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  1. 2wheels

    New 2010 Husquvarna 510TE falling apart !!!

    i dont get it. "falling apart" is like when the motor seizes and leaves you stranded in a bad place. Bunch of loose bolts and a licence plate holder, whatever
  2. 2wheels


    60csx touratech mount-damped to protect the unit from vibration
  3. 2wheels

    Octane Booster When Premium Not Available?

    run some race 100 unleaded straight for the first 60 miles then mix it with the 87 at lunch.
  4. thats the one situation where the drz was better-sand,singletrack and everything else the TE suspension and power make for a much quicker ride for me
  5. 2 gives a more immidiate feel with more torque low down 3 moves the power band higher up so its better for higher speeds europe i think has the restrictor but the US does not (i used the plug from sommer ktm and it made no difference)
  6. http://renthal.com/File/product2d.asp?productid=0&tabtype=5&zone=&biketype=&manufacturer=&model=&bikedate= hack saw off an inch works ez enough also,,,and you probably want barkbusters to bounce off car mirrors with:busted:
  7. 2wheels

    ktm 690 enduro

    690 is nice cuz it definitly goes where the 990 wont, its 100+ pounds lighter. But it wont go through a rock garden or steep loose section as well as a 250 pound dirt bike, but it will get through. If you have to cruise on the highway 75 is no problem and it feels tight, back roads it is absolutely sick. So i think it bridges the gap pretty well except if you need to carry a ton of gear.
  8. 2wheels

    Possible 690 Fi Solution!!!

    i have an E with wings/db insert in and the akra tune and it rips, never stalls---i use 1/3 race 100 gas and 2/3 92 make sure the dealership isnt full of crap re their ability to download the akra map, apparently it requires a specific ktm device
  9. 2wheels

    K&N filter for 690 enduro??

    DNA is coming out with a filter soon also in the mean time http://ktmtalk.com/index.php?showtopic=299893
  10. 2wheels

    Any tips for Mammoth Lakes?

    mammoth loop is killer:ride:
  11. 2wheels

    Mods for 08 690 enduro

    that stock filter set up is ridiculous--all the dirt is forced on to a 2 inch square section at the front of an ineffective paper filter--so i bought a sheet of the uni green foam and cut it to fit over the stocker, it makes 2 or 3 per sheet. I ran it like this and it was too rich, then cut a inch diameter hole on the side below the snorkel. Still a little rich but it made more and smoother power but i need 150 miles to the tank so i cut one more hole and got 60 mpg. Oil just the top so the paper doesn't get contaminated and you get a nice clean airbox---but because the dirt ends up concentrated on a small section the foam needs to be changed often, which is worth it considering the alternative of sucking dust into the intake and will do until the aftermarket catches up
  12. 2wheels

    KTM 690 Enduro/LC4 Trans Ratios

    seems like position 2 makes the bike torquier and faster right off idle and position 3 smooths out the mid / top end and gives it a better high speed feel. Feels pretty good at 65- 7o mph for nasty slab stretches, i was thinking of dropping a tooth in front for better trail handling but it's pretty close to perfect for a dual sport
  13. 2wheels

    Need pressure suit for tall person

    i had a 661 and it fit well but had no chest protection so i switched to an alpine stars size xl-6'3 ,190 http://www.alpinestars.com/Bionic_Protection_2_Jacket/pd/np/170/p/650655.html
  14. 2wheels

    07 KTM 690 SM - Issues?

    i switched to a softer organic compound brake pad-galfer green--stops even better, totally quiet but lasts 10k miles instead of 20 or whatever---worth the trade off to me cuz i cant stand any kind of squeal,,,takes like 2 minutes to switch http://cyclebrakes.com/html/galfer_brake_pads.html
  15. i stripped out one of the filter housing screws , it was m5 x .8-time sert fixed it up http://www.timesert.com/html/distributor.html http://www.flandersco.com/action.lasso?-find&-database=_Flan_Levers.fp5&-layout=DPL&-Format=PriceResults.html&-Error=PriceError.html&-Max=100&-Operator=eq&CCpl=73&PL=1