking video thanks for sharing!
  10. mxboy12346

    Video from todays ride, go pro

    Very well put together, awesome angles.
  11. mxboy12346

    Last Dual Sport ride 2010

    That video was great, well done.
  12. mxboy12346

    Getting comfortable with the beast

    Damn, thats a sharp looking bike. Good looking track as well.
  13. mxboy12346

    Would you buy a Yamaha from this girl?

    Depends if she came with the bike? HAHA:smirk:
  14. mxboy12346

    Kelowna, Bear Creek Moto

    Looking good, used to ride out there weekly until I moved out to Alberta.
  15. mxboy12346

    Which 2011 250F????

    The power is ok, seems better in 2011 then in previous models more power in the higher RPM's this year. Although more power up top this year it still seems to lack as compared to other 250f's. Still has good bottom to mid, good all around bike. Power is definetly smooth and linear, if your looking for a more aggressive bike the kawasaki or honda is the way to go. I am no pro im just your average weekend warrior and this is all just my opinion.