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  1. PTECH

    KTM 300

    The KTM 300 is the only 300 I've ridden but for my type of riding which is mostly desert single track mixed with some faster double track mixed with some higher speed washes, its the best bike I've ever ridden, hands down. I came off riding a 450 for the last 4 years. I liked riding the 450 a lot, still have it in the garage actually. Thing I loved about the 450 was the bottomless torque down low in the RPM. I've always been a rider that enjoys riding in the lower RPM ranges and the 450 is amazing for this. You can literally lug the bike everywhere and with little cracks of throttle you can go up anything. The thing I dont like is the weight. Its not even the weight on the scale its how it feels on the bike when you're riding single track. This is where the 300 is the best of both worlds for me. You can lug the 300 and it will just tractor up stuff with easy and yet it still feels (to me at least, after riding a 450 for years) like a damn 125. I used to hate the vibration of my old 2 strokes, the new 300s make my 450 seem like a 97 cr250. These new 300s just purr, they're so smooth its crazy. I chose the 300xc because I just prefer the feel of a linkage rear suspension and also because I didn't want to get a TPI just yet. There's a lot of hype out there about the 2 stroke 300s so I had to buy one and see for myself what it was all about. I NEVER thought I would buy a new 2 stroke bike off the showroom floor but I did and I couldn't be happier with it. My 450 has been getting spiderwebs on it.
  2. PTECH

    Tomac..?? Who is that?

    Cooper Webb has got his mojo back and he’s finally riding like he’s able to. It’s about time. Guy was pretty dominant his last year on 250s but obviously very disappointing his first two 450 years. Tomac either had a minor mechanical issue or he just plain lost his rhythm after his crash. This should not be a giant surprise really, it’s along the same lines and what we’ve seen the last two years from him, otherwise he would be the 2017 and 2018 champion. Webb has a lot of confidence right now and that’s dangerous for the rest of the field. Ultimately I still think Tomac is/has proven to be the fastest sx rider the last few years so I think it’s still his championship to loose, he just has to get his mental game right. 16 points back isn’t insurmountable at this point in the season. In a couple of weekends we could very easily be talking about Tomac winning 3 in a row. It’s too early to count anyone out.
  3. My recluse quit working one day out of the blue. I came to a stop on the trail and didn't pull in the clutch and the bike stalled. I fired the bike back up and the clutch was working like a normal dirt bike clutch. It sounds like its time to pop the clutch cover off and take a look. When was the last time you changed the rubber dampeners in the clutch? When I had problems I called recluse. My dampeners were shot which beat up the EXP disc. All I had to do was replace the dampeners and flip the exp disc over. They gave me some thickness measurements for the plates which I checked while I was in there and they were like new so I didn't touch those. Then start from scratch with your slave adjustment. I started all the way out and went in slowly. I've got probably 30 hours on my clutch after I had those problems with no issues.
  4. I've ran rotella t4 15w/40 in my 300xc since new. It seems I get about 7-10 hours before the shifter starts to get a little notchy and harder to find neutral. I may switch to another oil to see if the shifter feel improves. I agree theres not much going on inside a two stroke gearbox one needs to worry about. I would still prefer a JASO ma/ma2 oil but it seems like theres guys who are practically running canola oil out there and not having issues so who knows.
  5. Using a full mx bike like a crf in enduro type riding is doable. Basically I think you need to fix 2 things. Number 1 is the suspension. I would suspect your fork is probably going to be way too stiff even with the compression adjusters all the way out. Luckily you do have the air forks so you can make adjustments that way but still I would recommend a revalve for enduro type riding. The other thing is the tendency to stall and the delivery of the power. A rekluse should cure the stalling issue and take a bit of the edge off the 450 power. I bought a trailtech map switch for my 450sxf that I trail ride and it definitely makes a difference. If you like your bike and know the history of it or have just invested some money in maintaining it, I would say keep it and put some money into it to make it more suited for the type of riding that you want to do. If you’re not attached and or maybe the bike is a little tired and needs some love I would consider selling it.
  6. PTECH

    Rear Tire Help Needed

    I’ve been satisfied with the pirelli xcmh dot tires on my 500. Traction is good here in az desert hard pack conditions except in the sand. In the sand imo it’s worse than the stock maxxis or the metzlers I also tried. I’m pushing 600+ miles of 80/20 riding on these pirellis and there is ample tread on the rear and the front looks like it’s only got 100 miles. I figure I can go at least another 100 miles before I replace the rear. They were almost good enough for me try buy another set but at the last minute I decided to try the Michelin ac10. I think it’s a crap shoot mostly. We’re asking for a tire to last on the asphalt and hook up like a gummy tire.
  7. PTECH

    KTM 500 EXC - SAME 2013 TO 2016?

    I dont think theres any advantage to either size but I'm no engineer
  8. PTECH

    KTM 500 EXC - SAME 2013 TO 2016?

    My 2014 uses 8.90mm shims. The biggest thing I would care about is the updated lower rod bearing and I believe that happened in 2013. I think the 2013 and 2014 models are very similar. The 2015 model got the orange frame and a different speedo unit but I believe is the same otherwise as the 14. 2016 got smaller diameter axles 22mm down from 26 and reduced triple clamp offset from 22mm down to 20 but otherwise is the same as the 2015 iirc. I agree with the OP, I think the 2013-2016 bikes will go down as the ones to have!
  9. PTECH

    19 300XC at 60.5 hours

    LOL! You seem to have no knowledge of the electrical function of a motorcycle ignition and charging system yet you will staunchly defend your position and claim trailryder42 is wrong. I'll be waiting for someone "in the know" to come by explain your theory of how rocking the bike wakes up or warms up the battery.
  10. PTECH

    2018 300 XC-W, is this a good deal?

    Decent deal I would say, depends on what your state tax percentage is and what the true out the door price is. I bought my 19 300xc back in September for $9900 out the door. This in AZ with 9% sales tax and $25 annual OHV pass included. AZ dealers have new 2018 250xcws for $8800 OTD still advertised for reference and they would probably go lower to get it off their books.
  11. PTECH

    2 stroke oil and ratio trail riding

    Where did you get that flash point # for motorex? Everything I’ve read, says 110 C/230 F. I’ve been running the motorex in my 300xc at 60:1 with great results. I don’t run the engine super hard at all but still I only get a drip or two of sponge out of the silencer tip after a few hours of riding. I may make the switch the bel ray si7 which is the factory recommended husqvarna oil. It has a lower flashpoint and it’s cheaper than the motorex.
  12. PTECH

    Anyone got or ridden a 19 Xc250 ?

    Are you happy with the jd kit? I mainly think I want it for the needle on my 300. I think the blubber feeling I’m getting between 1/8th and 1/4 throttle is possible the needle taper. I haven’t been able to affect it with the air screw. I’m trying to figure out if it actually bothers me enough to do something about. The engine pulls great everywhere else except for that small range. I should try raising the clip before I do anything but it runs so well everywhere else I’m a little hesitant to mess it lol
  13. If a vehicle has a defect that cannot be fixed in a certain number of repair attempts, that qualifies it as a lemon in certain states and the vehicle can be repurchased by the manufacturer. Another possibility for a buyback is parts availability. Manufacturers would rather put parts on bikes on the assembly line rather than ship parts out to repair bikes that have already been sold. So sometimes parts aren’t available and the vehicle will be out of service for long enough it meets certain criteria for a buy back. Either of those situations are completely different than just showing up at the dealers doorstep out of the blue with an issue and demanding a new bike. You have to give them an chance to fix it. Now if you’re a guy that’s bought 20 bikes from a shop that shop may buy it back from you and take on the manufacturer on their own but that’s something they’re only going to do for a good customer (aka someone they’ve made boat loads of cash on in the past)
  14. Demand they give you a new bike? LOL! Yeah it doesn't work like that.
  15. I am running the spark arrestor insert to be forest legal