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  1. daniel96

    2006 YZ250 or 2006 250SX?

    Id rather a YZ250, also 2006 is a good year for the YZ 2 strokes because they got the aluminium frame in 2005 and updated forks in 2006.
  2. daniel96

    best mx bike not for mx?

    WR450F will be good if your just riding around Cringila, Or why dont you just get another CR450R?
  3. daniel96

    Riding My YZ85

    exactly, to me its fun. i just ride around for fun, im not the best at motocross.
  4. daniel96

    Yz 85 spooge

    maybe you need to repack your silencer but i think its your jettings but its normal for a bit of oil to come out, but it shouldnt be dripping out. when i go to my motocross track then hardly no oil comes out, just a little bit because i keeping it revved out, but when I go to just warm up my bike around the house then heaps comes out because its not being burnt because im lugging it around. first try 32:1 or 40:1, if not then it has to be your jetting i posted above on the amount of premix oil your meant to put in for both ratios, and i also added a online ratio caculator link.
  5. check out the CRF230 or TTR230, they are good for trails/enduro or just for fun
  6. daniel96

    Yz 85 spooge

    Im preety sure the BR10EG is the original plug for the YZ85, but I prefer running the BR9EG most people run 32:1 in 2 stroke motocross bikes, and in the YZ85 manuel it says 30:1, so just run it 32:1 like i do but if you do run 32:1 your putting more oil in the gas so i dont know if that will make the spooge worse of better? are you sure your putting the right amount of premix oil into the fuel? (32:1) 312ML of Premix in 10Litres = the premix ratio I use, you should try it (50:1) 200ML of Premix in 10Litres = too lean I dont reccomend it if your doing motocross riding or mostly keeping the bike in higher revs then best to run it 32:1 because it gives it more oil to lubricate the piston and rings. but if your doing trail/enduro riding then run it 40:1 because its less oil and usually in trail riding your riding in lower revs, because if you put too much oil, it wont burn it all because trail riding is mainly lower rpms, Not like a mx track in high revs. if you put too much premix thats what causes the oil spooge because the oil isnt being burnt and it comes out of the silencer, or its your jettings thats causing the oil spooge but I do not reccomend running 50:1 because i think its too lean, espically for motocross you could burn the piston due to not much lubrication. which can cause a new top end. i think there is something wrong with your jettings, because the in no way you can be running 50:1 with spooge coming out of your silencer. just try running 32:1 if your doing motocross or usually in higher rpms Or 40:1 if your doing trail/enduro in lower rpms 32:1 - 312ML in 10L 40:1 - 250ML in 10L you could try a BR9EG plug but i dont think it will make much of a difference use this online premix ratio caculator to work out how much oil you need to put. its what i use http://www.csgnetwork.com/oilfuelcalc.html
  7. daniel96

    crf150f for a newer rider?

    True but still a 2 stroke isn't the best beginner bike, And a crf450 is a motocross bike, I was talking about a 4 stroke TRAIL bike such as a ttr, crf-f. And a 4t trail will hardly need valve adjustments Just clean the air filter, change tranny oil often and replace the spark plug once in a while. And that's about it for a 4T trail bike
  8. daniel96

    what bike for me?

    No worries man, the CRF150F should be a good size for you, and have enough power The CRF230 and TTR230 is the bigger version but I think it will be wayy to big for you Good luck
  9. daniel96

    Yz 85 spooge

    its normal for a bit to come out, but if heaps comes out then its most probaly running to rich On my 2005 YZ85 I use a NGK BR9EG spark plug, and premix it at 32:1 using Motul 800 2T oil, and its runs perfect. try that NGK BR9EG Spark Plug Motul 800 Premix Oil - 32:1 if that doesnt work then its probaly your carby
  10. daniel96

    what bike for me?

    definitely get a 4 stroke trail bike if your riding in woods,trails or just fun riding The TTR125 or CRF150F will be really good for you Any of the 4 stroke trail bike range is good such as, TTR, CRF-F, DRZ, but the CRF150® is the Racing motocross version which I would Not recommend for trails or woods, so get the trail bike version which is the CRF150F its much better for you keep the air filter clean, and change the transmission oil regularly
  11. CRF150F is really good and reliable bike, the CR150® is the motocross version for racing, but the (F) is the trail/enduro version which is what will suit you much better the TTR125 or XR250R will be good too
  12. daniel96

    Help with a bike for my GF.

    TTR125, CRF150F, TTR230, CRF230, XR250R they are all good and reliable, just change the transmission oil regularly and keep the air filter clean. thats mainly all you have to do for maintenance on 4 stroke trail bikes.
  13. Id choose the KTM 250SX because I prefer 2 strokes, but 2 strokes do require top end rebuilds more often then 4 strokes, usually every 50 hours depending on how hard its ridden for 2T.
  14. get the KDX or KTM for trail/enduro riding, 2 stroke trail bikes are much more mellow then the 2 stroke motocross bikes. but the CR is mainly for motocross tracks and may be harder to ride on trails, and the cr has a harder hitting powerband because its a motocross bike